A Warm, Sunny Hope is Best by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Maria, i Aschimi or any of its characters.

Maria is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning and history. People will seem confused, sometimes, when they come to know that it is my name. I'm not beautiful, in their eyes. I don't take those people seriously. They're like children; very mean. They have some growing up to do, some learning about the world to do. Don't they know we can't all be stunning beauties!

But I don't take it seriously, really, when I think that. Of course they're not children; it is only their attitude that is childish. I don't want to end up being as childish as them, so I won't hold it against them if they look at me as though I can hurt them just by standing in their line of vision, or ruin their entire day – what an ugly person! I'll just let it go.

I think, sometimes, that we are each like a ray of sunshine. Though the sun shines for half of the day, there are time when you don't feel the sun on your face, when its warmth fails to make any impression. I am that ray of sunshine, waiting to be felt. I have hope. A warm, sunny hope. And I have a love, to keep that hope afloat. One day, other people will come to know of my love, too. One day, I just know they'll see me, and not just that ugly person whose parents chose for her a very ill-fitting name.