"Cam, where are you headed?" Zack asked as one of his best friends as he headed down the hall.

"I'm going to visit someone," Cam said heading for the front door.

"Wait, Zack, there's a rat on your shoe" Spence said running the other way with a magnifying glass in his hands. Cam walked out the front door and was greeted by two girls giggling hysterically, but Cam didn't care he had someone else on his mind. Cam walked to the park and waited for their weekly visits.

"Finally," A girl said standing up as Cam walked up to her.

"Sorry, I got detention, from…" Cam said stopping as she kissed him lightly on the lips. "Hmmm," Cam said his eyes fluttering open when she pulled away. "Lynn, your just too…" She kissed him again and watched him smile.

"Eh, it's Ok, Cam…I didn't wait for too long," Lynn said taking Cam's hands.

"Damn Lynn, why can't we just put this out in the open?" Cam said after they made out for ten to fifteen minutes.

"Because, just because, it's not that I don't want to…god I want to. I just can't." Lynn said sitting on the grass. Cam knew from experience not to pursue the conversation further. Lynn started to cry, Cam got apologetic and sat down next to her.

"Shhh, don't cry…I'm sorry…don't cry" Cam muttered as Lynn lay in his strong arms.

"I'm sorry, I'm not crying because of you" Lynn sniffed. Cam nodded and put his chin on top of her head.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

"Damn, Lynn…you're hella good" Zack said as they stepped out of the bathroom. Cam walked up as Lynn and Zack stepped out, he had just heard what Zack said. When Lynn saw him she looked shocked.

"Cam? What are you doing?" Lynn asked shocked to find her boyfriend looking shocked.

"How could you?" He asked looking back and forth from Zack to Lynn and back and forth.

"What are you talking about man?" Zack asked concerned.

"You god damn know what I'm talking about…you just did something to my girlfriend" Cam yelled.

"Your girlfriend?" Zack asked in disbelief.