I found this song called "Who Am I To Say" by Hope and it be teh ubber angst. So I had to write something angsty and, well, I've had this in my thoughts for a while...Yeah, I love to hurt Izaya.:)

WARNING: Suicide, drowning, character death, and light Shizya/Izuo

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Durarara or any of it's Characters

He stared at the brunette, eyes wide. He heard screams, yet he was in to much of a frantic daze to distinguish that they were his own. He pounded on the reinforced glass in hopes of it breaking and releasing the man trapped inside, but not so much as a crack appeared. In all the times he needed the monstrous strength that nearly ruined his life, it was now. Yet it seems that all his efforts were in vain, that it was futile.

He was drowning and the crimson eyed man knew it, yet he continued to smile down at the overwrought blond. Air bubbles rose to the surface as time slowly ran out. Soon he would be nothing more than a lifeless doll with dead dull eyes. He was passively drowning, suffocating on water; there were no flailing limbs nor terrified expressions, he wanted this. Black spots started to swarm over his vision and his lungs screamed for air, it was painfull, but he wanted to suffer. He wanted to physically feel what he has been bottling up all this time. His strength was leaving him, he knew this, so he decided he should spill out his soul before it really was to late. Turning he looked at the distraught man on the other side of his prison and his soon to be freedom, he smiled while the other screamed. He voiced his final though as the last bits of air rose to the surface and his eyes shut for their final time, smiling sadly all the while.

There was finally a crack, just one more punch to break through, but it was to late. The water was still, nothing more than a few salty droplets escaped.

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