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Warriors Orochi: Dragon of Judgement

Chapter 1-Mysterious Stranger

She didn't know what to do. It had already been three months since the passing of Lord Orochi and her friend Da Ji, whom were both cut down by the combined armies of Shu, Wu, Wei, and the Samurai. Himiko didn't know what to do now. She had been traveling around the Three Kingdoms for quite some time. The day that everything she knew was challenge was still clear in her mind.


Orochi was dead, defeat by the combined attacks of Liu Bei, Sun Jian, and Cao Cao. Da Ji was killed, defeated by the samurai Nobunaga Oda and the ninja Kunoichi. Keiji Maeda had been dispatched by Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, though it probably could've only taken one of them. Masamune Date had been subdued by Ieyasu Tokugawa; he was currently in a jail cell somewhere. Dong Zhuo had been killed by Sun Shang Xiang. The interesting part about that was that he didn't fight back. Reason being was that Sun Shang Xiang started to do a couple of attacks but to him it looked like dance moves so he thought she was entertaining him and only realized that she was going to kill him when it was too late to stop anything. Sima Yi was dealt with by Lord Cao Pi. What became of him is unknown though it probably wasn't something worth describing unless someone either was really sick in the head or who had been in war a really, really long time and had seen all the carnage it caused. Lord Cao Pi was never really pleasent with traitors. Sun Wukong, the so-called Monkey King, was dragged to who-knows-where by the three Mystics, Fu Xi, Nu Wa, and Taigong Wang. Again, what became of him is a mystery. For some reason, however, Himiko was left alive. She remained at the battlefield crying at the lost of her 'friends' and was approached by Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei.

"Get ahold of yourself, kid," Zhang Fei said to her gruffly. "That's what you get for playing the dark side."

Himiko suddenly stood up, enraged, "We were NOT on the dark side! We were fighting for order!"

"Is that what they told you?" Liu Bei asked her. "That this would bring peace?"

Himiko glared at him. If looks could kill, he'd be dead. "Look back a little bit, Himiko. Do you not remember that is was Orochi who created this world of chaos? That the Mystics imprisoned Orochi for the reason that he wanted to destroy mankind? That Da Ji freed him despite knowing this, only hoping that he would bring chaos yet again? Tell me, does this seem like they are trying to bring peace and order?"

Himiko couldn't answer. She slowly sat back down. She didn't know what to say about that. The words slowly processed through her head. Had she...been fighting on the opposite side of what she wanted to? She clutched her head. The revelation was too much for her to bear. Guan Yu beant down to the young girl.

"I am sorry to say this, but for now, you are on your own," He handed her a small sack of coins. "Good luck."

He then walked off along with his two sworn brothers. Himiko looked down at the coins and began to cry.

Himiko looked at the small bag of coins then turned and looked out to what was in front of her. She was sitting on a large rock on the edge of a rolling river. It was slanted, so where she sat was a good twelve feet above the water below her. Trees were all around her with budding flowers at the roots of the trees. Rocks surronded the boulder she herself was sitting on and at the place she was, the river was about one foot blow ground level. The young girl sighed and looked into space; it was so peaceful here. She sighed a second time, time and leaned back onto her hands and hung her feet over the edge of the rock. She simply didn't know what to do now. She thought it would be easy but right now no one wanted anything to do with her because she ressurected Orochi. She was stuck. She wanted to do good but no one would allow her to. So she had just been wandering around the kingdoms, looking for an unknown destination. A rustle behind her caught her attention and she turned to see a group of five ragged men. They were all in ragged shirts and pants that had holes and patches on them. One was missing an eye, another didn't have a shirt, one had a scar across his face, one was bald, and the other looked like a man who just walked out a bar right with Zhang Fei. They all had yellow teeth and a couple were missing a few. Himiko frowned, "Great."

"So," one of the men said, grinning evilly. "You're the girl who helped ressurect Orochi?"

Himiko frowned further, angered by the reminder, "And if I am."

"Well, we just want a little payback for the hell they all caused us," the man drew a knife while the others drew the same of wooden clubs. "Don't worry about your master being dead. You're about to join him!"

The men began to advance. Himiko got to her feet and raised up her clay dolls that she fired her magic from. The leader had reached the edge of the rock when a voice called out to them from the side.

"HEY!" they all turned to see a young man standing there. He was tall, around five foot ten, with a mix of crimson and sapphire color in his eyes. His hair was messy but had many long strands stuck together and were sticking out everywhere, giving the impression that the hair was glued together then glued onto his scalp though no not any bit of skin could be seen. Around his face his hair just stopped so that the entire front of his head could be seen. Four long, silvery black and white strands hung down from the side of his face down passed his shoulders, stopping at the arm pit. His hair color was strange as well. White and a little gray on the top, pitch black in the back, and sort of silvery on the sides.

The garments he wore match the look of his head. There was visible a black and thick shirt and pants with a large dark gray belt under a gray cloak he wore. A belt was visually seen going around his left shoulder, diagnally across his chest, and wrapping back around his right arm pit. The cloak hung behind him like a cape, but wrapped around him, too. It even had sleeves which stopped at his elbow. The back of this cloak had the light gray designs of a Chinese Dragon holding a katana in one hand and a scale in the other. Three black belts wrapped around the cloak at his stomach level. Each was about one and a half inches apart. Attaching these belts together was a piece of red silk that went from one tip of a belt to the one across from it, to the one diagnol from it, repeat. when it hit the last belt tip, it swung around the side of his until it reached the end, which had a small brush-like object at the end. Kind of like the ones you see hanging off some furniture or the rope on the side of flags. Around his forearms were red bracers that went allow the way up his arm and covered the palm and back of his hands. Many small and black belts wrapped around these bracers. Another black belt was around his neck and two more around each of his long black leather boots he wore. These belts were shaped like the letter V and if he put his legs together they'd form a diamond.

In his left hand was a pitch black sword. It had strange markings on it in gray and at the center there was a diamond shaped made out of the metal, but where the tips of the diamond, the tips that were not part of the blade's length but mearly stuck out on the sides, was what you might think a circle removed, making a sort of cresent in the tip. The entire hilt of the blade was wrapped in a long white cloth that stretched down a good foot and a half when it passed the pummel of the sword. The sword was currently resting on his left shoulder.

"Is that anyway to treat a lady?" the strange man asked Himiko's would-be attackers. The all began to growl. The bald one stepped forward, "She's Himiko! You know? The one who brought Orochi back from the dead. She deserves to die!"

"The only ones that deserve to die as far as I can see," the man glared. "Are you five. Picking on a poor girl who has regretted her past? That's low, even for thugs like you."

"How dare you protect such a monster!"

"How dare you!" the man forcefully said. So forcefully in fact that the man back off a bit. "Attempting to kill such a young girl! Do you not see the regret in her eyes? Do you not see that she realizes what she has done is wrong? Besides, Orochi was killed again in the end wasn't he?"

"But...but...sh-she!" the man was at a loss for words, but Himiko could tell he was also terrified at the man. She couldn't blame him. His strong voice made her cringe, too, and she wasn't even the one getting lectured to by him. The man stuttered a bit more before turning and walking away, his anger at Himiko completely forgotten. The other's looked on in amazement and a few more left and some took a glance at the new comer before doing so. However, as they were walking away one turned back shouted a battle cry and charged for the man. Everyone looked on, not knowing what was going to happen. The stranger didn't even flinch, he didn't even move his sword. He mearly parried the club the thug had way with his free hand, then, faster than most could clearly see, bashed him on the side of the face, sending him flying backwards a few feet. This all happened in one fluid motion.

"That," the stranger said. "was for being an idiot."

The thug couldn't argue as he rubbed the pain out of his chin and began to follow everyone elses lead and walked off. Himiko jumped down from the rock and went up to her savior. "Thank you, but I could've handled those thugs by myself."

"I have no doubt," the man smiled. "Though I hoped to avoid a physical confrontation but I guess I didn't succeed in the end."

"No worries, I was glad you helped!"

There was a silence for a moment when Himiko pointed out, "You seem to know who I am, but who are you?"

"Ah!" the man smiled as he rubbed his free hand across his head. "Forgive me not giving an introduction! I am Pànduàn Shén*."

"Nice to meet you Lord Shén!"

"Pànduàn is fine, too."

"Okay, Pànduàn."

There was another silence but this time Pànduàn broke it, "Well, I guess I'll be going."

He began to walk off but Himiko grabbed his right sleeve. He looked back a bit unsure of what she wanted.

"Is it okay if I travel with you?" Himiko asked hopefully. Pànduàn pondered the question for a moment before he answered, "Sure, I wouldn't mind the company."

Himiko jumped for joy and Pànduàn smiled, "Well come along then, we have the world before us!"

Himiko smiled and ran to catch up with the mysterious warrior who had become her first real friend in a long while.

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