Hello dear readers and fans!

It's late October, and Halloween is approaching.

Some of you have already decided on what your going as, some of you are still deciding, or you might just stay home, give out candy, and not dress up.

The common activities that take place during Halloween are, trick-or-treating, attending and/or holding costume parties, carving jack-o'-laterns, bonfires that you might get drunk at and dance around naked, apple bobbing, playing pranks that sometimes gets people arrested, telling scary stories, and last but not least, watching horror films.

Speaking of horror films, the best channel to watch them is on AMC. Which is American Movie Classics. Fear Fest, last year it was Horror Fest, is playing through October 16-31.

There are horror movies that have refrence to Halloween, or to another holiday. The Halloween franchise, Trick 'r Treat, Valentine, My Bloody Valentine, fucking bloody indeed. And of course the most profitable American slasher/horror franchise, Friday the 13th!

Spike TV is another channel, but it only plays the 2003 film Freddy Vs. Jason, and I think its the only channel that does. The Syfy channel plays mostly monster movies like Supergator, Sharktopus, Frankenfish, etc. They also play the 2007 remake Halloween for some reason. They'll do even when its not October.

There is also the FX channel they play a lot of different genres of movies.

Halloween originated from medieval Ireland that was inhabited by the Celts. LOOK IT UP.

Costumes should fall into these categories: Sexy, but not slutty, Funny, or Scary.

Use your imagination.

Last year, 2010, I was a Prohibition Era gangster

That is all I have for now.

I'm sorry this wasn't another, due to several factors.

School, C in Math, computer "difficulties", and distraction

Thank you very much your beautiful.