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Sazed stood above the world that He had created. True, he hadn't really 'created' it so much as he had 'reformed' it. The Lord Ruler Rashek, former ruler of the Finale Empire and the one who took the Power from the Well of Ascension, had used the Power to change the world and had nearly killed everyone. Now that Sazed, as God, could look back through time, he saw the wisdom that Rashek showed with his creations after his many screw ups. That was one reason why Sazed had gone about re creating the Kandra. The Kandra were a creation of Preservation even if they had Ruin in them. Sazed was going to remake them without that flaw.

Of course, it would be a lot easier if the new bodies of Preservation and Ruin were not fighting each other at every turn. Granted, that was how they were when they were both alive, but Sazed had thought that being dead would make the two more wise. Sazed could only guess that even a god could be wrong on occasion.

Like a dog who comes running when they hear their names called, Preservation and Ruin stood before Sazed. Preservation, a girl of about twenty two with short brown hair wearing a simple trousers and breeches, stood menacingly tall for her short features. The other being named Ruin, stood tall and proud with his short black hair still as untamed as always. There were many things that could be said about Ruin, but his scares going down his arms said it all.

Ruin was a Survivor.

"Hey there Sazed. Thinking about us again were you?" Preservation asked smiling with a knowing expression clear on her bright face.

"It seems that I can't leave you two alone for a moment I would think." Sazed said shaking His head. "And would you please stop trying to mess with my emotions? If it wouldn't work when we were all alive, what makes you think it will work now that I am the Hero?"

"Sorry, just a bad habit I seemed to pick up from one of the best Soothers of all time." Preservation said, bowing slightly yet still smiling. Preservation had known Sazed far too long for her to be any kind of formal with the man…or well god now but she would always just see Sazed the man.

"Yes well." Sazed said. "I would think that we should stay on topic today. I have found how to bring back the souls from the Finale Empire. I made a promise to Master Lestibournes that I would try to undo all that was done by the former Ruin."

At the mention of the last Ruin who tried to kill everyone and everything that was held dear to them all, the new Ruin shivered. Preservation saw the unintentional shudder and looked down towards him.

"It's ok now Zane." Preservation whispered. "You're not the same man as before. You are not under the influence of the Hemalurgic spike or of the Corrupted Ruin anymore." A devilish smile crossed her face. "It's so much worse now since you are now Ruin." Preservation said cackling.

"Oh shut it Vin." Ruin, who was Zane, said. A small red spark shot out of Zane and knocked Vin on her butt. "I always was better at Pushing then you."

"Vin! Zane!" Sazed said, Pushing on both of their emotions to get their attentions. Both flinched at the brutal Push on their emotions. As it should be too, when an Allomancer Pulls or Pushes on someone's emotions, they have to do it subtly. If you Pull or Push too hard, you would alert them to what you were trying to do. The best Soothers and Rioters knew how to do their jobs subtly.

"It's time to recreate again I would think." Sazed told them both. "I had it in mind to remake all that were dead, mainly the Terris people and the Kandra. I see no real reason why the world would even need Steel Inquisitors or Koloss do either of you?" Sazed didn't wait for a response. Becoming god had changed Sazed at least a little bit. He no longer waited hand and foot for people like he would if he were still a steward. "I also feel that I can send those that are long dead back to finish off their destinies that were cut short by the manipulations of Ruin.

"But you are god." Zane said. "Why would you call us here for that? Surely you don't need to create a repeat of the last time Preservation and Ruin tried to create something do you?"

"Of course not." Sazed replied honestly. "But what I am going to do involves both of you. You see, I did some digging. If the first Ruin hadn't been locked up as he was and there had been an actual god at the time, then both of you would have had the chance to live an actual free life. Neither of you was granted that because of the destructive nature of Ruin and the nosy nature of Preservation. I am glad to see neither of those traits in my Preservation or Ruin."

Vin's face just beamed with the acknowledgment for both her and Zane, but it was Zane who noticed what Sazed was talking about first.

"Are you asking if we want to be sent back Sazed?" Zane demanded.

"If you want to, I can certainly make it possible." Sazed said. "I do have the power now."

"Yes well, what would happen to Preservation and Ruin once we were back?" Vin asked. "We couldn't take that much power back down there. We wouldn't be able to do our jobs."

"That's the problem." Sazed said. "I could take your powers back and be Whole again as I was when I reformed the world, but I was always under the opinion that a god should not take the whole world on His shoulders. It would take a lot of power to drain you back to your natural abilities and then send you both back down. I could do it, but it would be a long time before I could send anyone else back. You would both have to die before anyone was sent back."

Zane and Vin looked at each other and both knew what the other was thinking.

"We'll stay Sazed. What do we have to do?" Both asked of their god at the same time. The Age of new worlds was over.

The Age of Creation was just beginning.

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