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Annabelle sighed as she climbed up the steps to her apartment behind her grumpy landlord.

"Last night with the ice and now this? I cant wait till I get rid of you and I finally get some normal tenants…" the older woman grumbled unlocking the apartment door for Annabelle.

"Thank you Betty." Annabelle smiled tiredly as the woman glared and headed back down the steps. After closing the door, Annabelle slid down to the ground and sighed. After the battle at Pacific PlayLand, she had been caught up in the wave of news reporters and bystanders trying to get a look at the group of heroes. Annabelle had caught Red Arrows eye and winked before heading out to the nearest bus stop, camera in hand and making her way home, knowing the hero would be busy for a while.

She dropped off her snapshots on Mr. Stanford's desk, the man looking up from a heated phone call to nod once at her appreciatively. It wasn't until Annabelle was at her own front door that she realized that she had lost her purse which contained her keys, wallet, beloved Superman doll and the pictures of her and Roy. So, dragging her feet, Annabelle had gone to wake up her landlord.

Annabelle pulled herself up and went into the bathroom. As she stripped off her clothing, she turned on the shower. She pulled on a short satin robe and walked around her apartment cleaning restlessly as she waited for the water to heat up. As she was moving her painting up against the wall, someone knocked at her door. Curious, Annabelle wrapped the robe tighter around her and approached the door. She peaked through the key hole and saw Red Arrow standing outside her apartment.

"Hi." she said as she opened the door. Red Arrow let his gaze wander as he handed Annabelle her purse. From what he could tell, she only had her extremely short robe on. Before he could start drooling, he shook his head, clearing his thoughts and returned Annabelle's smile

"You left this at the park. I figured you'd need it back, so…" Red Arrow said as Annabelle hugged her plush Superman.

"Thank you Roy, for everything. You're my hero." Annabelle said giggling. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She felt ridiculously happy and couldn't stop smiling.

"Um, do you want to come inside?" Annabelle asked, trying to cover for her odd behavior. Red Arrow peered inside her apartment and looked back at her.

"You don't exactly look ready for company and I think your shower is running…" he said with a smirk. Annabelle rolled her eyes.

"I was waiting for the water to heat up. We cant all have the luxuries of a private penthouse." Red Arrow laughed and kissed her. Again, Annabelle was overwhelmed by the sensation. It took her breath away and left her feeling lightheaded.

Annabelle finally understood what all the women at the shelters had been talking about. Her usual roommates at the safe houses were prostitutes out of work or pregnant teenagers. When Annabelle had asked what had gotten them into their messes, it was always something about how a man had deluded their senses and had given them the best night of their lives, blah, blah, blah. Annabelle had vowed never to let anything like that happen to her, but now, experiencing it on her doorstep, she wasn't so sure.

Red Arrow let out an unconscious moan. His veins had been craving the drug that they were so used to pumping all day. Usually, the only thing that could take his mind of the hunger for them was fighting. Now, he had a new antidote, Annabelle. Kissing her, feeling her body against his, just everything about her was addicting. The aching stopped and in its place an intense heat coursed through his body. Reluctantly, Annabelle broke off the kiss for air, both of them breathing heavily.

"I really should go…" Red Arrow said, lightly kissing down Annabelle's face, and neck. Annabelle tangled her fingers in Red Arrows hair and closed her eyes while he kissed her. Warmth spread from his kisses through her body, making her toes curl.

"I need a shower, and sleep…" he tried to reason with both himself and Annabelle as he bit the skin of her neck lightly. Annabelle moaned and took a few steps into her apartment dragging Red Arrow in with her and closed the door with her foot.

"You can shower with me, the water should be almost ready, and if you're good I'll let you sleep with me too…" She didn't realize what she was saying until it was already out there. Red Arrow looked up at her in surprise. Annabelle blushed crimson as she met the hero's gaze.

Well why not, you've already pretty much seen each other naked, You've slept in the same bed together for Christ's sake! both Annabelle's and Roy's minds screamed for the same thing. Before Annabelle lost her nerve, she led Red Arrow by the hand into the bathroom and closed the door behind them. The room was becoming clouded with steam as hot water finally ran through the drains. Red Arrow didn't want to force Annabelle into anything, but the growing bulge in his pants was hard to ignore. Annabelle tugged at his uniform while they kissed, laughing when she couldn't get it off.

"This thing is like a chastity belt." she said giving up. Red Arrow made short work of it, somewhat shy as he stood in nothing but his mask in Annabelle's bathroom. Annabelle's eyes widened as she took in Red Arrows body. He was, well, easy on the eyes…toned and muscled from years of training, his skin glistening from the steam in the air. Annabelle had to stop herself from gasping as her gaze dropped further down his body. Roy was huge, at least from the information that she had gained from her past, knowledgeable bunkmates.

She turned around and let the robe slide from her body into a forgotten piece of fabric on the floor. She kept her back to him as she opened the glass door and stepped into the shower. Turning slightly, she beckoned to him as the door closed behind her. Roy discarded his mask and followed her in. Before he could even see past the steam, Annabelle had claimed his lips and was closing the door to preserve the warmth inside. When they broke apart for air, Annabelle grabbed a bottle of body wash and a washcloth and began to wash her body.

"What?" she asked to Roy's confused gaze, "I did still need to take a shower…" Roy wrapped his arms around her body and took the soap from her.

"I want to do it." he purred in her ear causing shivers to run down her entire body. Annabelle stood with Roy behind her, feeling his hands run down the curve of her neck to her shoulders and arms. She tipped her head back slightly as he ran the soap around her stomach up to her breasts, massaging and lathering them with soap. Roy let his fingers trace the tiny scar that ran up her back. He was reminded of the night they had met, and his blood boiled thinking about the way those men had touched her. Roy vowed to never let another man touch her like that again. He purposely dragged the cloth from her feet, up her thighs, to her womanhood excruciatingly slow.

Annabelle was reacting to his touch in different ways, sometimes melting like putty under his hands, while other times stiffening to keep from crying out ecstasy. She had no idea someone could make her feel like this just with soap and a washcloth. Roy took some shampoo and began washing her hair, loving how her body would bend toward him to keep his massaging hands there. Finally, Annabelle forced her eyes open. She could have happily stayed there forever, but she wanted to make Roy feel as amazing as she did. She maneuvered her body underneath the faucet and rinsed off under the water. Turning around, she took the soap bottle and cloth from Roy and spun so that she now stood behind him.

"My turn…" she whispered suddenly excited. She worked from Roy's example, changing her pace from slow to fast in certain areas, taking her time in the most sensitive. She was sure to be gentle, going over the fresher scars and bruises carefully, her hands memorizing his body. She had almost finished with his whole body as she traced his sex lines slowly and felt his cock underneath the washcloth. Roy moaned as she slid the soapy cloth up and down his length. Annabelle was empowered by his sounds of pleasure and began to nip at his ears and neck as she pumped him harder.

"A-Annabelle…If you don't stop I'm…I'm going to-" Roy moaned as he tried to stay standing. The sensation Annabelle was creating in him was better than any drug high he'd ever had. Suddenly, the hot water that had been streaming down on the two turned icy cold. The abrupt drop in temperature caused Roy to stiffen and Annabelle to shriek in surprise. Annabelle fumbled for the faucet but ended up slipping on some stray soap and fell against the shower door.

Roy and Annabelle both tumbled out of the shower in a wet heap onto their cloths and the floor. They lay together tangled up, laughing at their own expense. Annabelle reached up and turned off the water, then turned to find herself and Roy some towels. She glanced over at him as she bent down to her cabinet. He lay on top of his uniform and the floor mat, hands behind his head causally, watching her in a way that made her blush and the warmth in her veins start to gather at her core.

"Don't…" he said as she began to cover up with her towel. Annabelle gave him a look.

"Why not? It's cold, and I'm wet…" she said using her towel to dry her hair and throwing the other one at him. He ignored it and got up off the ground, shaking his hair like a dog, coming up next to her and growling in her ear.

"Well, I can help with the cold part, but I want to see how wet I can make you." Roy lifted Annabelle easily up onto the counter top, her back against the wall length mirror, and attacked her lips, his hands removing the towel from around her body. As Annabelle deepened the kiss, Roy's hands went to her breasts, pinching the nipples until she squealed. Roy's lips replaced his right hand as he nipped and sucked on the hardening bud. His hand took its time trailing down her body to her hip, rubbing small circles on her inner thigh.

Annabelle gasped and leaned back against the cold mirror, her whole body flooded with heat, unconsciously pushing her breast further into his mouth. After a particularly hard suck, Annabelle felt something hot and sticky drip from her pussy onto her thigh by Roy's magical fingers. She had been conscious of an overwhelming heat building up inside her since she first started the shower, but this new sensation surprised her. Roy's massaging hand traveled to her opening, rubbing her folds slowly and teasing her entrance with his finger, loving how tight and wet she already was. The sound of her moaning and the way her chest rose and fell with her pants was making him almost painfully hard.

"Roy…I think- I think, I'm cumming…" she gasped, her breast suddenly cold as his mouth left her. Roy met her eye as he smirked. He spread Annabelle's legs farther apart and kneeled down in front of her. Annabelle's heart was racing inside her throat as she watched him.

"What are you going to do?" she asked nervously.

"I'm going to see how wet I can make you." Roy said lowering his head to her and licking. Annabelle stiffened as she felt his tongue explore her. As he sucked on her clit lightly, she felt like she was going to explode. She was feeling things she never could have dreamed about. She moaned and whimpered in pleasure, her hand reaching down to tangle in Roy's hair. Roy, encouraged by her sounds, began to suck harder.

"R- Roy! Oh, God…don't, don't stop, please, oh God!" Annabelle rode the waves of her orgasm as Roy ate her out. She fell back against the bathroom mirror breathing hard as Roy came up, licking her cum of his lips. Her heart felt like it was beating so hard that it would burst out of her chest. Roy watched her in self satisfaction. Annabelle looked at his hard member and suddenly felt bad that she had not taken care of that in the shower before the water got cold.

"My turn." she panted for the second time that night. Annabelle got off the counter on somewhat shaky legs and bent down in front of Roy. She wrapped her hand around Roy's dick and began to stroke him until he had to hold himself up by grasping the counter top. Still pumping, Annabelle licked up Roy's length, sucking his tip deeply as he moaned. Roy threw his head back as he felt himself getting closer to the edge. He reached down and tangled his hand in Annabelle's short hair as her head bobbed up and down. Annabelle raked her teeth over his tip lightly and Roy lost it. Annabelle could feel her own hot, sticky cum slide down her thigh as Roy shot into her mouth. He stood for a few moments trembling as Annabelle licked his length clean. She stood and looked at their hot, sweaty, and in some places sticky bodies.

"So much for the shower…" she said, wiping a part of the mirror clear of steam. Roy grabbed her by the waist, throwing her over his shoulder easily. Annabelle squealed and struggled against him playfully until Roy slapped her ass. He grabbed his mask and put it on winking at her in the clear part of the mirror.

"What are you doing Roy?" she asked as he opened the door of the bathroom and walked towards the bed.

"I'm not Roy anymore…" he said tossing her onto the bed lightly, "I'm Red Arrow." he struck a dramatic pose, hands on his hips, looking off into space. Annabelle giggled, eyes roaming his body eagerly.

"Well, Red Arrow…as much as I'd like to thank you for all you've done for me, I'm currently involved with someone…so you see, you and I, it would never work out." Annabelle said, voice thick with sarcasm as she stretched out on the bed flirtatiously. Red Arrow advanced, kissing her deeply, biting her lip until she opened her mouth for him. Annabelle was certain her lips would be bruised in the morning.

"How involved would you say the two of you are exactly?" he asked after pulling away.

"Very…" Annabelle gasped, out of breath.

"Enough to be your boyfriend?" Red Arrow questioned, staring at her through his mask.

"Yes." Annabelle whispered before kissing him again. When they parted, Red Arrow laughed.

"I'm sure he wont mind sharing you with me." he said as Annabelle flipped their positions till she sat on top of him, kissing his neck and chest.

"No, I'm sure he wont." Annabelle muttered against his skin as she lightly bit his ear. Red Arrow slid his hands to her small ass and squeezed. Annabelle, surprised, sat up quickly with a small squeak. Red Arrow used this distraction to lean over Annabelle so that she was underneath him. He balanced his weight above her as his hand trailed down her body. His fingers spread her folds open again and Red Arrow could fell how wet she had already become. Slowly, gently, he pushed a finger into her, watching her face flush as she got used to the feeling. He began to move his finger in and out, giving her time to grow accustomed to the pace. Her eyes were closed and her breath came out in soft pants. He added another finger inside her and felt her hips buck up to gather them inside her.

"You like that…" Red Arrow growled feeling himself get harder just watching her.

"Mo- more, I need more, p-please!" Annabelle gasped in pleasure as Red Arrow added a third finger and stroked them inside her. She could feel herself tightening, the same heat boiling inside her, ready to explode.

"Not yet." Red Arrow whispered withdrawing his hand. Annabelle whimpered as she saw him positioning his hard on at her entrance. She spread her legs farther apart to accommodate him. She moaned as he entered her, throwing her head back as he slid farther than his fingers could reach. As he broke her wall, she was surprised to find that it didn't hurt as bad as she had thought, the momentary pain disappearing into pleasure as Red Arrow pushed in and out, slowly increasing the pace. Suddenly, he came all the way outside of her.

"Wha-" Annabelle began, disappointed that he had stopped, but Red Arrow cut her off with a growl.

"Turn around…" Annabelle blushed, but did as he said, excited as he came into her from behind. Her roommates were right, doggy style was so different. Their was no energy for talking, only the sounds of pleasure as they fucked. Red Arrow was hitting spots that left Annabelle shaking in ecstasy, but the position kept her from cumming to soon. He moved his hands from her ass to her breasts, massaging and pulling them, making her throw her head back as she moaned his name. Her begging only made him thrust into her faster and deeper, occasionally slowing to a stop, dragging out or pushing in torturously slow for both of them.

She moved her hips to engulf him deeper inside as she felt herself tighten and cried out as she finally came. Red Arrow was at the edge when Annabelle squeezed around him and he fell right with her, each helping the other extend their orgasms. When they had finished, they fell onto the bed panting, sweaty, exhausted.

"That was amazing…" Red Arrow said holding Annabelle close against him.

"Yeah," Annabelle agreed lying against him, "I wonder what Roy would think about this?" she said teasingly.

"I'm sure he'd be anxious to try it too." Red Arrow answered making them both laugh.

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