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Teaching Sunlight, Training Moonlight

Teacher and Trainee

Every day when the first glimpse of light on the eastern horizon beams through the trees, his Night Fury wakes him with nudges or licks and the occasional dragging him out of bed by his right ankle. Most people wake when the sun doesn't give them a choice to reside in their peaceful slumber and he needs the cover at night. He and his Night Fury go for a walk. Sometimes the walk turns into a light jog, depending on the condition of his leg. They travel to what has become known as Fury Canyon by all the Vikings. Only certain people have permission to enter the canyon, and those people are determined by the Night Fury himself.

For nearly the hour it takes the sun to rise on the village, he puts himself through a series of "torture sessions". It wasn't so much as torture anymore, but it was in the beginning. First of all, when they arrive in the canyon, his Night Fury makes himself a patch of warm grass to lie in off to the side on the small hill. Although he often dozes, his green iridescent eyes never leave his human. He still feels uncomfortable that he is the only one who knows about this. The teenager removes his clothing other than a pair of tight shorts.

Before his sessions, he always stretches out his body. He made the mistake of not stretching before only once and felt like he tore half the ligaments and nerves in his body. He pulled his arm over his back and stretched downward. He stood and pulled his leg upward, behind his back. In the beginning, he was brought to tears by doing this to his left leg since he had to pull on his foot. He leans down and his fingertips touch the ground. One ankle his placed over the other and he leans down again then switches. One arm is pulled across his body followed by the other. His legs are slowly spread apart until he is on the ground in a full split, and if anyone knew he could do that he would be considered a god. After all, it was a miracle if a Viking was able to see his or her toes sticking out beyond the belly. His torso remained in line with his legs as he leaned from once side then to the other, stretching his side. One day he wanted to be able to touch both sides of his torso to their respective leg. Both legs were presented before him and his fingertips went over his feet when he stretched both legs. Separately, he could almost reach his whole palm over his feet. Each leg was crossed over the other and he stretched his side, pushing off of his knee.

He then puts himself through fifty crunches, straight up and down, raising his torso to his knees. He keeps his feet firmly against the ground by placing his them into foot holes he carved into two boulders. After the straight crunches are done, he switches it up, tilting his torso to the left side of his torso to the right and bringing his right knee to his chest. Another set of fifty is complete. He follows with twisting the right side of his torso to the left and bringing his left knee toward his chest.

Only a small moment to breathe and drink water before he's on the ground completing his set of fifty pushups, two arms then one arm. Continuing with his upper body strength, he wanders, with his water and taking drinks along the way, to a series of rocks. Each of these rocks has holes board through them and wood is place inside them. Leather straps keep the wood covered so he does not cut his hands. The rocks vary in size, the smallest fitting in the palm of his hand and the largest the size of his head. For now, he stuck with the rocks that fit balled nearly perfectly in his hands, about the middle range of size he had.

These rock dumbbells are lifted to his chest, beginning with the right arm and then the left. After, they are raised above his head at the same time. Following that, he takes two rocks of about the same size, and set them on his shoulders. He then squats low and stands back up. This too also brought him to tears the first few weeks.

Exhausted by this time, he rest for a few minutes while drinking his water and eating handfuls of nuts and berries he gathers during hunts. Once he has his breath again, he dives into the lake and begins swimming laps from one end to the other. He knew he had to work his lungs somehow and running was completely out of the question of matter. Running wasn't even added to his lists of exercises. He couldn't run. Ever. Swimming was the most comfortable means of building his lung strength and body strength.

By this point, his Night Fury informs him that the sun is beginning to come up. He walks back and dries in the approaching winter air. When he reaches his village, he is clothed, dry, and only a few people are awake. He walks inside. Usually he's always inside before his father groggily walks down the stairs from his room in the loft and he's sitting by the fire preparing breakfast, completely unaware what his son did for the past hour. No one knew what he was doing yet, but everyone was seeing the results, especially his girlfriend and his father smiled when he saw him. His father was always looking at him with this proud expression on his face and not disappointment.

The reason no one knew where he was suddenly building muscle was because he was a dragon master. They simply assumed it was from practicing and planning education days with his own dragon. Every day but Saturn's Day, he taught. Dragon Training was a far cry different from what it was while he went through it. He now taught students of all ages and dragons of all kinds. There were also no reasons to suspect anything, because he still spent some of his hours in the smithy pounding hard on metal and forging.

He was both teacher and trainee.

By sunlight he taught and by moonlight he trained. Literally. This entire "torture session" was repeated after his father went to sleep and he and his Night Fury once again went back to Fury Canyon. He usually collapsed in bed at night and rested hard before his Night Fury woke him at the glimpse of sunlight.

It wasn't always like this though. He had to start somewhere. He's been at this for over two months and three months ago his life changed forevermore…

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well then, i shouldnt have (cuz i have too many of these stories online but this is my only How to Train Your Dragon story) but i did. i saw this movie a week ago for the first time (fell in love) and this idea hit me almost immediately after. well, and another story idea. i figured i should do this one first since the other one is going to be a lot longer. unfortunately, we borrowed the movie so i no longer have it, but all that's about to change. i couldnt resist mate!

i know this is a short little chapter (and i inteded it to be written like this) and eludes to much more to come and there will be much more to come in not too long of an amount of time really. tomorrow maybe but no promises!

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