About time I write another one-shot, huh? Yeah, well… I've been busy writing Captive Freedom and Love Odyssey so… I was kinda forgetting I had some one-shots on my "waiting list"

This one-shot fic is about my BF ^^…, the meaning of those letters is not actually the one you are thinking though.

Enjoy and review please.


"Hi Who, whazzup?" Raph said leaving the dojo after a workout session.

"Nothing much… having some problems with my writing lately… stupid family… especially my sis. I don't know why lil sisters have to be so annoying!" I said typing on my laptop.

"Heh! Yer tellin' me. I gotta live with Mr. Genius and his crazy inventions, da numbskull and his pranks… Oh! And don't forget Fearless and his lectures" Raph commented leaning on the wall.

"Speaking of my BF… where's he?" I asked without stopping my typing.

"Wait a sec… did ya say… BF?" Raph asked in surprise.

"Yeah" I said stopping what I was doing and meeting Raph's confused and surprised gaze.

"I knew it! HAHAHA! About time, huh?" Raph laughed.

"Well, he's a nice guy so…" I said but Raph interrupted me with his unstoppable laugh.

"HAHAHAHA! Fearless… yer BF? I gotta tell the others! HAHAHAHA!" Raph laughed hilariously. Just when he was leaving the living room, Mikey appeared.

"Hey guys, what's so funny?" He greeted.

"Yer not gonna believe this" Raph said managed to say on his laugh.

"What?" Mikey asked in curiosity.

"I only told him Leo is my BF and he just…" I started to explain but before I could end…


"…did what you're doing right now" I ended sighing heavily.

"No way! Mr. I'm-So-Serious is your BF?" Mikey chuckled.

"Could you please stay quiet for just a minute? I'm trying to work here!" Don yelled clearly annoyed for all the noise.

"Don! Guess who is… well… Who's BF?" Mikey said trying to not burst in laugh.

"I didn't know you had a BF! Who's the lucky one?" Don asked teasingly and poking me.

"Fearless! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Raph answered clutching his stomach.

"Really? Well… I didn't expect that… er… you know… knowing how Leo is…" Don said sheepishly.

"I have the feeling that you're misunderstanding me"

"And I have the feeling I'm gonna glue your mouths so you can stay quiet! I'm trying to meditate!" Leo said angrily as he entered into the scene.

"There ya are Mr. BF! HAHAHA!" Raph teased him.

"You were holding out on us, huh?" Mikey poked Leo's arm teasingly.

"Eh… hello? Confused turtle here!" Leo said getting more and more confused.

"I was telling them we're BFs and…" I tried to explain.

"Hold it… we? BFs? Er… aren't ya supposed to be de GF here?" Raph asked with a puzzled face.

"O…k… now that proves it all. You ARE misunderstanding me!" I said crossing arms.

"But you said he's your BF so… that makes you two…" Mikey said totally confused.

"Best Friends… BF! Duh!" Leo and I stated.

"Ahhhh" Raph, Don and Mikey said in unison.

"Who, next time… don't use codes while you're talking to them, please" Leo sighed in exasperation and made his way to his room.

"…*sigh*… I was expecting Raph and Mikey to be confused but you, Don? Shame on you!" I said angrily.

"B-but…" Don stuttered nervously.

"And I thought you were the genius here" I said giving Don a deadly glare and leaving the room.

"It wasn't my fault!" Don said.

"It wasn't mine, either! Raph told me" Mikey replied.

"Hey! Don't try to blame fer that!" Raph argued.

"…*sigh*… boys… And you… what were you thinking? ^^"

I know, it's kinda short ^^ but I had fun writing it!