So I found myself neglecting the two stories I should be working on so instead I wrote more texting. Then I must go work on O.K. 2. There will probably be random chapters added to this later on. Thanks for reading and reviewing! -Insert Disclaimer-


Hello, Noah. (:

Ovr there.


Plz forgive meh if im cuming on 2 strong.

Are you sending me Britney Spears lyrics?

If I said I want ur body now…

Noah, for the love of Gucci!

Wd U hold it against me?

You're absolutely insane.

When u call my name…

Oh my God.

Its like a little prayer.

You would.

I'm dwn on my nees.

You want to take me there?

U stole the punchline babe!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Cum pray wit me?

You know I'm an Atheist.

And I'm a leo.


Oh srry, though we were tlking bout stuff that nobody cares a bout.



I'm on my way.

I hate your guts.

Wut did I do now?




Did I frgt our aniversry?

That was last week. Remember?

Oh yah. Theres still chocolate on my sheetz.

Does this mean ur tlking 2 me?




Luv muffin?


Sweet bottom?


Sweet bottom?

From that movie we watched on our 1st date.

The 1 about tht girl who turns 30.


Kurt….come on…it's been half an hour….

I'm really srry for whatever I did.

Plz forg rjlgjkrsegkjr bsbgkjhbghse

I love love love you.

You shud get mad at me more often.


Best make up sex evar.

What did I doo anywayz?


To make u cum jump me?

You remembered the movie we watched on our first date.

Wut did I doo to make u mad?

You forgot to drive me home after your football practice.

I don't have the Nav.

Shit babe! Im so srry! I forgot that was yesterday!

It's okay.

I love you!

I love you too. Just don't forget again.

I wont, promise! :D

I can't believe you forgot again.

I'm sorry!

I'm not talking to you anymore.


Babe plz!

Im srry!

I love u so much!


Please tlk to me!


Ill tlk to u 2 morow babe….i love u.

Even if u Rnt tlking to me.

So I take it u liked the song?

That was the most wonderful rendition of U2 I've ever heard.

Wit or wit out u baby!


I promise ill nvr forget bout u again.

We'll see about that one.

Love u!

I love you too.

And Noah?

Yah babe?

Thanks for not forgetting about me yesterday. (:

I culd nvr frgt about u. (: