Kingdom Hearts:

Legacy of the Keyblade

"Believe in you dreams and live them."


Original Story by Unknown (Tetsuya Nomaru?)

Developer(s): Square-Enix

Publisher(s): Disney

My Media Titles Bleu Sky Runé Entertainment

A Wings` Moment Studio

Project Keyblade (LotK) Project

Other Tagline(s) "Believe in you dreams and live them."

"Can you achieve the dream inside your heart?"

"There is yet one than another... There is yet

a dream to be realized... Yet are you the one

chosen by the key... blade?

Disclaimer: I don't own the Kingdom Hearts series, the copyrights belong to Disney and Square along with all its characters, keyblades, objects and worlds. More Disney worlds, Kilala Princess, ReBoot, Digimon and many other anime/game worlds will arrive into the story, this time round.

Claimer: I do own the OCs(Original Characters). The new Keyblades and Outside Worlds that are used in the Doujinshi are for this story and nothing else. They were all inspired by Disney and some where made up by me (e.g. "Crystal Castle Village" and "Mysterious Town of Dusk"). The written story of LotK are copyrights to me as a KHFan.

*Note: I am awful at writting FanFictionsand other non-fanfics. So, please forgive me if this does not seem like your typical fanfic. This fanfiction is kind of like reading a script from a game or scene act. It's ment to be like that because I like to make scenes, but I want it to be a story that is both intresting and enjoyable with the same experiences as you get from the games themselves. So, it has an opening theme sequence a.k.a. prelude/prologue lyrics, an ending theme sequence a.k.a. epilogue lyrics, and battle scenes that change the story, a little. This is only an introduction or in other words it's like the second or third page into the book, no story to read yet.

~Game Summary~

Background on how this story's video game scenes begins: 1st off there would be a movie sequence that plays; showing the new worlds, scenes and characters arriving into the storyline. Next there would be the Main Menu screen where you'd push the play button. As always you'd either choose [New Game] or [Continue], but since this is the only entrance into the game or story it would be the New Game choice.

There is a hardness of levels to choose from, but it doesn't matter here. Because win or lose, easy or tough this story will still continue, "no matter what!" (happy with joy) Next you choose your Vibration, on or off.

Last but not least, the reason for this story is to have fun and enjoy the things you never get to in the Kingdom Hearts (saga) stories. This is the place you'll get to experence all the "Secret Endings", "Untold Stories", "Secrets Unveiled", "Flashbacks", the "Final Mix -Special Edition Bonuses-" and a lot more! (e.g. - It's like a [New Game+] or it will have a [New Game+] with even more surprises in stored!)

Now, it's time to click continue to begin the opening sequence.

~Plot Summary~

Kingdom Hearts: The Legacy of the Keybladeis a fan-made (or fanon) sequel to the KingdomHearts Saga written by KeyofRemembrance (a.k.a. theInsaneAngel) around Febuary 22, 2011. The journey begins after all the KH events have already taken place, including all the Final Mix moments.

The story takes place after Sora and Riku return from the dream world that Yen Sid sends them to. A mysterious white unknown and King Mickey awaits them at their return. For a short break back in their homeworlds, this will lead them to their newest adventure to head off into new and uncharted worlds. Into the unknown (Keyblade Legacy) journey that lies ahead. Hencefore, let's go!

~A Deepening Plot Thicken~

A new adventure just beyond the horizon.

A new journey just beyond the sunset.

Where will this voyage lead?

What will happen in the end?

When will there be a happy ending?

It's just beyond the skies...

The starry, star filled horizon...

An adventurous young female decides to take the first step outside her homeworld's kingdom with the help from her mentor and Master Yen Sid. She finally gets to fullfill her dreams to adventure the outside worlds.

There are still questions lingering in the air.

What if... there "really" was another girl on the island, beside that of which was a fasle memory created by Naminé or was it a false memory?

What if... Sora or Ventus really did fall from the sky to Destiny Islands?

What if... Kairi's memory was erased for a reason?

Final, What if...

What if... Aqua is Naminé?

Who are coming back?

Who is Riku's nobody?

And is Sora the king of Kingdom Hearts?

After meeting up with some famillar faces (mainly famillar with the gamers and manga readers), she decides to travel around with them just for a while until she meets the one person she's been looking for, but her main mission is to check on the outside worlds.

Sora and co. join her in their mission is to check on the outside worlds, too, but it's mainly to either lock or unlock each world and see how they're doing. They're making sure that no more worlds (a.k.a. stars) go out!

A few newer characters enter into the storyline, but only one is part of the main characters and another that may become the new dark pawn in the game. There is 7 main characters... Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, Mickey and the newest character. Spoiler alert Plus there is 7 more princesses besides the original 7 from KH1 this makes it a total of 14 princesses of heart (read to find out who they are).

Even More questions arise.

Will she find the boy in her dreams?

If so or if not?

Either way, she'll be okay with whatever the out come may be. The only thing that matters to her is that she had an adventure and at least she tried to find him again!

~Everyone's Attires/Appearance (Main Characters only!)~

The new version of Riku's outfit combinds the former versions into one; starting with his younger self; five-year-old Riku (BbS/KH1), fifteen-year-old self (KH1), sixteen-year-old self (KH2) and sixteen or seventeen-year-old self (KH3D).

Sora and Kairi's clothes look something similar to Riku's clothes. Donald, Goofy and Mickey all have the same clothes as ever unless they've changed clothes?

There is one or more addition(s) to the attire situation, okay? If you want to know more about this outfit situation, go to the Bonus Features.

[Note: Chapters and sequal story titles can and may change unexpectedly. So be aware.]

Table of Content


Intro: Light Rain

Prologue: A Whisper's Memory and Waking Up

Chapter 1: The Shining Waves of a Small Island Breeze

Chapter 2: Intermission and a Strange Dream

[More middle Chapters to come...]

Epilogue: Stardust - Return Home

Original ~ The Rain Falls (Secret Ending)

Final Mix ~ Pouring Rain (Secret Ending)

Bonus Features

Intro: Light Rain (Hikari Ame)

A bottle with a letter in it, was sent into a long ocean voyage. It floated in this stream for a very long time until someone finally received it. It had no addressee and it had no return name either. A long with the return name most of the letter had already faded because the water washed it away. The reciever of the letter began to read it with understanding, but it was more like a concrete poem than a letter.

Dreaming of you,

no matter where you are.

Hoping someday we'll

meet again,

and that



bring us back together.

Now I will take the first

step to reach out to you.

And who knows: Beginning

this journey may lead

back to you or not at all.

There are lots of worlds,

but they are all


by the same routes—

one route,

one path.

It ended there without a return name,because the rest of the letters were too blurry to read or hard to make opening sequence begins with a girl standing at the shoreline of Destiny Islands. She says her thoughts out loud,

A dream

that's become a memory.

A memory

that's become a dream.

I want to put the pieces together—

allowing them to reach,

you and me.

The opening sequence's song lyrics begins to play "Ame Hikari" a.k.a. "Light Rain" (For the theme song go to Bonus Features).. As it plays through, the screen begins to flash with the music. The first scene shows her with wind belowing through her long hair consealing her face from being seen. Next Riku appears onto the scene with his long silver hair changing into his new short hair cut. That's when he turns to face her with unsureness in his eyes and face that turn into a smile. The scene changes after Riku begins to run towards her with the same scenes of Sora and Roxas running to Kairi and Naminé. Then a break-up or scattered scene with some stuff from Dream, Drift, Distance and the scene where Sora fell into the ocean and Kairi grabbing for him changes into Riku grabbing for her who was falling. This scene ends with her falling into Dive into the Heart moment. First off the dream and then the Station.

The end of Introduction.