Chapter 14

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I played different songs until about seven o'clock when I felt like I could head to Bella's and wait until she went to sleep. As I was heading out the door Alice and Esme smiled at me from the living room, "She will still be talking to Charlie when you get there but she will be going to her room a little bit after you get there." Alice told me when she saw that I was going on a short hunt before I get to Bella's house.

I smiled at her in gratitude and headed out the front door. As soon as my feet hit the gravel of the drive way I took off. I ran as fast as I could to let my head clear a bit because my families mixed reactions to Bella had me very anxious. I knew a quick hunt and run would help calm me a bit, but I also knew that seeing Bella and smelling her scent, telling me she was alive and well, would help the most.

When I got to a small clearing before her house I saw a herd of deer and let my instincts take over. I took a leap and landed the one that took the longest amount of time to start running. The animal let out a gargled scream when my teeth sank into the biggest artery of its neck. As soon as the small deer had no blood left I dug a small grave for it and buried it without getting a speck of blood or dirt on my clothes. I was always the cleanest compared to my family when I hunted.

I took off running again when I was done and I reached Bella's house in a few moments. I climbed a tree right on the edge of the woods beside her house and listened carefully. She was still in the living room with her father and she was just asking him about going to Port Angeles with Jessica and Angela.

"Dad, can I please go? I'll be back before nine." She said but her thoughts shocked me, "I need to ask Angela some things about the Cullen's anyway." She thought seriously. My mouth dropped open and my mind went into overdrive. What could she have to ask Angela about my family anyway? I really hoped that she wouldn't ask anything that could cause suspicion.

After a few moments he answered her, "Sure, Bells, just please be careful." He said nervously. He may be very shy but he really did love his daughter. I liked Chief Swan, he cared about his daughter's welfare but he didn't smother her.

I could hear the smile in her voice when she replied, "Thanks, Dad, well goodnight." She said quietly before she padded upstairs. "At least this will give me the chance to get out of Forks." She thought as she grabbed her toiletry items and went to take a shower. I let my mind think about what she wanted to ask Angela about my family as I waited for her to come back to her room.

After about ten minutes she reentered her room with wet hair and ratty sweats. I smiled and shook my head; even dressed like that she was beautiful. She crawled under her covers and picked the torn-up copy of Wuthering Heights and began to read. For the next thirty minutes her thoughts followed the lines in the book and I sat on the tree branch waiting for her to fall asleep. Finally her head started to bob and she jerked up. She sighed after a moment and closed the book, "I'm tired, time for bed. I can't wait to see Edward Cullen tomorrow." She thought with a slight smile before she slid farther under the covers and curled up into a tight ball.

I waited outside her window until her breathing deepened and evened out. I slowly and carefully slid her window up and climbed through quietly. I closed the window behind me and made my way to her rocking chair. I sat down slowly and sighed deeply; trying to get her scent into my nose so I could get used to it again. My throat burned but it was not nearly as bad as it was the first time I saw her. I stared at her sleeping form unabashedly and smiled slightly as she sighed in her sleep and turned toward me.

At about midnight she started to talk and I smiled when my name came out of her lips, "Edward, stay," she sighed into the air. I stood carefully and made my way to her side. I knelt by her bed and put my hand about an inch away from her cheek. She smiled again as if she could sense my presence and her face followed my hand as I moved it away. I smiled tenderly and I had the strongest urge to stroke her face and her hair to let her know that I was there and I wasn't going anywhere.

I smiled, "I love you," I whispered so low that I knew she wouldn't be able to hear me. When I went to stand and walk back to the other side of her room she made a sad sound and her hand reached out from her bed. I froze and stared at her to make sure she was still asleep; she was but she acted as if she knew I was there. I walked back to her side and stayed kneeling by her bed for the rest of the time I was there that night.

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