Hi. I'm here to bother you again. :)

I wrote this after the 100th ep and haven't changed anything since, just so y'all are aware of my ~state of mind~.

She really is becoming quite amusing.

She makes jokes during dinner about shaving her head and jests that anthropologists are aliens.

He really is becoming quite rational.

He tells her that, because the heart is a muscle, it can't be broken, only crushed.

It's as if, in that hospital room, during that shared experience, they gave to and took from each other more than they had in the past four years.

But they're always in balance.

They're always in balance until they're not.

Until she becomes an unbalanced force that tilts the metaphorical scale in tragedy's favor.

She tells him that she just can't be what she wants to be for him, but he doesn't fully recognize the impact of her confession.

He doesn't realize that she's just given him a way to convince her.

"I can't change; I don't know how."

She doesn't realize that he's already taught her the prerequisites of change.