A little texting fic that I wrote a while back and just found flailing around in my documents while I'm trying to get through my writers block. So yahh. Noah's bold, Kurt's normal. -Insert Disclaimer-

im bored.

I'm Kurt.

not funny, cum 2 my hse.

Not if you're going to text me like that.

I'm sorry. Will u cum over?

Oh, I see what you're getting at.



Ur such a sex shark Kurt, bad boy.

*sigh* v.v

I'm sorry bb. Plz cum over!

Sorry, teaching Finnegin the new moves for Glee.

I'll cum over!

No, Noah.

Y not?

Because I'm your dirty little secret, remember?


Goodnight Noah.




What are you doing?

Coming 2 sit next 2 my bf.

But nobody knows we're dating.

They will now.



Oh my gawenr wajekrn ewjanr

U look adorable all red.

I can't believe you kissed me in front of the entire Glee club.

U liked it.

LOL! Did u see ur last text 2 me?


Fwd: Oh my gawenr wajekrn ewjanr


Can I cum sit w/ u?

Of course.

Wait….what are you planning?



Noah I changed my mind! Turn arrfglnawe rwejn kje g

U did it again.

Did what?

Fwd: Noah I changed my mind! Turn arrfglnawe rwejn kje g

I hate you.

No U don't.

Yes I do.



Baby cum back! U can blame it all on me! I was wrong! And I just cant live w/o U!

You're insane.

And U replied.

Yeah, now get over here before I change my mind.

On my way princess.

I hate you again.

I love you.


Come on Kurt!

This isn't funny! Im sortearkmnesjt njker rejtn eawwwle ewtwe

Yeah, I love you too. ;)