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Warriors Orochi: Dragon of Judgment

Chapter 29-Birth of a Legend


"Hēiàn Kirshun, for your crimes of treason, murder, desception, cruelty, and worst of all: the stealing of souls; I hearby sentence you to the darkest pit in hell!"

With that, Pànduàn rushed forward and within an instant the sword had pierced through the Souless One's body. With a screech that seemed to make an Ikiryō's scream seem like a soft whisper, Kirshun exploded in a wave of darkness and shadow. Soon, nothing of the dark one was left. Pànduàn let out a long breath and said, "It is finally finished."

The Warriors raised a grand cheer and Himiko kissed Pànduàn's cheek then followed up by hugging him tight. The next moment they were all going around cheering and shaking hands with eachother. Master Fǎshīcame next to his young disciple and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I am proud of you, my lad. And I know you parents would be, too, if you they could see you now."

Pànduàn smiled weakly and nodded, "I know."

Suddenly, Pànduàn dropped to one knee.

"Pànduàn!" his master called and instantly his friends were at his side.

"Are you alright?" Sun Ce asked.

"Yes," Pànduàn replied weakly. "But I think I am going to take a little nap..."

With that, Pànduàn's whole world went black...

Pànduàn awoke surrounded entirely in black. At first he thought he was blinded, but then he looked down and saw his body.

"Okay, not blind. So where am I?" he thought to himself. The entire world around him was black, pitch black. He seemed to be floating though he could feel he was standing on a solid surface, but you couldn't actually tell it was a sold surface. He stood there for what must have been only a few minutes when he heard a woman whisper his name.

He jumped and reached for his sword but it wasn't on his person. This time a man's voice said his name a little louder than the last voice. He looked around, but he couldn't see who was calling his name. Suddenly, both voice shouted out his name from right behind him. He quickly turned around and saw three people before him.

The one on the left was a middle-aged man with silvery-black hair. He had a small, bushy beard and sky blue eyes. He wore a silver overcoat with blackish armor under it. He had a silvery-gold ring on his left ring finger and a small, silver crown on his head. His hair was long and in a pony-tail behind him and his boots were strapped with belts. To Pànduàn's surprise, he held Juggernaut in his hands, but it seemed...holy, unlike how it was now after being used by Kirshun so long.

To his left was a young woman with black hair and green eyes. She wore a navy blue cloak with a hood and a brownish-black leather armor with a bluish-green sash around her waist. A dagger was tucked into it and she had boots similar to the man next to her. Also, to his surprise, was a two year old little boy in her arms. He had black hair, green eyes and looked eerily similar to how he himself looked. They were all smiling at him.

"Shén," the woman said as a tear of joy fell from her eye.

"Wh-who are you?" Shén asked nervously. How did they know him?

"You do not remember us?" the man asked curiously. "Not surprising. You haven't seen us in sixteen years. You were so young back then..."

Realization struck Shén like one of Kirshun's sorcery attacks. He stuttered out his acknowledgment, "M-m-mother...f-f-father...b-brother..."

"Hello, son," Pànduàn Línghún smiled at his son.

"MOTHER! FATHER! BROTHER!" Shén ran up to his parents and brother and hugged them tightly. They stood like that for many long moments before he held them at arms reach so that he could look at them clearly.

"We are so proud of you," his mother said.

"Yes, we all are," his father agreed. His brother can gave a cheerful laugh.

"But why are you here? Where is here anyway?" Shén asked looking around.

"Your dreamscape," his father replied. "The energy you released in destroying Kirshun exhausted your body. You collapsed from exhaustion."

"But I'm going to live, right?"

"Yes, you will live. Don't worry about that. You have far more important things to worry about."

"Like what?"


"But he's dead."

"No, my dear son," his mother said, it being her turn to speak. "His essence still exists on this earth and as long as that is here he will return. That is how he returned last time."

"And it's too late to get rid of that essence isn't it?"

"Yes, I fear it is."

Shén mearly chuckled, "Well, then I'll just kill him again when he returns. I've already killed him twice; a third time shouldn't be too difficult!"

His parents laughed

"No, it shouldn't," his father said. That was when an eerie wind passed by them. Shén shivered.

"Our time is up," his father said. "It is time we returned to Heaven."

"Will I ever see you again?" Shén asked.

"Yes, we will," his mother said. "We love you, Shén. Farewell!"

With that, they vanished and Shén began to wake up.

Pànduàn slowly opened his eyes. He was laying in the bed he had had in Nagasaki about a week or two ago. It was simple but nice. He was alone in the room. He sat up ignoring the slight soreness in his body and got out of the bed. He was still in the same attire he had gone to his hometown in. He grabbed his sword and walked out the door.

The hallways were barren. No one was around.

"Huh," Pànduàn said to himself. "Where is everybody?"

He continued walking toward the entrance to the keep. Slowly but surely he started to here voice. He continued and they got louder. He could soon tell they were coming from just outside the main keep's main door. So, not wanting to burst in just like that he went through a side door.

Outside, everyone was having a big gathering and feast to celebrate the end of the 'Odigan War' as he heard them calling it. However, he didn't feel like being apart of the big festival. Instead, he snuck up onto the wall and sat down looking at the distant horizon. It wasn't long after that he heard a voice beside him.

"May I join you?"

He looked up. It was Himiko.

"Of course!"

She sat beside him and they sat there for only about a minute before she began to speak.

"Your Master left not long after we arrived."

"Not surprising. He always enjoyed his alone time plus he hates to leave his home."

"Yeah, I could tell," she giggled. There was another pause before she continued.

"Do you remember that conversation we had before we left for Nagasaki?"

Pànduàn nodded, "Yeah...I remember..."


She looked up and was surprised to see Pànduàn looking down at her, smiling, "You know, most people I know watch clouds when they are cloud watching."

Himiko blinked maybe twice before looking back up and noticing that there were, in fact, no clouds in the sky.

"Whoops," she said embarrassed. "Guess I got lost in thought."

Pànduàn tilted his head curiously, "What were you thinking about?"

Himiko sat up and looked away from him as her face turned as red as a tomato. The answer was so quiet that it was even a surprise that Pànduàn heard it, "You..."

The following silence and stillness of both warriors made Himiko feel uneasy. Had she said something wrong. But then, Pànduàn's answer came, "I see. I take it that this has something to do with the words you shared with me the day we first arrived here?"

Himiko's face grew even redder if that was possible, but he was right about that. Pànduàn smiled, "I take it from the silence that I am right."

Himiko nodded slowly and mumbled, "Yes..."

"Could you speak up please?"

"Yes! You're right," Himiko practically shouted as she threw herself onto him, surprising him momentarily. "Pànduàn this situation has gotten a lot more perilous. We now know Kirshun can summon those...things...to attack you and we can't...we can't..."

"...do much to help me stop them?" Pànduàn finished.


Pànduàn smiled and wrapped his arms around her, "You have helped me more than you realize. You, Liu Bei, Sun Ce, all of them have giving me resolve. They've given me something to fight for again; not just the vengeance of my people."

Himiko looked up and smiled at his face through her coming tears. She slowly laid her head against his chest, "Do you think there will ever be peace in this land?"

Pànduàn sighed, "No, I fear not."

She looked at him sadly but he smiled, "But we can get it as close as it's ever going to be."

With her hope restored, she whipped her face and stood up, "Thank you, Pànduàn."

"It's no problem," Pànduàn said happily. "Whenever you feel down come to me. I'll comfort you!"

"Thanks but I ment thank you for everything you've done for me since the day we met."

With that, she walked off leaving Pànduàn to think about her words for a change.

"I meant what I said," Himiko told him. "You've done so much for me since we first met."

"What are friends for?"

Himiko looked away, "Pànduàn...I-"

Her voice trailed off. She was too nervous to finish the sentence.

"You what?" Pànduàn asked curiously.

"I...I...I..." She couldn't find the words. So instead she quickly turned around, threw her arms around his head, and drew him close for a nice, sweet kiss. Pànduàn's eyes briefly widened but the soon melted into the kiss. Soon, however, they broke apart and stared right into eachother's eyes, a soft smile on both their faces.

"Guess friends doesn't quite cut it now does it?" Pànduàn commented.

"No," she giggled. "I guess not."

Pànduàn leaned away from her and looked out over the horizon. Himiko just looked on at him in a dreamy and expectant face.

"I've been thinking," Pànduàn began. "As much as I love being among friends here, it's not exactly the same as when we were camping out in the forest before this whole war started."

"Yeah, it isn't."

"So, I've been thinking. If I went back out there, simply camping and being a wanderer out to see the world, would you follow me?"

"What kind of question is that?" Himiko asked, faking her outrage. "Of course I'd follow you!"

"Good," he smiled. "Because we're leaving tomorrow."

The next day soon arrived, and the lords and ladies of Shu, Wu, and the Samurai had gathered at Nagasaki's front gates to say farewell to a departing duo.

"Are you sure you want to leave?" Liu Bei asked.

"My lord husband," Sun Shang Xiang giggled. "You've already asked them six times. I think you know what their answer is by now."

"I know, it's just-"

"You don't have to say it, Lord Liu Bei," Pànduàn held out his hand. "And I appreciate what you've done for me and Himiko, but I want to get back to what we were doing before the war."

"I understand."

Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Da Qiao walked up to him. Sun Ce spoke, "Out of all of us here, we were the first of the Three Kingdoms and the Samurai to meet you. I couldn't have asked for a greater honor from you."


Yukimura soon approached him, "You are a mighty warrior, Lord Shén. Already, villagers and lords alike have heard of your final duel with the Souless One and have dubbed you the 'Dragon of Judgment'."

Lord Shén laughed, "Fitting title I suppose for how I ended the duel."


Pànduàn looked over at his companion and asked, "You ready to go?"

She nodded yes and they both turned and walked out the city gates. They stopped only once to wave at their companions who had gathered at the gates to wave farewell to a pair of comrades who had saved this world from the terror of the Souless Demon.

But this wasn't the end of their tale. In fact, it had only just begun!

The End.

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