The man layed her down,gently,on the bar,she never knew how much he really cared. They were going to become one.
After the long talk (and the drinking)
She was going to become his.
It was new,
it was crazy,
It was kinky,
It was freedom,
and she loved it. No more could Reno call her bland and boring. He kissed her,"I love you...So much Cissnei..."
She looked up at him her heart pounded out of her chest, "I..Love you too - "

"CISSNEI!" Her eyes snapped open, she had a raging headache. The pounding on the door was no help at all. Cissnei groaned and

got up from her bed,"Shut up Reno!" Annoyed,she opened the door and saw Reno holding up coffee and doughnuts,"Mornin

Sleeping beauty, have a nice night?" She looked at him confused,"What?" He snickered and pointed at her,"You have Sex hair you lil

vixen you, you wont fuck me but you'll do a random stranger? Im hurt." She felt her cheeks flush,"Sh-Shut up Reno!

I know him..." right? She knew who the man was from the bar last night,he was in SOLDIER, oh no.. i forgot his name! "Somethin

wrong?" Reno asked,slightly concerned,"Yes,Lets just head to work...hey, do you happen to have any aspirins?" He nodded and

gave her two and a bottle of water, "I'm so proud, My lil Cissy is growing up,Her first hangover! I HAVE to tell Rude." Cissnei

backhanded Reno and started walking to Tseng's office."ow! It was just a joke! " He ran over to her laughing

This is gonna be a Long day...

Cissnei layed back on her bed with a deep sigh, She was exsaughsted. All she wanted was sleep,but all day her mind was on one thing...the man. Maybe If she went back to sleep she would remember his name. slowly her eyes drooped, as she fell into unoncisness.

"cissnei,Im glad he introduced us..." He said with a hidden smile.
She nodded taking a drink,"Me too..."
"I like spending time like this..just me and you,"
Cissnei shook her head,"This is the first time we actually hung out on our own..."
"I know...Thats why."