The Colors of Life


My past and memories blank. I could remember nothing but my name. Gilbert. I can't remember my last name only my first name. My life up till now was like a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled in. When ever I try to remember the past my mind goes blank again and I can't remember. I didn't even know who I am that's quite pitiful don't you think. To not even know who you are. To not have a purpose; it feels very empty inside.


My life is usually a surprise waiting to happen. Whether being tortured by the young master to surprise visits from those dreaded cats. I swear there creatures came form the abyss. But I'm happy with the life I have, I wouldn't want to change it. From playing with Ada in the flower garden to watching Oz work in the study. Young master Oz despite being mean to me at times he has a kind heart. He's honest, witty and courageous I'm quite proud to be his servant. I truly hope these days could last forever…


The light that was what kept me going all this time. Gone; It vanished into the abyss. My happiness, my light, my sun all disappeared in the deep dark abyss. The thing most precious to me was now gone and it was all because of that man. The man that was precious to the young master. Yet he took the young master away! I'll,…I'll never forgive that man for doing that! Not even the fact that man is the young master's father. I will fall further down into the darkness to retrieve that precious light to with I have lost.

Year after year past most have lost hope for the young masters' return but I have not. Just the promise of the days before where Oz, Ada and I lived happily in the manor. Just those memories alone can keep me going. I can admit that this is quite a childish ideal and can never be exactly as it was but, I still wish to see the days that have but now been long forgotten.

Well yet again another dabble for another great character. Woot this time it's for Gilbert my third favorite character! (Second if counting characters that are still alive) I think I might just do a dabble for all the characters of Pandora Hearts. I was wondering for the nice readers out there if I should just make a story and post all these dabbles there or to post them individually like so. Well any who I hope you liked it and please review.