hey this my first blake holesy high fanfiction and i hope it good

disclamier if i had this show do you honestly think i would be writing fanfiction which pays nothing

Victor POV

DADDY!"I woke up as the shout race though the house he insatly yelled back

"VAUGHN" there was no answer as i jump up and raced to his son room to find he wasn't there and run into the living room

"Looking for something Victor"a cold voice bit out I whipped around to find Avenir holding my 6 year old son in a death grip as I felt cold hard fear creep up

"Avenir let go of my son"

"Are you really in a postion to make damand Victor" he drawed out his ice cold eyes staring into Victor brown but then he throw my son on the floor and as he whimpered i pick him up. hmm this is first time if pick him up since he was 3 i noted with shock but i'll think about being a better parent later

"Avenir what are you doing here"

"ah just you know just leaving but don't you worry i'll be back for him" his eyes moving from Victor glare to Vaughn Choclate wide eyed look he gave Victor one last grin and disappered as i began to move up the stairs Vaughn small voice ask if he could come to bed with me his innocet eyes looking into mine

"okay i said as i casted one last look to the living room and then walked to my room