Qualities said out loud

Summary - Qualities said out loud can actually lead to pleasant surprises, well at least for Yuuri and Conrad. CONYUU

Yuuri paces the room up and down, thinking of the soldier that wouldn't escape his mind. "God, he is handsome…he is smart, strong, gentle, kind, caring and well, drop dead gorgeous" he stood and then trailed off in his thoughts…"He has a great smile, beautiful, warm eyes and well…well he is perfect." Yuuri didn't mean to say these qualities of a certain brunette soldier out loud, but he couldn't help himself. He thought that maybe saying them out loud, he would stop thinking about it, but these just lead to many other things.

"But he is never going to love me back, I'm just…" Yuuri couldn't finish his sentence because he was interrupted.

"You're warm, kind, smart in your own way, generous, beautiful and well, perfect." Yuuri turned around to find his trusted soldier…"C-Conrad…."he didn't finish, he didn't know what to say. The love of his life has just said something that he thought he would never hear. And then, before he knew it, Conrad had gotten closer, really close…Yuuri was very nervous, he had never been in this sought is situation before 'what do I do' Yuuri thought to himself. Before Yuuri could react and do something, Conrad had cupped one of Yuuri's cheeks and gently rubbed it softly, giving Yuuri some comfort. Yuuri then lent into the touch, his hands are so soft, he wanted to feel them all the time. At the thought he kissed Conrad's palm, he didn't know what he doing, until he had done it. He was so embarrassed; he went beat red and moved away quickly.

Conrad was confused 'did I do something wrong' he thought sadly. Yuuri saw the confusion and decided to talk about something; he didn't want to hurt Conrad's feelings. It did take him a while to build up the courage to spit out what he wanted to say. He didn't know why, he knew Conrad would never lie to him….so he just forced himself to say it. "Is it true…I mean about what you said b-before?" Conrad was slightly surprised by the question, but he didn't show it and just answered immediately. "Of course, I meant every word"

Yuuri smiled in delight, he has never been so happy. He then went up to Conrad and gently put his arms around the older man's waist and rested his head on the strong chest. As he felt Conrad place his arms around Yuuri, he tightened and snuggled against him. "I love you Conrad" Conrad smiled *I love you too Yuuri"

A/N – Hi guys, hope you liked it this short story, I know it isn't very good…but I'm still an amateur at writing. So please R&R, it would a lot to me haha lol :P