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Hiroto now realized that he had fallen in love with Kirari. But he knows that she liked his best friend Seiji. As he was about to lose hope of confessing his feelings for her, he used the SHIPS' concert to somehow make Kirari realize his feelings for her. But will it turn out the way he wanted to? Or will it go the other way around?


By: Carina Lua

Chapter One: Confusion and Frustration

Hiroto sighed heavily as he watched the raindrops falling from the sky. It's not like it's really his habit to sigh heavily like that, especially on such a gloomy day. But he really couldn't help it. He's not feeling so good right now and yet he's not really sick.

He's actually feeling a little… confused. Confused about his feelings for a certain someone. Someone who had made his life took a turn that's different from what he expected… though it turned in a way that he now wanted to accept.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have any guts to let that person know what he feels. It's because he already knew from the start that he'll never win against him.

And it's what making him feel down a bit.

He sighed heavily again. Why exactly does he have to feel this way? What exactly does that girl did to him to make him fall in love with her?

Yes… a girl. It's a girl who's making his mind confused right now. And it never happened to him before to fill his thoughts with his moments with that girl.

Kirari Tsukishima… That's the name of the girl that's filling his mind with thoughts of her. The same girl whom he found cute since the day they've met. The girl who made his world even funnier and full of life than it ever had before.

He wanted to make her his. He really wanted to. But for some reasons, he couldn't. he doesn't know how and he doesn't have any courage to do so. That's why he's contented to watch her and let her like Seiji even more.

Even though he would end up as a loser in the end.

He's watching the rain while sitting in front of the window inside Muranishi Company. He's been doing rehearsals with Seiji for their concert that will be happening two weeks from now.

And right now, he's in the middle of a break after the practice. But he's feeling a little weird, though.

Because of that, Seiji glanced at him worriedly.

"Hiro-kun, is there something that troubles you? You're just looking outside during the whole break," Seiji said.

That startled him. So he shook his head and looked at his friend. "I'm okay, really. It's just that… I'm wondering."

Seiji frowned. "Wondering about what?"

It took him a while to come up with a decision whether he'll tell to Seiji about what bothers him or not. But then he realized that this was his problem and he has to deal with this alone. These concerned all about his own feelings, after all.

"Nothing. Just forget it," he answered. Then he stood up from the chair and approached Seiji. "By the way, have you thought about what you're going to sing for the concert?"

Seiji nodded and smiled. "Yes, I did. The truth is, I'm already practicing it. How about you?"

He fell silent. After a moment or two of spacing out, he shook his head. "I haven't thought about it yet." And then he faintly smiled.

His friend only stared at him, though. Seiji's pretty convinced that there's something that's bothering Hiroto and for some reason, he wouldn't tell him. It seemed that he wanted to deal with it alone.

Whatever that was.

And then from out of nowhere, both of them heard someone calling their names. The voice was so familiar so they already knew who that was.

"Hiroto-kun! Seiji-kun!"

The boys turned and there they saw Kirari, along with Director Muranishi and Naa-san, Kirari's pet cat.

"Kirari-chan," Seiji smiled as he called out the girl's name. "You're done with your rehearsal?" The girl happily nodded.

"How about your practices? Are you in the middle of a break?" Kirari innocently asked. Seiji nodded and then looked at Hiroto.

But it appeared that Hiroto seemed to be in the middle of a trance while staring outside again, making both Seiji and Kirari worried about him.

Kirari approached Hiroto and tapped his left cheek. "Hey, Hiroto-kun, are you alright? You're not sick, are you?"

He glanced at the person tapping his cheek, only to get astounded when he saw Kirari's face close to his, looking at him worriedly. That made him blush.

He shook his head rashly. Somehow, that might get rid of the rednes of his face just because he unexpectedly saw Kirari close to him.

This action only made the others worry about him. More importantly, Seiji.

"Are you sure you're alright, Hiroto-kun?" He nodded.

Unable to control his rapidly beating heart, he decided to leave the office to breath some fresh air. Honestly, he's unable to stop his heart from beating fast whenever Kirari's near him. And this has happened when he realized that he's really in love with her.

"Will Hiroto-kun be alright?" He heard the question asked by Kirari. He doesn't realized that he smiled knowing that she's concerned about him, even though not always.

He doesn't know why but whenever Kirari thought about his welfare, that gave him strength in some way.

But the thought of her liking Seiji slowly drove that strength away from him. He knew that fact from the start and he should have accepted that already. Kirari will never like him because he always saw him as bad-mouthed and mean.

Even though in some way, it's true since he doubted her ability to become an idol before.

And then he saw her doing her best in everything.

That alone made him fall in love with her. And everytime he's with her, looking at her, helping her, he could somehow feel that he had gone into heaven for he realized that loving her had really made him into a person he never thought he was.

He sighed at that thought. Kirari changed him and his heart as time goes by.

But it still hurt him knowing that he will never have Kirari because of the fact that Seiji was the one that she liked.

It's a good thing that the rain had stopped when he went at the rooftop to breath some air. He found a spot to sit on and then took out his MP3 player from his pocket.

For two weeks now, he had been listening to several songs that he chose so he could decide what to sing in solo at the SHIPS's concert. He and Seiji came up with an idea that they should sing some English songs since Tina Garland will be their guest performer, along with Kirari.

But until now, he hadn't come up with a song that he should sing solo. For every song that he heard from his MP3 player only reminded him of one and only person…

Kirari, the girl he fell in love with.

He sighed at this. And then asked himself a question.

Will I be able to find a song that I should sing at the concert?

Feeling completely helpless at the moment she closed his eyes as he felt the soft blow of the wind brushed his face while listening to the songs on his MP3 player.

Maybe that way, he'll get calmer than he was earlier.

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