Just a very short one-shot I needed to get out.

She needed someone to take care of her so she could stop pretending, if just for a moment, that she was strong, that she had it all together. But she'd never admit that. She needed him to see it on his own that she needed him to be strong for her. That she was tired of being strong for herself and everyone around her. Just once she wanted to be taken care of, wanted someone to watch over her, worry over her, hold her, and love her.

Somewhere along the way she got lost in this 'men's world' of the FBI and in trying to prove herself she somehow managed to lose that softer side of her. Somewhere along the way she had started looking at that softer side as her 'weak side.' But she liked to think that it was still hidden within her, buried under the layers of walls and thick skin she'd had to develop to be successful in this professional world. But it would take the right man to pull it out of her. And she wasn't really even sure any more if that 'right man' existed.

All she really knew is that it's been over ten years since she's really cried, really let anything more than three or four tears slip down her face before stifling them away and reinforcing the walls she'd built around her fragile heart. But sometimes she just aches to let go, aches to release the pain that she's held inside of her for so long in the physical release of tears. She's so far past not wanting to let go that she's at the point where she can't. Even when she wants to.

She put the walls up to protect herself, but if she breaks down on the inside it's okay because on the outside she'll still look like the ever-ready, always capable, extremely professional and irreproachable Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss.