Beautiful Ula by planet p

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Many people look at me

They see me, but they don't see me

They look at me, and they see what I look like

My looks are not extraordinary, I would not even say the best, the most likely to garner endearing feelings

Okay, so I get called ugly a lot

Maybe that's true

To someone who doesn't know me

To whom I am as yet without character

I must seem ugly

I have no personality, yet, in their eyes

They cannot find me as anything other than this ugly person

This person who has little or no beauty in her at all

But they do not know me.

Mostly, that is as far as it goes

People see me and draw a line

They don't want to cross that line

They don't want to get to know me any further

They want to forget about me

That ugly person

That unattractive person

I'm not stupid

I'm quite intelligent, academically actually

And though people might say I'm naïve to believe in the kindness of people's hearts

I don't think I'm naïve

I just like to be different

To show them that it's okay to give someone a chance

That's what makes me feel like a good person, like I'm a part of the same thing everyone else is too.

I mayn't be the most streetwise, but I have a heart

And it can be hurt

But it can love too.

I just need a chance.