Sorry for the fake chapter, folks!

Just wanted to let you all know that I've finally realized that this is a series (denial, much? ;) ) and so I've consolidated all the chapters into one. (Series name "Perfect.") This way updates will be easier to find.

Here's the link: .net/s/6808897/1/Perfect

(or, because ffn removes even its OWN addresses - http colon slash slash www dot fanfiction dot net slash s slash 6808897 slash 1 slash Perfect) [Just change out the words for the symbols and cut and paste back into your browser…]

Also, because I felt guilty that some of you would be getting author alerts only to find I wasn't ("What? Loser!") posting anything new, I'm give you teasers for the next two stories in the series. (I'm working on them at the same time; they're from Kurt and Dave's POVs.) Hope you like! (Dave's will be…a little lemony…)

Anyway, thanks again for sticking with me and for your wonderful reviews.

You guys are 'all kinds of awesome.'

thx! ~ibshafer