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"Oh come on...why?!" Sonic eyed the event schedule with a grimace. The hedgehog held the bag that had been delivered to himself and sighed. "You have got to be kidding me! This is so embarrassing."

Two small bags had been delivered after breakfast, and Mario had decided to take a small shower before they were to compete in the actual Olympics. Being the curious hedgehog he is, Sonic decided to open the bag intended for himself and immediately regretted it. After untying the top of the bag long slim gloved fingers grasped it's offending contents and yanked it out of its confinement. A long line of color fluttered out of the bag gracefully. Sonic grasped the soft ribbon connected to the thin stick in his hand. The blue ribbon was the same hue as his coat with soft white accents. With an experimental flick of his wrist, Sonic watched the ribbon flutter in annoyed fascination.

Why did he HAVE to participate in Rhythmic Ribbon?

Mario contentedly strode within the room, he had put on his uniform and was ready for the day ahead. The plumber picked up the event list and simply shrugged, having no qualms with Rhythmic Ribbon. He knew he wouldn't be as good as his rival but still, he would try his best.

"Can you believe this? WE... have to do this!" Sonic pointed offendedly to the picture provided in the pamphlet.

"This is for the girls! Not us!"

Mario snickered. A soft jab at the hero was on the tip of his tongue.

"I mean come on! What do these people think we do?! Dance in our games!?" Sonic threw the ribbon to the side and watched it flutter as it fell.

Mario turned toward his little student and was about to burst out laughing.

" You certainly seem to dance in your games..."

Sonic tensed, turning toward his lifelong rival an offended look on his face.

"Ha! I take out large ROBOTS! Not sissy mushroom things!"

Mario snickered, he had clearly hurt Sonic's ego and he was going to be relentless.

"At least I take them out like a man Sonic; I don't twirl and spin like a ballerina."

With a quick jump Sonic was in front of the teasing plumber a long gloved finger digging into Mario's chest forcefully.

" At least I get the ladies! With a figure like that, you'd be lucky to get Peach's grandmother!"

Mario smiled teasingly before replying.

"I was hoping to get a sissy hedgehog."

"Oh come on, that was WAY to cheesy..."

" About as cheesy as saying "way past cool"?"

"Shut up!"

In exasperation Sonic threw his hands up in the air. Mario was the only person in the world that seemed to be able to get him so annoyed and fascinate him at the same time. Sonic strode to the forgotten ribbon that he had so readily discarded and picked it up with gusto.

" I'm still beating you Mario, no matter how sissy this is..."

Mario simply grinned and picked up his bag to call for a ride to the stadium.

Luigi was conflicted...

Sitting within a captivated audience, the plumber watched his brother with interest. Mario was careful and steady, twirling his ribbon expertly and taking the time to properly position his body with every step. He was dancing to "The Blue Danube" which was a soft graceful song. Mario ended his artistic and rhythmic dance with a solid score and Luigi watched as the plumbers obvious obsession took the spotlight.

The hedgehogs moves were a lot more lively than his predecessors. Sonic flaunted sharp quick turns and an agile body- completely opposite to his"teacher". The mobian was a bit reckless, which cost him a bit on the balance portion of the exercise. The blur blur had chosen "The Radetzky March" for it's quicker tempo. Although Sonic lost points on his balance, his twirls and quick timing more than made up for his momentary recklessness.

Why? Why had his brother chosen... him? He didn't understand. Didn't Mario love Peach? How could Mario suddenly be so infatuated with a furry freak? Luigi watched every characters performance in thought, deeply reflecting on his brothers tendencies. He should of figured out his brother was a furry fan- the raccoon and penguin outfit that he sported in his games was clue enough. He would need to talk to him and before he knew it he was already texting his brother to meet him for lunch insisting that he leave his little hedgehog "pet" at the hotel.

Before long the plumbers had agreed to have fish and chips at a local hotspot. The two sat in silence, each harboring conflicting judgements towards the other. Mario simply picked at his "fries" or chips glumly, waiting for his brother to call him out and put him down for his feelings.

When the silence grew deafening, the red plumber had no choice but to open the conversation.

"How is Tails doing?" Mario winced after he blurted out the question. Luigi would believe that all he cared about revolved around the "furries". Surprisingly Luigi's response wasn't as painful as he anticipated as his thin brother nodded and half smiled at the other.

"He is doing fine, he is creating new things for my ghost hunting." The green plumber stated as he bit into his fish, careful to keep the paper wrapped around it secure.

There was no use beating around the bush, Mario decided to give up and open the dreaded box.

" You don't understand Luigi! You've never felt this way before!" The famous mascot spontaneously blurted, finally unleashing the inevitable subject.

Luigi cringed into his fish. The conversation was going to ruin his appetite.

"Mario, you want to be with your most prominent rival who is not even your species. Are you insane?"

Luigi dropped his food, and angrily glared at his brother.

"He doesn't even seem to like you."

A deadly silence resumed as Mario simply looked away solemnly. Did Sonic like him? No, he screamed that he hated him at the mansion not to mention the numerous escape attempts that the speedster had tried. Luigi's eyes softened for his conflicted brother and the green plumber knew that there was no way his brother could ignore what he felt. However, it seems like the object of his affections wanted nothing to do with him.

Mario looked down at his now luke warm meal sadly. "I thought he liked me, he... would always tease me. Maybe he only wanted to lead me on... but he."

Mario bit his tongue before he nearly told his brother that he had already had intercourse with his rival.

Luigi would NOT want to hear of his... borderline beastial night.

Did Sonic feel for him? It seemed that what they achieved that night was mostly angry sex on Sonic's end. Maybe he didn't like him. If the hedgehog had no feelings for him whatsoever then he truly was a monster for keeping him.

Sensing that there was more under the surface than he knew (or wanted to know) Luigi decided to steer the conversation.

"Leave him alone, let him be, then he may come around to you. You are a little bit too possessive brother."

Luigi took the last bit of chips into his mouth, wiped his hands on his jumpers, paid his share and left leaving Mario deep in thought.

For the first time in a while, Sonic was ALONE. There was no plumber looming behind him, no handcuffs, and no star power. It seemed like Mario just disappeared and Sonic had to thank his lucky stars that he was given the opportunity to be on his own for a bit. Before a clingy plumber could suddenly pop out of nowhere and shatter his excitement the hedgehog sprinted towards the hotel that his SEGA family was staying in.

After a brief chat with the receptionist, a dash up two flights of stairs and a few knocks on a light green door Sonic the Hedgehog was finally with his crowd. Tails was already there since Luigi let the kit go off on his own as well. Before he knew it the blue blur was being bombarded with questions.

"Are you seriously with Mario?"

"What's your penthouse like?"

"Do you like guys with mustaches?"

"Did Mario let you come here?"

Knuckles the echidna stepped forward, slapped the blue blur on the back comically, and started to tease him.

" We heard about your escape attempt at the base. You had to be brain dead if you thought you could simply run out."

After a quick roll of the eyes Sonic countered. " It was my only chance knucklehead."

" What about now?"

Tails stepped forward towards his big brother curiously.

"Why aren't you making a break for it now?"

Sonic smiled at his little brother.

" I've got it all taken care of little bro." Sonic responded cheerfully as he ruffled the top of the fox's head.

Aqua eyes hardened and orange Tails twitched.

" I hope you didn't do what I think you did..."

Sonic's smile nearly faltered as he walked to the modern kitchen in the apartment with the fox kit following close behind. Tails sighed before continuing the conversation.

"He is really not that bad you know."

Emerald eyes hardened as their owner picked up an apple from a bowl of fruit. Sonic grimaced before taking a bite out of the forbidden fruit before he responded.

"He's locked me up and he's taken you guys out of SEGA headquarters."

The fox sighed, knowing his surrogate brother was as stubborn as they come.

" They built a brand new facility for us, from what I saw our living quarters are amazing! We never could have afforded what they are giving us! Mario didn't have to do any of this for us. If you don't like him that's fine but at least be appreciative!"

" He seems to really like you, and you seem to like him too. But as always you tend to run away from relationships. Why don''t you give him a chance, he obviously cares for you!"

Sonic was shocked. Mario was helping his SEGA comrades? He wasn't oppressing them? Why? If that was true, then he was indebted to him. A warm feeling spread over the hedgehog.

Maybe he should be kinder to the plumber...

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