OMG! The two major videogame mascots that I adore... together?

~*To Love is to Hate*~

* Mario bros theme starts playing followed by Angel Island Zone*

" Damnit!" Sonic cursed, angrily shaking the glorified magazine in his palms. He stretched and twisted for SEGA, accepting (with little enthusiasm) new ideas and and concepts placed within his work. Whether he was transforming into a "were-hog, playing as a male "Snow white" waiting for a kiss of life from a charming princess, or getting high from eating skittles disguised as aliens, he was still below him.

He hated him, every ounce of his being tensed when he saw him. Emerald eyes scanned the Nintendo Power in his hand and a mustached, overalled hero, smiled back.

He tried everything to get his work to be comparable to his pipe-luvin' rival, but his games couldn't compare.

It seemed they could never compare...

Yet, it was odd. Sonics eyes glinted with hope and a small smile inched on to his face. Aside from games he had die-hard fans. Admittedly most of them were extremely eccentric. ( Glares at author.) But, none the less most claimed to love him over Mario.

He was loved for his personality.

The plumber was loved for his work.

Emerald eyes softened, despite his hate, his anger, and his lifelong striving journey to be better than the star of Nintendo it had opened his eyes to a truth that he had strived to deny.

He loved him.

He was his star and his idol in his early years. Mario, back then, represented everything that he could be. With hard work and failure came success. Finally, Nintendo realized that he was a hero to many children of the 90's, the new gaming generation...

He was bought by Nintendo, Mario became his superior. His hate, daily scoffs, anger, and fits of ignoring the plumber seemed to have the opposite effect.

He ran from him for a completely different reason.

During the Olympic Games, apart from competing against the famed italian, the blue blur was out of sight-

but not out of mind...

Mario had noticed him. With every crack at the plumbers life in the sewers, he had actually noticed him.

Sonic glanced at said plumber, who was carefully sipping a cup of coffee. The plumbers eyes were half cast glancing at the thoughtful hedgehog. The italian smirked into his warm beverage as he tipped it to his lips.

" Hmmm... What's wrong?" Mario asked a hint of amusement lacing his voice.

Sonic jerked up and he, through the corner of his eye, glanced at the other warily, before turning his small black nose up and ignoring the other. The plumbers small smirk emerged into a full fledged grin. Laughing blue eyes gazed upon the now slightly sulking form.

" Embarrassed?"

The sulking forms head shook slightly, quills swaying in response.

" No. I got over that awhile ago."

The plumber smiled pridefully and stood placing his cup down before striding to the other.

Sonic tensed and slightly bristled as the plumber walked towards him and loomed behind him. Mario's shadow engulfed the magazine in the cobalts hands as he sat thumbing the magazine pages in mock interest ignoring the other before two relatively thick arms encircled his waist. A soft black mustache graced a triangular ear, causing it to flick slightly.

" Stop ignoring me..."

Cobalt playfully shoved the plumber to the side and attempted to stand up.

" Oh, stop it."

The plumber pushed him back down.

" I own you, you know..."

Sonic chortled, whilst wagging his finger at the shocked plumber

" Correction, Nintendo owns me." Sonic pointed a finger to his chest.

Mario pulled the rebellious hedgehog up and retorted.

" I am Nintendo!"

Sonic laughed. "Nice try Grandpa." He was yanked towards the other violently.

" You owe me."

The italian was solemn and demanding. He angrily forced the struggling blue form on a couch before holding the cobalts wrists up against the plush cover with extremely toned and strengthened arms.

Blue crystalline eyes glared into emeralds...

" I saved you. You know SEGA couldn't stand on one leg."

Sonic looked incredulously at the other.

" At one point I was better than you."

Mario's eyes softened.

" At one point- but now your mine."

The plumber transferred the thin tan arms of the other to one gloved hand while inching his other hand towards the cobalt's chest. The disgruntled hedgehog below pushed the forward plumber with his amazing toned legs, placing his feet against the plumbers thighs to keep the other at a safe distance.

The plumbers free hand tried to pry a leg from his thigh, until a well aimed kick sent him for a loop.

Quickly regaining his senses the plumber grasped the intruding obnoxious sneakered foot and held it high. Sonic's leg was now conveniently stretched upwards and his hands were now immobile.

Mario snickered and eyed Sonic's fur lined tail that was easy to view due to Sonics compromising position... legs spread out and vulnerable.

Sonic flushed madly and wildly struggled like a drowning cat.

Mario laughed.

" Can't get free?"

" Shut up!"

Mario leaned in, his plump nose lightly gracing a small black protruding nose. The two glared at each other in mock anger before a door burst open and none other than Princess Toadstool delicately rushed to Mario, her light pink dress fluttering around her.

" Mario! Is it true!" The Princess held a magazine in her grasp and pointed to the cover.

(True Blue Love?

Mario announces appreciation" for Sonic the Hedgehogs contribution to Nintendo through a surprising recovered Valentine.)

The princess eyed the two before her suspiciously before Sonic smiled heartily...

" No Peach... it's not like that. Besides I'm taken..."

Mario jerked up letting Sonic go in the process.


The plumber turned to the door and witnessed two other hedgehogs come into the room. Sonic stood up, stretched and ran off with the other SEGA characters.

" See ya."

Mario stood dumbfounded and turned to Peach who placed the magazine in his hand and left.

The magazine featured a picture of Sonic and himself blushing whilst talking during the Olympic Winter Games.

Caption: Is it the cold? Or is it something else?

The plumber sighed and took the magazine to his room.

Sonic was a free spirited and fluid with regards to his games. Different concepts and storylines were flaunted and failed. However, he was solid and always sported the same storyline...

Would they ever be together?

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