You Go, Katya! by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Ne rodis krasivoy or any of its characters.

She is a wonderful girl, really. She has a wonderful character about her, and she is very sharp, very smart. She is a very passionate, pure soul. Unfortunately, people have been reluctant to get to know her, and haven't paid her much attention. We try to encourage her to really get out there and show people who don't know her that though she looks quite plain that she's really worth getting to know, and that she's got the smarts to do right by their company. And she does try; she really does.

It's a great encouragement to us, frankly. She trusts herself, her inner goodness and the knowledge she's gained over her lifetime and studies. That's a good thing. It is. But the world can be cruel, and people can be cruel and unjust. They make rash judgements based on appearance rather than anything else.

I think, though, that Katya is strong. She's very strong. And she's stronger than those types of people. She'll keep on fighting. She still believes in a happy ending. Which is good. We're very happy for her. We know, as her family, that if she keeps trying, she'll eventually win.

So keep trying, Katya! And keep up the good work! We're on your side, and we do love you.