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Tori yawned as she descended the stairs, hand skimming the railing. She'd kicked off her shoes and dropped her bag on the floor of her room before heading downstairs. She'd have to find something for dinner. Maybe there was some leftover chicken in the fridge. At least this day could end well... not that it had been a terrible day... it'd been fun, just... exhausting. Her heart was tired of beating so fast. She was looking forward to just sitting down in front of the TV with a plate of hot food, and just relaxing. And to get the taste of vanilla out of her mouth.

She paused, halfway to the kitchen, eyebrows furrowing at a knocking on her door. Her heart hitched in her chest, even as her brain tried to find other explanations. Maybe it was her parents and Trina, maybe they'd just forgotten their key. Maybe it was some girl scouts selling cookies. Maybe it was anyone but Jade. Tori crossed to the door, a sweating hand reaching out to turn the cool doorknob. Jade. And before Tori even had time to register Jade's eyes burning into her, Jade's lower lip wedged between her teeth, Jade's nervous, crawling hands... she was there, pushing Tori back, lips crashing into hers, forcing her back a step. Any words Tori might've said came out muffled, disguised as moans, as soft sounds that were meant to be no but came out as yes. Her fingers wrapped themselves in Jade's shirt, clenching tight, Jade's hand hot on her neck, the other tangled in her hair, keeping her there. And it was Jade who pulled back to take a ragged breath, kicking the door shut behind her.

"J-Jade?" Tori's voice was weak, confused. There were no cameras this time, it was real, and just like before, it'd been forceful, unexpected... it'd been Jade. Tori didn't understand Jade at all, she ran hot and cold, and Tori never knew which until she'd gotten her hand burnt.

Jade chewed her lip, eyes downcast, flicking up to meet Tori's, inscrutable. "I finish what I start, Tori." Jade tried to keep her voice steady, to keep it strong and sneering, but Tori could hear the tremble in it, shaken by her heartbeat. Her fingers hooked themselves in the waistband of Tori's jeans, dragging her close, their hips clashing. "Do you?"

It wasn't a reason, it wasn't an answer, Tori knew that. And her brain asked her, begged her to find out why, why Jade was doing this, whether this was just one of her games, but her heart told her to play anyway, whether she lost or not. And as Jade's lips brushed Tori's once again, less urgent, gentler this time, her heart thudded against her brain, silencing it, leaving only this racing, shaking feeling in her that made her fingers tremble against Jade's waist, that rattled her breath against her ribs, and made it impossible to breathe properly.

Tori liked to think she wasn't weak, that she stood up for herself, that she was strong. That no one could make her do something she didn't want to do. But somehow, Jade always crumbled her, always made her agree to do whatever the dark-haired girl wanted, always made Tori like a whining puppy around her, anxious for her approval. She always used to think she'd never put up with someone treating her like that, teasing her. But with Jade it was different... with Jade she kept trying, kept being drawn back, kept hoping.

The taste of vanilla flooded Tori's mouth, Jade's tongue probing over Tori's bottom lip, just flicking. Tori's breath caught in her throat, her mouth opening to accept Jade, and Jade was running hot, so hot, and it was melting Tori. It was burning her up, and making her sweat. And as much as she was mesmerised, hypnotised, paralysed by Jade, by her moving lips, her warm hands, her hips, pressed into Tori's, part of her still hoped they were being filmed, that Mick and Kyle were there, ready to yell "Cut!" before things got out of hand. Before things could go too far, and spiral out of control, because it wasn't in Tori to stop. She'd never been able to say no to Jade, and she wasn't about to test her resolve now.

Jade was the only one who could stop this, and as she pulled back, exhaling hard, Tori felt a flicker of hope, that maybe she'd say something, maybe she'd stop this and explain it to her so it made sense. But Jade's eyes were dark, the usual clarity of her green eyes clouded, pupils dilated. And her lips were flushed as her tongue ran over them, Tori wondering what she tasted like to Jade. All she could taste was vanilla. Jade's hooded eyes glanced over towards the stairs. "Let's finish this." Tori swallowed hard as Jade's fingers fumbled with the button to her jeans, undoing them, fingers brushing the top of Tori's panties as they did so, Jade noticing Tori's shiver, her lack of resistance, her hand circling around the Vega girl's wrist. "Come on."

There were a million things Tori should've said, a million things Jade could've said, but they were all left unspoken, to simmer underneath the surface, the bubbles the only sign that they were there. Tori's feet felt clumsy, and heavy, and the steps seemed to go on forever, like she and Jade were just walking in place, Tori's eyes running over Jade, this girl who she thought she knew, and was just starting to realise she didn't know at all. And the stairs that seemed to go forever ended much too soon, and the hall that Jade walked down so easily seemed so narrow to Tori, so dark, and uneven, and her head was swimming, fingers brushing the rough wall for support, to keep herself grounded. What was she doing? What was Jade doing? Why was it happening?

The taste of vanilla was still teasing her mouth, still addling her brain, and all her hands wanted, all they needed was just to touch Jade, and search for the answer, to find it in her mouth, in her hands, in her skin. To search over the outline of her bones, to run over her muscles until she decoded it. To play her like an instrument and see what song came out. It felt like she'd been following Jade forever, ever since she'd met her, and when Jade stopped, wavering in front of Tori's bed before turning to her, Tori felt like she'd finally caught up. Jade had finally stopped. Tori's hand absentmindedly shut the door behind her, the lock clicking softly.

Jade ran a bracelet-encircled hand through her hair, licking her lips, and for a second Tori thought she would say something, would say no, stop, this isn't right, or, please, I can't stand it, would say something, something Tori could hold onto, could use to say, this is why, this is it. But all Jade did was move forward, pushing Tori into the door, hips against her, lips pressing to hers, to silence whatever would've come out, to pass it into Tori through her kiss, lips hard, tongue forceful, fingers curling in Tori's hair, twisting. Tori's breath caught in her throat, and her hands felt so useless, so unsure, anchoring themselves in the waistband of Jade's jeans, fingers hooked around her belt.

Tori could almost swear she heard an echo of her name, a sigh, a ghost in Jade's breath as she pulled back, hands sliding over Tori's skin to tug at her magenta cardigan, slipping it off her shoulders. Tori did the same to Jade, clumsy fingers tugging at her plaid top, at her black singlet, until Tori's fingertips brushed bare skin, white and unmarked. Even just to touch her, in this semi-darkness, Tori felt her fingers marring that smooth skin, leaving some trace of her behind that Jade would feel later, and she wondered if Jade would scrub furiously at it, or if she would touch it and smile. What was this to her? What was this to Tori?

Her hands hesitated at the top of Jade's pants, pulling back to cover her own now-bare skin, uncomfortably. Jade's eyes flicked over her, stripping her skin off, and it made Tori feel even more naked. She couldn't cover what Jade saw inside her. Jade's eyes swept back up to meet hers, glinting in the darkness, hands ripping Tori's jeans down before she rose again. "Get on the bed." Her voice was low, commanding, and Tori instinctively listened, her heart beating so fast, thumping against her lungs, her ribcage, rattling round inside her as she crossed to the bed, the sound of a zipper snicking behind her. She settled down onto her bed, swinging her legs up, and this bed, the same one she collapsed into every night, the same pillows she'd drooled on, the same blankets that had tangled themselves around her so many times felt unfamiliar, felt like some prop she was sitting on. It wasn't a bed, it was a stage, and she was waiting for Jade to take her cue.

Jade shucked her jeans off, skin pale, black underwear merging with the darkness, and Tori ached to strip that darkness away from her, to touch over the porcelain skin. To search for cracks, for splinters in Jade's hard shell.

And Jade moved so quickly, so smoothly, like this was a dance she'd done before, and she'd memorised every step, limbs tangling with Tori's, lips touching her neck, heating the soft skin. Tori felt her heart pulse even harder, as if to press itself against Jade's lips, as if to cry out, I'm here, I'm here.

Jade's touch sliced into her like glass, cut right to the core of her, Tori's fingers splaying themselves on Jade's waist, as if to hold her there, to keep their torsos brushing, to keep this twisting anticipation inside her going. Jade's fingers fluttered over her, hesitant, touching over the cup of her magenta bra, skimming over her shivering stomach, as if she was debating where to start... where to finish this.

Tori made an attempt to speak, to stop, and maybe all it would've taken was one word; Why? But all that came out was a shallow breath, tinged with her voice, and the question in it was missed, was forgotten in the heat of the moment, in the humming of their bodies, in the need of their hands, a language that was spoken so much louder.

Tori jerked as Jade's teeth scraped over her pulse point, hot tongue smoothing out the flushed skin, and it was this, these little bites that decided Jade, her hand diving down between them, wriggling itself underneath the waistband of Tori's panties, the damp cotton evidence of Jade's effect on her. Her hips bucked up at Jade's touch, legs instinctively spreading wider, and all doubt, all questions fled her mind, consumed by this need, this need for Jade to touch her, to bring her to shuddering climax so she could whisper the name responsible, so she could state who did it; Jade.

Jade's fingertips flicked quickly, rough, insensitive, needing Tori to feel her, to respond, to which Tori obliged, nails digging into Jade's back, soft moans tremoring out of her throat. Jade's eyebrows dragged down, stud glinting, and she brought her mouth to Tori's kissing her hard, Tori's muffled sounds vibrating into her, turning to a hitched breath, a swallowed moan as the West girl bit down on Tori's lower lip, teeth pinching the soft flesh, tugging at it gently as her hand simultaneously shifted down, fingers forcing themselves into Tori brusquely. She rocked her hand urgently, Tori's body shuddering out of her control, just a trembling mass of nerves, all being stroked at once, being tugged, and twisted, and stimulated unbearably, and all of Tori's words, all the things she needed to say, that her brain wrote in thick, dark letters in her head got mashed in her throat, coming out as fragmented moans; Yesnostopdon'tstoppleasepleaseplease.

Jade's lips pressed over Tori's jaw, tracing the sharp bone stretched over the soft flesh, and it was vanilla, and pain, and pleasure to Tori, and it was the white of Jade's skin, the black of her underwear, the blue of the darkness, and everything looked so cold, while she was so hot. She was fire and Jade was ice, but Jade was the one melting her, making her steam and flicker out. And Jade's fingers, working hard, thrusting almost callously, were the ones to quench her, to make her muscles tense and her fingers clench, and make her raise her hips off the bed to press into Jade, to touch her as much as she could, to meld their bodies together, and maybe then she'd understand, maybe then she'd know this Jade whose name stained her lips in a cry, whose name spilled out into the air and cut the silence. This Jade who was just a name and an idea, this Jade Tori realised she didn't know.

Tori's body relaxed, a sheen of sweat cooling on her bare skin, breath panting out. Jade pulled herself off the girl, sitting on the edge of the bed, already shimmying her black jeans back on. And Tori could see the marks she'd left, the slightly darker scratches written on Jade's back, and Tori wondered if Jade would ever read them, if she'd ever reach behind her and feel over them. Tori wondered how much of herself was written in them.

Jade stood, bending to pick up her top, hair swaying, tendrils spilling over her white shoulders like ink, cutting those parts of her out, losing them to the darkness. Tori licked her lips, sitting up, her body still shuddering, still caught in the memory of what had just happened. "Jade..."

"It's finished Tori." Jade's voice was flat, emotionless, skin disappearing with every article of clothing added, making her invisible. Taking away the Jade Tori had glimpsed, had thought she'd found.


Jade turned. "I said it's finished."

Tori's hand twisted together, restless in her lap, mouth twisting. Vanilla. "But..."

"I have a boyfriend, Tori. Remember? Beck? You like Beck. You see why he's with me, and not you, you see what I can do for him, Tori? Do you see?"

Tori's eyebrows furrowed. This... was it all about Beck? Did Jade... was it all just because of the stupid show, did Jade still think she wanted Beck, even after the producers had explained? Is that what she'd been doing this whole week, trying to teach Tori a lesson? Had she been planning this? No. No, that wasn't like Jade... if something was on her mind, she just said it... or damaged property. Tori didn't believe her. "Jade-"

"It's finished."

Jade's hand twisted at the knob of Tori's door, soft light spilling into the room. And then she was gone, leaving that swathe of light, cutting into the soft, intimate darkness they'd shared. Tori stared at her hands, at her fingertips, the memory of Jade's skin already fading, the feel of her bones, the ridges of her ribs engraved into them. They were real, Jade couldn't fake them. She couldn't lie and say they weren't there. She could lie with her mouth, with her skin, with her clothes, but Tori had written the truth on her back. This wasn't about Beck, it wasn't about finishing something. It wasn't Jade, and it wasn't Tori, and they'd been strangers to each other, to themselves, and it hadn't been about anyone but them. Jade was lying. And the crush that had seemed so simple, the kiss that had made sense, the infatuation that had been conquered, was all mixed up, was all imbued with so much more now. Simple. Nothing was ever simple.

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