Alternate Plot

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Chapter 1

Teito Klein was a branded slave who attended Barsburg Imperial Academy,he is been excuses from mostly lesson except combat lesson,but what isn't expected is he can managed to passed the highest score which makes him hated by everyone,except Mikage. Mikage is the only one who befriend with Teito,he is a kind person and he really cares for his family well-being, he says to Teito that he want to joined the military to protect hisfamily. Andy now the story begin at the 2 nights before their Final Exam.

Teito has a strange dream about a snowy places,he met a person,that person seems so familiar,but he can't remember him though,and suddenly there was a huge military aircraft then. . .

"Everyone wake up,this already morning, warning, don't late for the assembles!"

Shuuri Oak,who are the son of admiral oak gave his speech as the opening of the exam,he said "We are the 315th class of the glorious Barsburg Empire Military Academy,We are candidates who was chosen to become members of Hohburg must do our best effort in order to become an excellent soldiers who will not bring shame to our country,I who are the graduating president, Shuuri Oak" then they saluted at their teachers and the head master.

It was the last class and Shigure sensei told the candidates about the upper up in military will watch the examination tomorrow.

The next day

"Minna-san today its your final examination,hayaku kudasai ne!"


Teito and Mikage who are practise their zaiphon yesterday feel ready to face their examination,on a second thought maybe Mikage isn't ready,he feel so sleepy

"You are mean Teito!"he said

"What did you say?"

"Because your menacing training,look at me,I barely can open my eyes!"

Teito looked at him "It's your own fault!Why yesterday you don't sleep early,you talking to me all night long!"Teito retorted

"Hai,hai Tei-chan"Mikage grinned

Teito wants to replied back but suddenly Shuuri Oak show up

"Look,look why me,Shuuri Oak have to in a same team as sklave like you!"

Teito annoyed but he leave it,Mikage said "Funny thing come out from a guy who rely on his father name,how ridiculous!" Shuuri is pissed off

"Group 1,be prepare,please enter the examination room!"Their teacher said


When they all have been entered the room,the teacher tell them what is the task

"Now,the task is you all must defeat the criminal,failed if you are killed by him,you should cooperate with each other to finish this task!Exam is Begin!"then the teacher leaving the room and there is a door opened and the criminal is show up

"So I must kill this brats!Military is really underestimate me"he grinned

"It's okay we have Shuuri here!"shuuri's friend said

Meanwhile,Chief of Staff Ayanami-sama and his subordinates arrive,they will watch the examination. One by one the candidates is defeated,and Shuuri, he tried to asked for the examiners help,"How unsightly"Ayanami commented with his usual monotone,and the teacher is confuse,because Shuuri is from Oak family,The Oak family usually is a prodigy in Military career. Suddenly Miroku show up he said "Family background means nothing on the battlefield"

"Miroku-sama?"the teacher said

"Its based on their ability to protect themselves,student who only good at the simulations is just meaningless"

Inside,only Teito and Mikage is left,the criminal,who hear Shuuri's pleading approached him and attacked him,but Teito saved Shuuri in time and attacked the criminal,he punched the criminal's right elbow and Mikage tried to help him too,suddenly the criminal caught mikage and attempt to break his neck,Teito realized it and kicked the criminal eye patch,and kicked his abdomen countless times,then he draw zaiphoon at his neck and threat him "Give up or I will kill you!"Teito said

The criminal said "Please release me"

The door open and Shigure sensei said "Your task is to kill him,you can't leave him like this!"

"He is not our true enemy,I will not kill him"Teito said and stop his zaiphoon but suddenly there was a strong wind and red zaiphoon killed the criminal in front of Teito's eyes,Teito shocked then he saw Ayanami's cold eyes "You're soft"he said Teito stared (annoyed) at him.

"Congratulation,you're both passed!"The teacher said

Teito and Mikage walked out of the room,Teito stared at Chairman Miroku who talked about something with that annoying man,then Teito and Mikage left the place

The night come, when Teito climbed his bed he found Mikage was sitting there

"What are you doing in my bed,Mikage?"

"You know Teito? It was our final night after this night we will be separated,and probably we will rarely meet each other so tonight I sleep beside you okay?"


"...,Eee Teito?"


"We will be a best friend forever right?"

"Sure,we will!Why did you ask that question?"

"No reason, then it's a promise, I wouldn't ever abandon you, you are my best friend!"

"Yes, you too"Then they make an oath to each other never ever abandon each other



"Who is that silver haired man?I think I have met him somewhere,but I don't remember where or when?"

"Maybe he is son of your father's friend?"Mikage wondered

"I think it wasn't"Teito said "Ahh,forget it,let's sleep now"


"Shut up,Mikage or I will kill you!"Teito glared

"Hai,hai please don't kill me"Mikage laughed but he suddenly stopped because there was a person patrolling the room.

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