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Mi-thei'de was lost without his mask, but Auh'le was his and Rah'aun-cte took care of what was his – whether that be ooman or the like. His clan mei'hswei – known for the bounty of scars over his hide – was slower than the rest…but lucky. He took too long burying his tusks between Auh'le's legs; two seconds too long he took inhaling her n'dui'se; savoring it just for the sheer sake of it, oblivious to the presence of anyone else but the delicious ooman female…just as Rah'aun-cte had done the moment he'd gotten wind of her.

In spite of the rage that swelled (an anger only comparable to a territorial male) he did not hold his mei'hswei responsible – her n'dui'se was strong…and he was blameless…but that didn't stop Rah'aun-cte from slamming his armored shin straight into Mi'thei-de's crown once he rounded on the distracted Yautja; smacking him flat on his back, propelling him from Auh'le's sex with a roar. His mei'hswei grunted, blinking as if the blow had temporarily blinded him.

Auh'le's blood painted the tips of his tusks…beckoning up another wave of rage as Rah'aun-cte stalked around his clan mei'hswei, trilling his warning. There was little else to do aside from watch him as Auh'le bound to her feet; ki'cti-pa at the ready and a curse falling from her mouth, despite the sweat and heat painting her face in some sort of ooman humiliation.

Mi-thei'de's tusks stretched, as if in utter astonishment and of course…pain. Rah'aun-cte had not held back – he'd dealt him a blow he'd deal to a bad-blood. He wouldn't stand for a male such a Mi-thei'de to mate her…or anyone else…but especially not one as prone to abandonment as he was well known for. If given the chance his mei'hswei would surly kill his ooman female; probably with little shame as well.

As Mi-thei'de's head tilted against the ground – coming around for the startling blow to his crest – Rah'aun-cte lowered a foot over his neck, placing half his weight under the softer bend under his chin. A gurgling growl ran up under the tough sole of his foot as Mi-thei'de struggled with the sudden refusal of ready flesh.

Rah'aun-cte was stronger than him, but Mi-thei'de's bearer had status above Rah'aun-cte's, and that let him aboard the hunt; the hunt that seemed to land them both in captivity. Here though; here the rules had changed. Their status now simplified as the strongest who lead, and that was surly Rah'aun-cte.

As Rah'aun-cte's foot pressed deeper into his mei'hswei-de throat – he remained alert to more of his clan. Who knew how many the oomans managed to capture, especially if they had the resources to contain the two of them.

"Mi-thei'de…the ooman's n'dui'se is hoax. She does not wish to mate you…", he growled out the words, seeing the dilemma of two males and one mask already and only seeing one outcome. The heated glaze in Mi-thei'de's eyes told Rah'aun-cte that no amount of pep-talk would keep him from locking into the unwilling Auh'le if given the chance…not without his mask that is; not without a barrier against her scent. To a blooded Yautja, saying no to such a sweet smell was preposterous; a sign of sterility.

Still with his foot on his mei'hswei-de neck – he crouched down to him, watching his signatures through his mask for one final time before unplugging one…then both nozzles at the side of his mask reluctanly; discharging clean warm air for that which was heavy and cold… and sweet. Immediately Auh'le's n'dui'se filled his mouth, causing his saliva glands to over produce, but Rah'aun-cte had to be disciplined and honorable before Mi-thei'de…or Auh'le may end up mating both of them; an act that would kill her surly and dishonor the both of them if ever they returned to the clan.

Past the clouding n'dui'se – Mi-thei'de seemed to understand what was happening; tucking his enflamed mandibles against his inner mouth just before Rah'aun-cte lowered his marked-mask over his mei'hswei-de face, locking it in; hearing the pressurized lock start filtering out the tainted air.

While Mi-thei'de was left panting on the floor, sucking in mouthfuls of clean filtered air – Rah'aun-cte was left to rise; mating n'dui'se soaking into the porous tissue along the inner skin of his mandibles like a bottle of c'nlip.

His sex swelled, ready to conceive sucklings immediately with a willing female…but decades more of discipline helped him keep his ground where Mi-thei'de could not – but knowing how pleasurable mating with the ooman was did not help him keep his position.

Auh'le had scrambled up on top the desk she'd been hiding behind before; hands wrapped tightly around her ki'cti-pa, aiming directly at the both of them, warning the both of them with words that held both nervousness and a meager promise of harm. She knew what no mask meant, and what might happen if Rah'aun-cte decided to mate her before his mei'hswei …but when Rah'aun-cte turned to her – tusks tucked tightly – he saw more confused interest than he did fear. Swiftly her gaze turned to Mi-thei'de; stirring on the floor and pawing at the mask, as if trying to quicken the process of filtering out the taste of her.

"Stand down Auh'le…Mi-thei'de is no longer a threat," with tusks scraping tightly together Rah'aun-cte turned to see Mi-thei'de rising to a crouched form – his n'dui'se was vanishing…or maybe his was just overpowered by Auh'le's, "…you are no threat Mi-thei'de…are you now?" He trilled warningly, almost daring for the younger mei'hswei to prove him wrong.

There was a long pause where Mi-thei'de seemed to ignore him for Auh'le's ready stand on the counter, but eventually he did tilt his head to the side; agreeing and rising to his full height, just half a nok shorter than Rah'aun-cte.

There was no brief moment of silence between the two of them. Immediately Mi-thei'de was at his side, trilling in question as to the situation. The younger mei'hswei must have been deeper into the hunt than Rah'aun-cte had been – the smaller Yautja was still talking in the code of the hunt; a combination of scents and low decibel trills and clicks.

"Oomans…they evolved better since the last time the Elder was here. Nothing is as he describe.", Rah'aun-cte spoke; tusks still tight and eyes starting to gloss – in turn his speech was clipped – the n'dui'se was making everything slow.

"Fuck these oomans. No manner of infantile technology will hold me. Even their strong glass would have broken over time. Pathetic oomans!" Mi-thei'de's body turned, body fully taut and near aggressive towards the defensive Auh'le – ready to roar a dominant position over her.

Rah'aun-cte smacked him against the side of his head; shoving him off a few steps with a small growl. Me-thei'de steadied quickly; head hung low and body regaining it's stiffness after a second or so. His mei'hswei was not the most careful of mind, or open, but most of all he was ungrateful…and this was what made Rah'aun-cte's crest flare red in anger.

"Be silent Mi-thei'de! You owe your freedom to the both of us – the ooman female…even more.", suddenly he felt ill; head pounding and body cramping. The need to mate was overwhelmingly strong…

"Did you see traces of others?", he asked as his bare eyes found the relaxing form of Auh'le stepping down from the desk – her scent kicking up as she did so, muttering her form of ooman curses at the both of them. It would be easy – he thought – to simply flip her over, hike her up and shove himself inside her womb until he was sated.

"When the hatch opened I followed the oomans n'dui'se, thinking they had imprisoned our females. I did not bother with looking around…though I did cave in a herd of ooman soldiers on my way." Loudly – Mi'thei'de struck his chest, as his hunt call uttered under the mask. "The kill fueled me…I still think taking the Lou-dte Kale together until she bleeds is good idea. You can go first."

There was that moment of silence. His mei'hswei did not know she could understand them, amusing, since Mi-thei'de scent seemed confused when Auh'le boldly shoved her ki'cti-pa towards his unarmored gut, growling deeply in her throat. Just the sight of her displaying such a bold act of defiance against one so much larger than her was enough to make his own mating n'dui'se leak over his shoulders.

"She has a translator, Mi-thie'de. I would watch your talk…", he warned, watching the strong position of Auh'le's body under the ripped and frayed coat.

Mi-thie'de seemed to check her vitals over with Rah'aun-cte's settings; skimming over the readings and suddenly…he laughed. The sharp, screeching and jostled noise called out to any oomans in the vicinity unintentionally, but it also showed that suddenly the smaller Yautja knew why Auh'le's proud attitude seemed odd for the average prey ooman.

"Adrenaline? Really mei'hswei? You always were so bold when fixing your mistakes.", a pause and another curdled laugh, "Tell me…was she so succulent around your cock that you horde her from me like this?"

His mei'hswei was testing his resilience. With the constant need to mate and the jostling – Rah'aun-cte found his words holding more malice than he'd meant, "I said be silent. How do you think I escaped, mei'hswei? The urge to mate is powerful…even enough to shatter a nok of glass.", Rah'aun-cte spat out his title like a piece of cartilage, clearly unamused by the offer Mi-thei'de presented. Mating her now was a tempting idea, but he refused to allow being so sated by her body that he would allow his mei'hswei to do the same.

"You managed to break that glass.", it was uttered as a statement (barely believed).

Rah'aun-cte ignored his mei'hswei – he needed to seek out Mi-thei'de's mask…and perhaps Auh'le would know where best to look. When he turned to her, she was sneering with closed lips to the other male, staring outright into the eye ports as if she could sear him with her gaze alone; cut through the layers of d'lex and carve his mandibles off.

"Auh'le…", at the call of her name and the lingering trill of his tone – she turned sharply to him, eyeing only momentarily before shifting her smaller feet towards him. Her growing proximity was only increasing his urge to violently mate her. With one last step he struck her back from him with a open palm; hissing as her heat began to tickle his side. "Back!", he barked; eyes thrilled and shamed as his still outstretched clawed fingers curled with want.

"Where are the other cages?"

Her eyes flickered from him to Mi-thei'de (who was slowly growing closer to her, more than likely studying her through the read-outs in the mask), before she swallowed a thickness down that fragile slope of neck, "I didn't know for sure there were more of you…There could be sub'levels…but I wouldn't know where they were and the level of security…", her head turned and dropped; eyes searching around aimlessly, "…even if we found it we wouldn't have the passcodes…or proper retina patterns."

He could find, severe, and bring the needed eyes and fingers with them if that were the case, but the plan seemed riddled with holes – it was illogical, and finding the ship seemed more promising. Though every problem solved still left him with a painful erection and a clogged mind. Offering to mate once more seemed easier than riding the need out and the chance of her being more willing than the last time seemed greater now, but suddenly the idea of courting vanished as he watched Mi-thei'de bring an unhindered hand to the back of Auh'le's head; playing with the dirty but thin strands of her hair with his mask lowering as if to sniff past the filters.

For another time Rah'aun-cte found his bodily urges masking his species enhanced thought process. He had staked his claim on Auh'le, verbally in front of Mi-thei'de…and yet his 'mei'hswei' still touched her; forcing his hand.

Bubbling with raw sexual need and the urge to show his dominance – Rah'aun-cte grasped a stunned Auh'le with one bone crushing fist, throwing her to the ground on her belly from the grabbing Mi-thei'de as she readied a scream in her throat from his harsh treatment. With saliva slipping off his tusks he howled deeply in the younger Yautja's masked-face, enjoying the sight of him withdrawing enough to show his submission.

Instantly he was ripping around, and pouncing upon her; encompassing her pinned body and fumblingly heaving her hips into the air, shoving her bloodied and n'dui'se soaked coat over her rear before – in plain view of a still (yet enthralled) Mi-thei'de – pushed the cloth over his sex aside and locked himself within the bloody and slick flesh of 'his' female.

He'd taken her so quickly that her belated words meant little now that he was already thrusting himself against her tight walls. Questions of 'what he was doing' and 'why' were lost on him as his claws sunk into the pliable skin of her hips, grinding her against him ruthlessly as he rutted her into the floor.

With a warning growl, he smacked the small hand grasping around her ki'cti-pa – the hand arched open, dropping the weapon as she hissed in turn with his increased thrusts. Weapons bared the last time had spurred him on, but while rutting before Mi-thei'de he was to be dominate…and her show of it (no matter how arousing) was unwanted. Auh'le needed to submit to him.

Her body – just as he'd remembered – was hot and tight, like an unimaginably delicate vice of sucking comfort. Inside her he found a release flooding into his groin quickly. If anything, he knew that he could grant his Auh'le a quick mating. Something about her body was different; more resilient against his onslaught of frantic slaps against her rear. The heat around him grew near painful. Her body was still immensely taut, but she stretched around him as if her body was only accommodating him deep enough inside for her muscles to then clamp around his sex with each plunge.

Mi-thei'de uttered something under his own panting breaths – his n'dui'se was growing as he watched Rah'aun-cte mate furiously with the ooman female. The opposing smell was another factor in the delicacy that was Auh'le's sex.

A point was being made, but also a needed exorcise of the excess hormones flooding his body, like an infectious disease over its enervated host.

Laying flat on the floor, with her rear tilting up into a hard angle – Auh'le made those grunts with each disappearance of his sex; ones that were both results of his harsh treatment and hopefully some mild form of pleasure, solidifying that rock hard pleasure of mating that's he'd found no were else but inside an ooman.

His goal had not been to punish her as he made his point, never could he be so insolent with a female of his own species. He desired for her to feel satisfaction as well (a need engrained in him as much as the hunt and the need to sire)...but as things continued - Rah'aun-cte realized that mutual pleasure may not be the case this time. Auh'le's clammy little hips were pale and red; a stark contrast as he slapped her backside coarsely into his abdomen with each motion.

Just as Rah'aun-cte felt the tight tension welling up his body, near choking in his throat as he growled – he realized that it had been a mistake to just take her as if he were punishing Mi-thei'de with this vulgar treatment on the very female that'd freed him - it was dishonorable...

…but the release of the piled up hormones was enough for his eye sight to flicker as the shock of warmth saturated his body. His bellow of climax was so loud that he almost missed the whimper of his ooman underneath him, as her small body quivered around his girth in a possible signal of her own release and the shuddering breath of his own name from her plastered body. The sudden locking of strain around his flesh was something he'd almost forgotten about, and its contractions only made the last few movements inside her that much more bitter sweet.

As if the silence crashed down on him like that of an Elder's reprimand - Rah'aun-cte growled shamefully at himself. His thick sex came out of her with a wet noise; covered in blood and their combined fluids. The tangy aroma no longer held the same sway over him as before, but if given the choice of finding his ship or mating her again without repercussion...he'd have chosen mating without a seconds thought.

"You truly have mated the ooman before…and still breathing she is.", Mi-thei'de's baffled and strained voice was all that cut through the white noise of his own huffing breaths and the gasping ones of Auh'le as her arms tried to bend against the floor. With feigned disinterest - Rah'aun-cte lifted Auh'le's body up under her stomach, easing her to her knees where he left her to rise upon his own feet once again. His sex lay half limp/half stiff beside his thigh before he covered himself as he watched the ooman female do the same...but slowly and with a certain air of perplexity. Her eyes looked clouded and wide; mouth parted and one cheek red from being pushed into the floor so firmly. He would not apologize to her in front of another male, but he would once upon the ship. Once they were alone he'd explain himself...

"She could take us in turn...she could take me noowww...", Mi-thei'de hissed with arousal.

She did not deserve such harsh treatment...

Bauler watched as the room stopped spinning - the sides of her vision blurred and throbbing as the blood rushed to her limbs and head all at once. The sharp orgasm was so quick and dense that she still saw blotches when her eyes closed.

Rah'aun-cte seemed to stare stubbornly at the other male (the bad one); mandibles spreading and clicking in a way that made the device in her ear tickle across her temples thickly.

The rough sex had started and finished so quickly and unexpectedly that it still seemed like only five minutes ago that she was telling him how fruitless searching for another mask was. It had been foolish to think his curt words weren't masking something like this. Why she thought now he'd be able to control himself, she didn't know, but...it hadn't been entirely unpleasant. It only occurred to her half way through being fucked into the floor that he'd been staking his claim after the other one had tugged at her hair. Honestly...Bauler had barely felt the little nicks of pulled hairs at her scalp before she'd been thrown to the ground. Despite the brutality of it...something about it caused a sudden throb of satisfaction between her legs - it may have been cause of the adrenal shot...or perhaps insanity was unavoidable at this point.

Either way she took her time getting to her feet - the fluids running down her inner thighs suddenly making her feel soiled and used. A shower or bath was something improbable at this time, but it didn't keep her from hoping he had some form of that luxury aboard the ship, as she wiped the excess of semen and blood with the ends of her stolen lab coat - burning this article of clothing, eventually, would be a joy.

"Only I touch her, I mate her...you understand this."

Rah'aun-cte spoke of her as if she were his object to fill at any time - something that would have enraged her if she wasn't smart enough to understand his angle. An acrid and musky smell filled her nostrils as the two trilled in rushed tones at each other. He was keeping other (more gauche) hands off her...and even though the flesh between her legs throbbed painfully in time with her heart beat, as she bent to pick up her spear, she was grateful enough to not bring it up again, besides...the pain of his roughness was no were near as terrible as it'd been the first time.

Easily she withdrew the sharp ends of her spear with only a small jolt of recoil shaking her elbow; locking her knees with a grit of teeth as she stared at the two vastly different males.

As long as this bad one didn't put her through what Rah'aun-cte did in the beginning then she'd bare whatever else came her way with a closed-mouth. He seemed younger, more naïve and quarrelsome than Rah'aun-cte. Bauler didn't bother logging his name – the sight of him alone fueled some sort of involuntary dislike that she'd never felt in such potency for Rah'aun-cte, even when he'd tore her open…even when he'd changed her…even now that she appeared as low as his opportune fuck toy...

Only when the sniveling noises behind the bad one's mask ceased and Rah'aun-cte's chest deflated - did she lift up a shaky arm, whistling in a shudder with numb lips before pointing down the second stretch of open stairs. The rectangular sign above had at one point read 'Living Sector 2'...but a thick sheen of blood had somehow stained up along most of the print.

"Th-hiss way..." She lead, ignoring the pain between her legs and the intense gazes of both aliens at her back, waiting for their padding foot falls to echo behind her as she walked off the jelly that'd settled in her knees. Bauler ignored another pang of worry as a fleeting thought crossed her mind while her eyes glanced sharply at he bloody sign: that black leech-like creature in the jar - the one Rh'aun-cte had crushed in his fist. Why she thought of the ugly alien, she couldn't say...but...something had splattered blood ten feet into the air...somehow...

...or maybe there was more of Rah'aun-cte's kind prowling the halls, and that very notion was what made her stomach churn. Her body couldn't take much more of such robust male attention. Living a life without sex seemed less difficult now that her body felt looser than it had before these series of encounters began.

Explosive little drops of blood marked underneath the sign (patters of horizontal drips; neat and ordered) beside her bare feet as she stepped over them and down the middle flight of five open stairs to the powerless lower level of the dorms.

A few clicks and two pairs of heavy feet stomping down the stairs behind her was the only semblance of comfort as the darkness ease up her body with each step like a rising black tide. The darkness brought on a chill of cold, antarctic air.

A light bulb sitting in a crack fluorescent tube buzzed with a sporadic light a few yards away, but besides that faint light there was nothing guiding her body into the open space of the common room. Even with the recent memory of walking past this very room not twelve hours...or had it been - no - it must have been much longer that she'd left her own cramped dorm to brace her night shift. It never felt like night or day really, even with the near constant dim skies outside - she never thought time could loose track as quickly as it had now.

None of the clocks were working anymore, and even they themselves would be useless if time was so obscure that a span of even two days seemed possible. So much seemed to have happened in such quick succession that things felt new and old all at once. The permeating body heat and alien clicks murmuring just inches above her scalp were as familiar and unfamiliar as an old friend. Even Bauler's new crisp eyesight was useless while she felt along the wall into a deeper darkness.

"Rah'aun-cte...describe to me the signs."

There was silence, but those curt clacks of his bony tusks beside her neck started abruptly, just as her neck had begun to crane backwards (as if she'd be able to find him in the dark...) - a clawed hand on her shoulder guided her soon after from the wall, leading her blindly into an openness that felt light enough to float in.

"Right...", His gurgling vocals and sharp claws seemed to encompass her body - a line and a connecting arch scratched into the taut skin under her collar bone like before; hot breath flooding down the back of her scalp. Three other symbols followed soon after, along with an unsure tracing under her throat that felt so good - Bauler didn't have the mind to concentrate on its meaning.

Gently she was turned a step to the left. "Left...", another line, same arch, same three symbols after it and another similar drawing into her skin that finally had things clicking.

"Male and Female dorms...", which meant the flicking light to her far left was part of the hallway that lead to the bathrooms.

Another set of clips and trills further away reminded her that it was three of them now, and with a thin-lipped frown she removed herself from the close proximity of Rah'aun-cte - the cold creeping under the thin coat immediately with the stark removal of such an immense and alien body heat.

"Left.", she repeated his own description, standing stark still until an expected – but still sudden - palm pressed into the small of her back, guiding her in the proper direction as her arms braced at a slight angle before her...just incase he'd grown a sense of humor in the past few minutes and felt pushing her into a wall was a fun reprieve from the monotony all of a sudden.

There was an abrupt stop against the tips of her fingers; grainy textured paint marking the walls as her fingers withdrew before they were bent back by the urging pace of Rah'aun-cte behind her. Another flat hand found the start of the now familiar hallway. Flyers folded and crinkled against the leveled rush of her fingers, some un-sticking from the wall to then flutter on the floor. Secretly and a bit insanely – Bauler hoped one of those curfew flyers were part of the many that slid off the walls, but just that one reminiscence was enough to tug at her stomach; remind her of how different this point in time was compared to the one where the only thing that bugged her were the human resource posters and the thin coffee.

"There will be a vid screen…", it was possible though that he didn't know what that looked like, "…its about forty inches long, glossy, black and green…" A hot gust of moist breath sunk into the back of her head, making the strands of hair beside her neck warm, like little noodles hot from the heater.

"Take a right past it, and then right again…" Sooner than was expected her shoulder was squeezed, body twisting to the right. Sounds were so loud, just the noises of their three sets of footsteps echoed noisily in her ears, even more so than the heavy suckling breath billowing against her scalp.

The vents purred like a sleeping lion, but not heat wafted over her as they passed. Water reverberated like struck triangles in pipes around the sides of her feet, and all around her it seemed the walls were moaning with sounds of electrical wires, fat ice-rats scurrying around on polluted grey feet, and even the lone echo of what could only be a worker left behind. The sounds united were what had the sweat of fear gathering over her eyebrows and upper lip, even as the cool of the outside terrain began to seep into the compound.

Merit to this blindness induced aural keenness – it was her, Bauler, that was the first to hear that mind shattering sound; a sound that resembled a nail being drug down a chalk board…but so much worse…

As if the nails were replaced with claws and the chalkboard with something even dryer than pure slate – the sound gnawed like a cancer in the ear where her translator lay. The bass – yet high pitched – roar of a suddenly enraged Rah'aun-cte cut the sound instantly, followed by a weaker echo of the same anger just a yard or so behind her.

Heat coated her head once again from the exhale of alien breath, but that disgusting sound rang again, drawing out longer and longer until it felt as though it was inside her mind, squishing her brain against her skull from the inside out.

Sweaty fingers hindered her from releasing the ends of her spear; fear made it harder when something bony and slick slammed against her cheek, as heavy as a punch.

The darkness alone – even with genuine monsters at her side – was just as frightful as it had been as a child, but this…(with the screeching and hiss of some other vicious creature) was a level of fear that should have been unnatural. Stinging pain littered the side of her face, but whatever had struck her didn't feel so close anymore.

The dreadful roar of the bad one barked out in pain – a sound of flesh rending followed before and after…along with the splash of spilt blood (from who or what - Bauler didn't know)

Commotion, confusion, and shock were the three base emotions as Bauler was thrust by a familiar hand face first into the jutting edge of a wall; nose bouncing back from the snap of cartilage over sturdy bone in a burst of light and pain.

That ear piercing hiss – a combined sound of a victorious hawk and its dying prey – was abruptly cut off by a swift displacement of air beside her shoulder, so close that the coats material pressed against her skin.

A sudden sting – wet and festering – broke through the skin above her hip as the sound of metal was being ripped out of hard, but gummy material. Again there was that hiss, but it was weak and fading. The relief of that dying sound didn't manifest itself though. The pain consuming in past her dermal layer of skin was the only thought she wiped hard at the burn; wrists flexing shakily in such a fitful hurry.

The wetness was hot, and burning, cutting into the thin flesh of her fingers when they slipped through a viscous hole in the coat, proceeding to then slip horridly into the growing hole in her side. Bauler felt the spongy texture of her own muscles. It was at the contact of that hidden part of her body that she screamed; a clogged and abrupt noise that rivaled the hissing shriek of earlier.

Not even the familiar heavy hands on her body - ripping the already frayed coat clean off her body, swiping down her naked, bloody, oozing side - could bring her any comfort in safety when the warm wet continued to dissolve whatever it touched – namely her, and judging by the hiss of breath beside her…it was coating Rah'aun-cte as well.

Something dying echoed near her feet, rasping with the last few moments of life. It must have been huge to require both of them to take it down…and perhaps even with the terrifying pain and threat of having a hole in her body, she should be thankful she at least didn't have to see what it was that'd attacked them.

Words bubbled out her mouth, but they were nonsense, just panicked words that had little meaning in and of themselves even if she's been speaking them properly.

In fact – it was almost funny how her fingers could go a joint and a half deep inside…but the pain wasn't as bad as she'd thought…in fact…as time went by…the pain was fading; slowly but steadily disappearing…if anything it was the sweat dripping down her temples that was the biggest nuisance.

"Be still.", Rah'aun-cte's hiss re-solidified that fear that had started ebbing away with the pain. He sounded…uncalm – not worried but not calm…not calm.

The bad one must have been closer, his own clipped words seemed to touch her face, "She's done for. Let her go…"

The panic grew. Sourness dribbled along the back of her tongue, as if the fear was rubbing against the taste buds that'd lay dormant until now; until they'd attracted the certain type of fear that only came with hearing someone (alien or not) speaking so blandly about your certain death as the sound of your own flesh sizzling grew in volume.

…but whether it be by the grace of god or luck…or even just the returning gesture of survival from a uncouth humanoid – the sound disappeared, the pain ceased completely, and a slippery hot appendage swirled and filled the hole in her side…much like (disgusting in the comparison) Rah'aun-cte's tongue had filled her sex before. The pleasure was the relief – the appreciation was the care it expressed.

Pained wheezes, even as the tongue cleaned out the acid, was like a mother's soft nails against her arms when she'd been little. It must have hurt him to do such a thing, but with every stroke of his tongue it felt like a silky icicle was slipping along the burned flesh.

The bad one grunted, but that sound along with his disapproving words were lost as Bauler gave into the heaviness of her eyelids, thinking that now it was alright to just…relax…relax…

"Unworth the trouble mei'hswei…unworthy the ache…unworthy."

As if the sudden lack of fear and pain, along with the sudden warmth of affection (whether imagined because of insanity, or endorphins, or adrenaline…or none of which), Bauler sank against the flyer-filled wall, feeling only the tongue slip from her side, the papers come down with her against her sticky back as her ass found the floor. Never really did she lose consciousness…more like when a physician puts you under. She could hear…but her eyes remained closed and her mind stuffed with cotton.

"Worthy.", his guttural drawl making her lips twitch, wanting to smile.

"Dying by hard meat would make her…worthy, now she is worthless…you, mei'hswei, have made her worthless."

"You Mi-thei'de, lack honor to know the difference between a worthy death and being denied that worthy death."

Silence, then rustling, feet moving around her…something heavy being drug away.

"You, Rah'aun-cte, ooman pauk-de, are not well."

A brush on her scalp – two strands lifting from her cuticle in pointed fingers that were still unfamiliar with her framework…

Dejected, but uncaring he hissed above her, "…maybe not."

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Yautja terms

mei'hswei - brother

pauk-de – fucker, fucking

n'dui'se – mating musk

ki'cti-pa - combistick

c'nlip - alcohol

nok – unit of measurement about 13 inches

d'lex – very strong metal