Here as promised. Chapter three. I'll try to update at least once every other week but I may get into the role and update left and right. I promise nothing because I get nothing in return. Thanks however for those who stick with me :)

Cody Rahl

Kelsier woke up with a raging headache. He wasn't sure how he had gotten there but one minute he was walking blindly through the Mists and the next he was laying on the ground outside the gate to the city that he had died trying to destroy. He stood slowly, testing bones and muscles that had not been used in years, and slowly stood up. He stretched his arms and felt the burning of the scares running down his arms. A short burn from Pewter later, and Kelsier was feeling much better.

As Kelsier turned and looked at the new forms of Luthadel, only one thought could go through his head. 'Vin did it.' He thought. 'She actually killed the Lord Ruler. Maybe she was the Hero of Ages. Maybe I was right to save that Elend of hers. Well, only one way to find out.' Luthadel looked different than it did before. Vin must have changed the landscape as the Lord Ruler had before her. That was the only logical reasoning behind it. None of the towers of dark obsidian still remained yet the towering force of Kredik shaw still remained just as towering. Something was still different than before though. The towers of Kredik Shaw no longer held despair and terror like before. It seemed re created to match the tastes of an actual ruler and not of a mad man who claimed he was god.

Kelsier reached inside of himself and felt at his metal sources. He felt the eight basic metals that he always had in a vial in his back pocket already in his system somehow but he also felt Malatium, the fabled Eleventh Metal that Kelsier had told the crew would defeat the Lord Ruler. He wasn't sure if it did or not, he had just needed it for publicity. The one metal that he felt that he had never felt before was a new one. It was in a category all by itself and he was afraid to burn it to find out. He just got back into a physical body and he didn't want to destroy himself so soon.

As he looked down from where he had been lying, Kelsier found a sheet of metal and two vials sitting there. The Steel sheet held a note from a long lost friend of his. He started reading it, mumbling to himself as he read it.


While you were away, Mistress Vin found four more metals. I took the liberty of giving you one of them seeing as how you are going to need it soon. One metal she found cannot be used anymore for a while but I have felt the need to give you a vial with some other metals that I thought you might want to try out, for I knew you were always one to try something new Master Kelsier. There is a map on the back of this sheet of Steel showing you where to find the information about each metal. Once you have gone to them all, you'll find that I left you a little present in the town at the last metal sighting.

Forever your Servant,


P.s. I find that your present will require the use of flowers. Make sure to have lots of them my old friend.

"Sazed?" Kelsier asked himself. "What have I missed old friend?" He stretched his hands and his scares started burning again. He flared his Pewter again and they stopped burning again. He looked down at two vials on the ground. He used Iron and Pulled the vials into his hands. He placed both of them in his back coat pocket and looked towards Luthadel, the city no longer looking so dark and looming. Tin gate stood open and so he started his short walk into the city that he had tried so hard to bring down.

Kelsier needed answers.

The sun had only just set and the mist only starting to rise from the ground when Kelsier entered Luthadel. The mist seemed to remember Kelsier and it continued the dancing around on his skin that it had done before when he was alive last. It was something that only Mistings and Mistborn could enjoy being in. The mist held power for Mistings but even more power for people like Kelsier.


Having the ability to burn every allomantic metal gave kelsier the ability to hide in the mist, kill without being scene, and a place to be free. It was such a free feeling that he wished he could just stay here in the mist forever and not have to deal with any more of this world's problems. He would gladly do this too, if it wasn't for Mare. If he had Mare, he wouldn't be in this New Luthadel right now at all. He desided to pay a visit to some of the keeps just to make sure the royals were still on their toes. He was walking past keep Venture when he ran into someone who looked like they needed to be sitting on a throne or war horse, not walking the streets of Luthadel. How Kelsier missed him though he'd never know.

"Excuse me. I didn't see you there." He said politely as possible. He looked down at the person he bumped into and their eyes were wide open.

"kelsier?" The man asked. "It's really you? But how?"

It only took a moment after that for Kelsier to recognize him.

Elend Venture.