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Chapter Six:

For once, Caroline is the first to wake up. As the light fell into her eyes she let out a groan. She blinked groggily as she realized why the light was in her eyes and then spent a second wondering why she was on the right side of the bed when she normally slept on the left.

Of course the answer to that question shifted slightly in his sleep. Looking down at his sleeping face, Caroline found it difficult to be mad at him. In his sleep, there was no jaded gleam in his eye or cocky smirk on his lips. He looked like a regular person.

After she was turned and she'd received all of the memories he'd compelled her to forget, she struggled to see him as a man or a monster. It was difficult to think of him as a monster when he was sacrificing his life for Elena's. It was difficult to think of him as a man when she woke up terrified in the middle of the night thinking he was still beside her.

Now, after all they had been through together – the vampires, the werewolves, Katherine – she realized that at some point she had let go of the line that existed in her mind. Damon wasn't man or monster. He was both. He just… was.

When he was good, he was very good indeed. But when he was bad, he was horrid.

"It's not very nice to stare," Damon smirked, eyes still closed.

She sighed and got out of bed, ignoring his grunt at the loss of warmth. "Go home, get changed and come back," She stated, opening her closet door to ponder what to wear to school today, "I have to tell you about Tyler."

"Lockwood?" Damon asked, sitting up to lean against her headboard.

"He killed somebody," She said seriously over her shoulder, a sad look in her eyes.

This caused Damon to pause, "He triggered the curse?"

She nodded her head before returning her focus to her wardrobe, "Go home, get changed and come back," She repeated. The silence was the only indication she got that he had already done as she asked.

Now that she was alone, she returned to her earlier thoughts. She had stopped judging Damon's actions. As a vampire, she found that she had a different set of morals than she had as a human. She fed from people now. She knew how it felt to kill someone. She knew what it was like to want something all the time no matter what and to never be satisfied even when she got it.

She couldn't honestly judge Damon for feeding and drinking and not thinking anything of the humans he did it to. But at the same time, she was still mad at him for what he did to her. Hypocritical, she was aware. She was only mad at him for that because it was something he did to her, but when he did it to others, she had no problem with it.

As for their relationship, if one could really call it that, Caroline felt conflicted. She had thought that Damon had changed the way she thought, but Katherine said that compulsion didn't work that way. Normally, she wouldn't hesitate to say that Katherine was lying, but looking back on her memories, Damon had never said anything about her feelings, let alone compelled them.

So, really, all she had to do was get over her hypocrisy and she wouldn't be so mad at him all the time.

Which led back to this morning. Looking down at his sleeping face, Caroline couldn't muster up an ounce of anger. It was like she had held onto all this anger for months, maybe even for the entire year since he broke up with her, and last night it had all just gone away.

Somewhere between the anger and the frustration, the sex and the biting, she had let go of the feelings of anger she held for him. Now there was no fury, no hate but there were also no feelings of fuzziness either. She just felt… rather indifferent. Like there was an empty hole where all her feelings toward him were and she was left to fill it back up with new emotions.

She wondered if this is what it felt like to flip the vampire switch.

She was certain she hadn't done that since she still had feelings for everybody else. It was just him. Like so much had happened between them that she didn't know what to think or how to feel anymore, so she just gave up, scrapped everything and decided to start again.

A twinge of annoyance made its way into her belly.

That was another thing. She kept feeling emotions that she knew for a fact were not hers.

Reaching out, she shut off the water and wrapped a towel around her body. Opening her bathroom door, she was unsurprised to find Damon leaned against her bedroom doorway waiting impatiently. She could see the annoyance all over his face. It wasn't like she didn't already know that the extra emotions she had been feeling were his, but at the same time the obvious confirmation made something in her stomach clench. Being connected to Damon was not something she was interested in.

"Tyler?" He prompts, impatient with her staring at him silently.

Heading to her closet, she dropped her towel and began changing, "I had just left Katherine upstairs with you," She said slipping on a pair of jeans, "When I heard the sounds of a fight. I recognized," Her words got muffled as she slipped on a white tunic shirt and a green sweater, "Matt and Tyler's voices so I went to go investigate." Finished with her clothes, she turned her attention to the mirror to do her make up, "I walk in on Matt and Tyler going at it. I tried to separate them but Matt just wouldn't let it go, which is not like him at all," She finished applying some mascara and a light dusting of a soft cream colored eyeshadow, "I knocked Matt out, but while Tyler and I were distracted, Sara came up behind Tyler with a letter opener or something," She paused as she applied a coat of lipgloss. It suddenly occurs to her that this situation is very domestic. When did she start feeling comfortable enough to change clothes and put on makeup in front of him? It was all so… couple-like, "So Sara attacks Tyler and he pushed her away and she tripped and she fell and she hit her head."

"Does Matt remember anything?" Damon asked curiously.

"He thinks he blacked out," She put her makeup back in her little bag and turned to face the bed where she had put her purse, intent on ignoring her earlier observation about their domesticity, "But I think? I think they were both compelled by Katherine. That's why I covered for Tyler and said it was an accident."

Damon's eyes squinted in thought at her words. They made a lot of sense and Katherine had said something about having more than one werewolf, "Yeah, I don't understand that. Guy's a tool."

"Well, gee, duh," Caroline sneered reaching to pull her boots on, "Tyler getting blamed for Sara's death just opens up questions that he can't answer. And do you really think it's a good idea for him to tell his mom he's a werewolf?"

Damon fought to keep a pleased smile from reaching his lips. Caroline had really grown up. She was no longer a useless little human girl, but had instead become a handy vampire asset to the team, "Well, no."

"And that werewolf road leads straight to vampire boulevard. I thought I was thinking fast on my feet," She smiled a little proudly before wrapping a scarf around her neck.

A sound distracted Damon from the topic at hand. Wondering if it was Liz, he asked, "Where's your mom?"

"Leading the search party for Amy Bradley. They haven't found her body yet," She responded giving herself one last check in the mirror.

"Oh, teens today and their underage drinking. Tragic," Damon spoke dramatically. Caroline rolled her eyes in response when Damon suddenly got back on topic, "Wait, did you see Tyler's eyes turn yellow?"

Caroline headed toward her hand lotion sitting on her fireplace mantle, "More gold with amber highlights." Damon let out a groan in response. Definitely a werewolf then. "Can he turn into a wolf now?"

"Only on a full moon. But now he has increased strength and who knows what else," He replied bitterly, "I wonder how much Mason told him. Does he know about us?" Damon looked over to see her ignoring him in favor of her phone, "Hey! What'd you tell him?"

Caroline's head popped up, looking up from the humorous text Bonnie sent her about Jeremy being old enough to drive, "Nothing really. I don't think he knows much of anything. He seemed really freaked out and honestly? I felt kinda bad for him," She said as she gathered her school things and walked past Damon toward her front door.

"He's gotta know something."

She turned her head to respond, "Alright. I'll ask him."

Suddenly, Damon was in front of her, his face set seriously as he gripped her shirt, "No you won't, Caroline. He cannot know about us. A bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire so don't be his friend. Do you understand me?"

"I understand," She replied shakily. So far, it didn't seem like any of her emotions had changed from the first go-round. She looked to the side, slightly disappointed. She had hoped that since she didn't know what to feel for him anymore, they'd have a fresh start, but she could feel the fear he still invoked in her, "I'm late for school."

It was at this reminder that Damon let go of her. Lately, she had been so mature and so... not-Caroline like that he forgot that she was still just a seventeen year old girl, "Right. If you want to drop the hint to your mom that Amy's body is at the bottom of a ravine with a cracked spine, might save your mom some time," he opened the door for her, gesturing for her to go first.

She hesitated for a moment. Damon was always changing his mind and his emotions. He had just gone from angry vampire to courteous gentleman in seconds. Just like that, she added sweet to the list of emotions tied to Damon. It really didn't seem like Damon made her feel anything different from before at all.

Caroline fled from Tyler swiftly knowing how pissed off Damon would be if he knew that she had even seen him. Not that it could be helped. Mystic Falls was a small town, the school even smaller.

Stopping at her locker, she let out a sigh as she began exchanging her books for her next class. Looking up, her gaze awkwardly met Matt's. She gave a small smile and an awkward wave. He gave a small nod of acknowledgement back. Her eyes widened when she saw Tyler come up behind Matt and clap him on the shoulder in greeting. Tyler too looked over at her. She felt stuck. If she looked away, he'd know she was avoiding him. If she kept looking, Damon would be pissed. Well, it wasn't as though Damon was around anyway.

"Caroline," Damon sing-songed from behind her causing her to jump. He turned to see what she had been staring at and his smile turned into a frown, "I thought I told you to stay away from the Lockwood kid."

"I am," She replied, waving an arm to indicate that they were distant.

"Then why were you making eyes at him?" Damon smirked.

Caroline rolled her eyes, leaning against her lockers, "I wasn't. I was waving at Matt when Tyler showed up."

"Ah, the human. I thought you broke up with him." They both didn't need to be reminded of what else happened that night; the restart of their… 'relationship'.

"I did. But he's still my friend. It's a small town, Damon," She replied defensively, "What are you doing here anyway?"

Like a switch, Damon's expression became serious, "I don't suppose you've heard from Elena since the party last night."

Caroline's eyebrow rose, "I was a little preoccupied last night," She replied meaningfully. Damon gave a smirk but the expression quickly disappeared. "Why? What's wrong?"

"She didn't go home last night and now no one can find her. Katherine said she was in danger, but… whatever," He shook his head, refusing to dwell.

"Elena's in danger?" Caroline gave a self-deprecating laugh, "It must be a day that ends in 'y'" She smiled as Damon let out a chuckle at her words as well, "What can I do?" She asked seriously.

He just shook his head, "Stefan wants to talk to Katherine."

Caroline tensed at the mention of the woman who murdered her, "In the tomb?" Damon nodded. "What are you going to do?"

He let out a sigh, "Go with him," he gave a shrug at her understanding smile, fidgeting a little, "It's Elena," He muttered.

Caroline felt her jaw tense slightly. Of course. Because it was always about Elena. "You should go then. I saw him go into Alaric's classroom with Bonnie a few minutes ago. Maybe Bonnie has come up with something."

"Thanks," He nodded, heading down the hall on her direction.

As Damon left the boarding house, he pondered on what he was about to do. He gripped the necklace tight in his fist and made his way toward Elena's. He had to do this. Once; just once. That was all he needed. He needed to say it to her once.

To be honest, he probably never would have even thought about it if it hadn't been for Caroline. What she did for her mother… telling her the truth only to take it away… Caroline needed to say it, but she also knew that her mother didn't deserve to carry that burden. She sacrificed her own happiness for her mother because Caroline loved her enough to do that for her. Because she knew that Liz would be happier not knowing.

But just the same. Caroline had needed to say it and she had needed Liz to hear it.

And now, Damon needed to say it and he would make Elena listen. Even if she would never remember it.