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Artemis helped herself to a pair of drinking glasses, handed one to Wally, and placed hers under the ice dispenser of the oversized refrigerator. "Tell anyone about my stash, Wally, and you'll wake up in a pool of blood with a broadhead sticking out of your ass."

The corner of Wally's mouth rose, and his eyes gleamed. "Who told you I was into that?"

She said nothing, but felt her own smile tug at her lips. She opened the refrigerator and reached into the back, behind the bottles of water and various health snacks, hand clasping around a glass bottle hidden behind an egg carton. "Right where I left it."

She pulled out the bottle and raised in triumphantly, its crystal clear liquid shining from the kitchen lights. "Absolut," she said with pride.

Wally didn't look like he shared her pride. In fact, his face looked like a cross between fear and last-moments-of-life-panic.

"Why, hello, Red Tornado."

Artemis turned and saw the robot standing in the doorway. "Kid Flash. Artemis."

"Oh," Artemis croaked.

"May I ask what you are holding?"

"Uh…this?" she raised the bottle up, wondering if she was about to be kicked off the team. "This is…a bottle of purified water."

Red Tornado was silent.

"I was about to work out," she continued. "Gotta stay hydrated. Y'know?"

"I do."

One of the worst things about having a machine for a chaperone, she thought, was the unnerving way Red Tornado could make his every statement sound both honest and completely sarcastic.

"And you, Kid Flash?"

"Moi?" Wally placed a hand on his chest. "I'm just waiting to get a drink, myself."

"Indeed." Red Tornado nodded, and turned to leave, pausing to offer a final word over his shoulder. "Artemis, I highly doubt that you will need a glass in the training room. Your drink is already in its bottle. Please, conserve the water it would take to needlessly wash unnecessary dishes."

And he was gone.

Artemis looked at Wally and exhaled the breath she hadn't realized she was holding. "I feel like we just got caught by the principal."

Wally chuckled. "Come on."

They both filled their glasses with healthy measures of vodka, stashing the remains of the bottle deep inside the freezer, and Wally led them both to the training room. "Gotta keep up appearances," he said. "Just in case Tornado checks up on us."

"Shame," Artemis sighed. "I was looking forward to drinking this on the roof. More private."

But she soon found that the opportunity wasn't lost. As the duo made their way into the sparring room, they found that it was already occupied.

Black Canary and Megan stood in the center of the ring. Megan rained down blows like a summer storm, and Black Canary deflected them all like an umbrella. The instructor's style of fighting was simplicity itself, and even Artemis had to admire the woman's grace. Megan, however, was displaying a fresh layer of ferocity. It was the first time that anyone had actually seen her go to work against a single opponent with physical attacks.

"Ohmigod…" Wally murmered.

"I know…" Artemis nodded.

"I think I just got hard."

"I think you need to leave." She thought about punching his shoulder, but the thought of spilling any of the expensive drink kept her hand from forming into fist. "Come on."

"Just a minute…"


"I wanna see the winner!"

"You are such a little boy, Wally."

The blow to his maturity seemed to snap him back to the girl he stood next to. "The rooftop?"

"The rooftop."

"Elevator. Now."

Inside the elevator, he surprised her by placing his glass on the floor, stepping close to her, placing both hands on her hips, and brushing his lips against her neck. It wasn't a kiss. Just a shadow's flirt of contact, a slight inhale of breath from the both of them, and then he pulled back, picking his drink up precisely in time with the opening of the elevator door.

Artemis knew what he was doing. She didn't say anything. But it was working on her, just the same.

The rooftop at the summit of Mount Justice had a lovely view of the night stars. Cloudless night, full moon, the soft sounds of the ocean… "This is perfect," she whispered.

Wally rubbed both hands together. "You're telling me!"

"For a conversation, I mean," she grinned. "Absolutely nothing else."

A moment of frustration crossed over Wally's face—she barely even caught it, but it was there—and then it was gone and Wally was grinning. "Of course not. That would be…unprofessional, for team mates."


They sat close to the edge, their feet dangling over a fifty meter drop into the harbor. They gossiped between themselves while their glasses emptied slowly, making fun of Connor for being oblivious to all female attention, admiring Batman's coolness and Black Canary's style.

"You're obviously turned on by the bad boys," Wally said.

"Yeah, so? Are you a bad boy, Wally?"

"Dunno." He took another swig of his drink and grimaced. "No one's told me yet. Am I?"

God, she thought, at least he hadn't done anything juvenile, like saying The baddest, or something equally immature. Apparently vodka increased his maturity. Who would have guessed? "You have potential," she shrugged.

He leaned over and kissed her.

She let him. Surprisingly for both, she found herself returning it in force.

Eventually the kisses got heavier, and hotter, and their touches became less discreet. Wally pulled away for air. "You want to find a better place?" he asked. "We could head to my room."

That sounded like an excellent idea. Her own room was a mess. "Okay. Let's finish these and go."

She took a final draw from her glass, and was surprised to find that Wally had finished his long before. Even more aggravating, he didn't appear the slightest bit tipsy. "Fast metabolism," he explained. "You want me to carry you, mistress of the drunken stumble?"

"If you want to fuck like bunnies at all tonight, you'll let me walk myself, thank you very much."

Inside the elevator, he moved up close to her again. "How long has it been?" he whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her neck to her waist. "How long since you've felt this good?"

"Too long," she answered quickly, practically digging her nails into his back.

"How would you feel if I fucked you right in here, huh?"

She giggled. "You're such a perv, Wally."

He smiled back into her, his shining eyes gleaming with mischief and the promise of fun. "You have no idea."

"How much of a perv are you?"

"I'll just say one thing: you can't surprise me."

"Good. Because I think you can't surprise me." She was hot now. Her panties were starting to moisten. The vodka and endorphins were buzzing pleasantly in her blood, making her curious about her newly widened comfort zone. "Care to tell me some of the things you want to do?"

The elevator door opened. They were at the ground floor.

Robin was standing right in front of them.

"Oh." Wally, fully aware of the fact that he was practically grinding Artemis against the elevator cabin, backed away from her.

"Uhh…" She blinked, struggling to make herself look not nearly as tipsy as she felt.

Robin looked from one to the other, closed his eyes, facepalmed his forehead, and sighed. "I didn't see anything."


"I. Didn't. See. Anything." He stepped into the elevator, pushing the older teens out into the hallway with his mere presence. Before the doors closed, Artemis could have sworn that she saw him wink at Wally. "'Bout time, though."

And then the doors were closed.

Before she could even think about it, she was on Wally, kissing him heavily. He pulled her close, she held onto his neck, his hardness pressing against her while she suckled his tongue. When they broke for air, she tried again. "Tell me what you wanna make me do. I want to know. Tell me something dangerous."

"I'll show you," he said, grabbing her hand. "Come on."

"No," she protested, but it was instinct, and she followed him. He lead her down hallways until they reached a bedroom door. Wally pulled a paperclip out of his pocket, bent it straight, and began picking the lock with a blurred-speed hand. "No, Wally, I'm serious. I'm not fucking in Red Tornado's bedroom."

"Red Tornado?" he laughed. "Robots don't sleep." He pulled the door open and grabbed her hand again. "This room belongs to Black Canary, and she's busy at the moment, isn't she?"

"She could be done any second, you idiot!"

"That's part of the excitement. Come on. A quickie, before we head to my room."

She realized that she both hated and wanted him at that moment. Fuck, she was horny. She followed him until he reached the closet door, opened it, and pushed them both in before closing it. In an instant he was tugging at her waist, unzipping designer jeans and slipping a thumb between elastic. "No, don't," she said again. "Keep them on, just pull the bottom to the side—"

But he tugged them all the way down, clear down past her knees.

Before she could protest, he pulled her close again, biting her bottom lip and digging fingers into the skin of her naked ass.

She moaned deliriously into his kisses, pushing her ass into his hands. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the closet, she realized that there were slats in the doors, allowing some air and light to trickle in. We'd better be extra quiet, she thought, in case anyone walks by the room.

"I can't believe we're doing this," she whispered.

His cock was out and she could feel it trying to find between her legs. "God, you're wet," he whispered back. "Someone's a little tramp."

She tried to angle herself in a way that allowed him better access. And she was wet. Incredibly turned on. She turned around, forcing him to fuck her from behind while she leaned against the shut door of the closet—this position was definitely better. It felt incredible. She couldn't resist the urge to moan as Wally began to thrust faster and faster.

Until the bedroom light came on.


They were both instantly still, not making a sound. Someone walked into the bedroom. A familiar female voice said, "Get in here."

Oh, shit. Wally's cock was still nestled deep inside of her, his arms around her waist, holding her tight, but still they didn't move a muscle. "Black Canary," he barely mouthed into her ear, and she panicked when their sparring instructor came within view of the slats in the closet door.

If Red Tornado was the school principle, then Black Canary was the schoolteacher with a disciplinarian problem.

We are in some serious trouble here.

Then another female came into view. It was definitely not a member of the Justice League.

Oh, my God.

At the same moment, Wally whispered, "It's Megan."

"You had terrible form out there," Black Canary said to her. She sounded angry.

"I'm not that good at physical—"

"Quiet," she cut her off.

Artemis was startled by her abrupt tone. What did Black Canary care if Megan wasn't so great at hand to hand? It wasn't as if Miss Martian wasn't effective out in the field as a telepath.

Megan stood in front of the woman with her hands clasped behind her back and her head lowered. "I'm sorry, Miss Canary."

Miss Canary? Nobody calls her that.

"I just can't help it if I—"

"You should have been practicing, young lady."

Black Canary was using an intimidating tone, and Artemis couldn't help but realize how much was wrong with this picture. Then suddenly Wally's hand dipped down silently between her legs. His fingers deftly felt between her slick lips, looking for her clit.

I can't believe he's trying this now!

But she was too nervous to pull away. That would make noise, and give them up. She was still impaled on his cock, for crying out loud!

In her ear, Wally said almost inaudibly, "She's going to fuck Megan."

Artemis was incredulous. "What?" she tried to say, stunned, but a lot more interested. She tried to get a better view through the door, definitely wanting to see.

Wally's cock was reviving inside of her, and his fingers zeroed in on her clit. She couldn't believe this was happening, but was unashamedly grateful that they had gone into this room first.

"I told you to train with Superboy and Aqualad on your hand to hand. I gave you specific instructions," Black Canary went on.

"I know, but they—"

"And I expect you to follow them."

"I know." Megan was practically crying.

"I'm too busy to be wasting my time with someone who doesn't take her training seriously."

"The reason I—"

"Save it, Megan. Save it for someone who has time to care about your excuses. Just be quiet, and come here."

Artemis was really on fire, overwhelmed by all the stimuli. She didn't want to get caught, not there; she wanted the show to continue. She wanted to keep watching. But Wally's slow, quiet thrusts and thrumming fingers were making it near impossible for her to keep silent.

"I said, get over here."

She's good, Artemis thought. Very stern. I'm actually a little worried for her…

Black Canary sat down on the edge of her bed. Megan moved only slightly, and Canary patted her fishnet-stockinged thighs. "Right here. You can see where I'm pointing, can't you?"

"Yes, Miss Canary."

A smile. "And you're not having any trouble understanding me?"

"No, Miss Canary."

"Then do it."

"Dinah," she pleaded suddenly. "Don't make me do this. Someone's going to find out, and we'll get—"

"What did you call me?"

"I'm sorry—Miss Canary!"

It was then that a thunderbolt of truth struck Artemis, causing her eyes to grow wide and her breath to seize in her throat. Megan can sense us. She knows that we're here!

Wally was breathing heavily against the side of her neck, his cock working agonizingly slowly, methodically. He was soaking up every nuance of the scene in front of them, just like Artemis was, but Artemis knew that she was alone in understanding Megan's dilemma.

"Megan. I'm waiting. And the longer you stall, the worse it's going to be for you."

Megan! Artemis shouted in her mind. Do what she says!

The little martian girl stiffened, as if fighting internal fear, but Artemis was rewarded with a clear telepathic shout of What? being returned. I'm not about to let you and Wally see this!

Megan. Listen to me. We can all keep this a secret. But it CAN'T stay secret if Black Canary really thinks that something's wrong. If she gets wise to what's making you stop her fun, if Wally and I get caught, we ALL get caught, understand?

Megan took a tentative step forward, a stall for time disguised as reluctant obedience. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. In front of you two, nonetheless!

Get into it. Artemis smirked, and tried to put a cocky tone to her thoughts. You have NO IDEA how much this is turning us both on.

Megan went silent, severing their connection, and a quick breath of lust became stuck in Wally's throat: Megan's hands went up underneath her skirt. She was pulling her panties down. She was really doing it. And Atremis could see a tiny little spot of wetness on them as they fell to her ankles.

They could see everything as Megan lifted her skirt high and laid herself across Black Canary's lap.

That's some ass she's got there, she thought. Soft and perfectly round. Artemis had never once dreamed she'd see Megan's naked tush for any reason at all, least of all this.

At first, Black Canary contented herself with softly trailing her fingernails over the smooth skin of Megan's bottom. Wally's cock began swelling up inside her cunt. He started giving it to her faster, and very hard, forcing her to clutch at his arms, needing to hang onto something. The lust was galloping through her now, burning like a solar flare. She gritted her teeth to keep from crying out.

The spanking commenced, was swift, and sounded delightful. Megan tried hard not to emit even the tiniest peep, and Artemis knew that was because she was already ashamed enough—but that didn't stop the martian girl from raising her ass higher, meeting the sharp smacks with anticipation. Maybe the shame does something for her, she thought. But how she managed to endure Canary's well-aimed, decisive smacks on her bare ass without once giving a cry was beyond anyone. Black Canary wasn't playing around: her strokes were severe. Megan's ass was going to be sore.

Artemis was too enchanted to think. Wally's steady thrusts and rubbing against her clit began the tremors of orgasm in her, and she had to share Megan's torment: enduring the onslaught of pleasure without so much as making a move, a sound, a gasp. Wally had to know she was cumming. He held her tight and pushed in as far as he could go.

The spanking was over before Artemis finished her orgasm. Megan was off Black Canary's lap, smoothing her skirt back in place, reaching for her panties on the floor.

"Leave them," Black Canary says. "Right where they are."

"But I…I'm wet."

"I want to borrow them for a while," Canary says, smiling, and there isn't a hint of malice in it. Just pure honesty. "A one-night souvenir."

"Okay." Tell anyone about this, Artemis, and—

Oh, trust me, girl, she thought lazily. This is definitely our little secret.

Canary leaned over to Megan and kissed her gently on the cheek. "Okay, kiddo," she said, giving the girl one last playful swat on the behind. "Let's get you off to bed."

They left. Suddenly, the room was black and silent again.

"My God." Artemis shuddered the final tremors of her orgasm, and slumped against the closet doors. "That was…amazing."

Wally repositioned himself to fuck her like crazy. He unleashed his speed, and though it felt ten thousand times better than the silent, cautious pace he'd been using, it still didn't take long for him to pull out and shoot his cum all over her ass, trailing it down her thighs. Artemis wished silently that he'd spank her, but that would be so much better for later.

"Come on," he said, zipping up and kissing her. "Let's get out of here. My room. I'll carry you."

"I can keep up—"

"You know you love it." He didn't waste any time in rearranging her clothes before picking her up in both arms and shooting out into the main hall of Mount Justice.

As they passed by the elevators, the door opened up, and again they passed Robin. Artemis could only catch a glimpse of him grinning and shaking his head.