Chapter 7

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"Oi,Kuso-gaki!You're still asleep?"Frau shouted,banging the door's opened

"Frau?Kuso-gaki janai!Aho-shikyoo"Teito said while rubbed his eyes slightly,he feel tired,but then dragged himself to leave the room

They meet Castor and Labrador near the fountain

"Ohayo,Teito-kun"Castor and Labrador greet him with their usual smiling face

"Ohayo,Castor san,Labrador san"Teito said

"Teito kun,the sisters said they want to changed your rooms to the participants room from today"Castor said

"Hai,Castor san"Then Teito quickly disappeared

"This is your roommate,Teito kun,Teito kun it's Hakuren, and Hakuren-kun,it's Teito,we hope you two can be a good friends"The sisters said

Teito raised his eyebrow,"He looks like someone,AAH!Yes Shuuri Oak,I wonder he is an Oak!"he thought

"Hey,chibi,boku no namae wa Hakuren Oak,anata wa?"

"Chibi!"vein mark popped,"I'm not Chibi,my name is Teito Klein!"

"Yeah,yeah,whatever,you are participant too,isn't it?Then it makes you my enemy"

Teito gaped "Is he crazy or something?"

Back to the military-Hoburg Fort-Night-Kuroyuri's Room

"Oka-san"Kuroyuri mumbled,hugging his rabbit doll "Why do you leave me,you're cruel!I hate you!"on a second thought "Oh bother,can't hate you,you're too kind to us""Where are you,i missed you,did you forget me and otouchama and the others?Its been 2 months after your disappearance!"

"What should I do?Ahh I will tell 'him' to persuade Ayanami-sama!"

Black hawks without Teito's company is the worst thing ever,the soldiers and the upper ups tried to not making his superior remembered about the incidents,they never tried again to spoke about Teito's matter and what the other things which related to Teito,they still love their butt...Once there are two soldiers gossiping while Ayanami-sama is near them,the soldiers didn't realized his existence because they are too excited(in other way) about their own activity

"Haru-kun,you know my sister bring his boyfriend to our house,and did you know what?"Sara said

"What?"his friend said

"The boy is so cute!With emerald eyes and brown hair,he looks like a doll,Ahhh,i hope I had a boyfriend like him too,he's too cute,I'm so jealous at my sister!"She pouted

"Uh?Yeah,yeah that is funny"Said the man named Haru while he examine his report

"You're too stiff Haru-kun,are you didn't have a lil... "She stops her word because?

Ayanami-sama whipped the wall near them,they shocked and apologized suddenly,bowing his head until it touch the stone floor

"We are very sorry Ayanami-sama,we will never do that again,please don't punish us"they all shivered

"Who is 'he'?"Ayanami said menacingly

"Huh?"They confused "Who?"

"Oh,the boy ?"

"His name is Tooru,he is my sister's boyfriend his eye and hair colours resemblance to Tei "

"Shut up!"Haru blocked her mouth "We are apologize for our impudence,Ayanami-sama"

Ayanami upon realized that name,he shot his deathly glare at them and smirked "If you still wanting your soul,never say that name again!And 600 paperworks for you each,begone!"They crept away instanly while mumbled a word of apologizes repeatedly

"He is so scary you know,6 hundred,i doomed!And don't say those names in his presence!"The other shouts

"Why?"she sobbed

"You don't know about 'it',where have you been!Teito Klein is Ayanami-sama beloved wife"

"WHAAAT?You're joking,it can't be,he is just a sklave,I won't give Ayanami-sama to him!"She burned with jealousy

"You liked him too?Oh God don't ever dream about that!Ayanami-sama is in love with Teito Klein,but because of unknown reason he left the military and now he is gone"

"He is cruel,why Ayanami-sama like him,and where is he?"

"I don't know ,someone said he was died and the other said helive somewhere in another district"

The general himself tried to ignore about his own feelings,its true he is a god,death god actually,but he still a human who cannot ignored his feelings,but he is too dumb if the problems related to his heart,he afraid Teito will never forgive him and he doesn't want to look him again,but he also want to take Teito close to him,but he, with his arrogance doesn't choose the second option so he live in his doom for too long than necessary and also bringing his doom to all his subordinates.

The general keep himself busy so his mind can't wonder to his dearest person,but like a storm it appears fast and hit him badly.

"Tsureshimasu,Ayanami-sama"Katsuragi saluted

"What is it?Another meeting will be held?"Ayanami said while massaging his temple

"No,its regarding the matter of Joo-sama"

"What's with him!"Ayanami startled,he tried to not show his concern but his heart clinched

"He was in the 7th district,studying for bishop's exam and apparently from what I know he will become Bishop Frau asisstants when he complete the bishop exam"

"Zehel?"Ayanami glared

"Yes,Ayanami-sama if he passed the exam he will become his assistant and travel around the world "Katsuragi smiled,Katsuragi wants to make his superior realized what is the most precious to him

Ayanami gritted his teeth,seems very angry and obviously 'jealous'!

Suddenly another knocked at his door

"Miroku-sama"Ayanami glanced at him

"Miroku ichijou"Katsuragi saluted

"Maa,maa don't need for such formalities,'he' is the most important thing now"Miroku smiled

"I'll be leaving then,Ayanami-sama,Miroku-sama"Katsuragi left the room

"Ayanami-kun,you know? Teito is a unique person,I trained him to be a strong vessel of Michael,but I realized that he had have one weakness,he is too kind for his own good!,his idealism doesn't match with his feeling,he tried to closed himself from everyone,and you too,you have same kind of past,if you can't bring him back who will?Our military is rather absurd,and cruel and the church?They are not holy too,the pope is all command,It isn't for the other sake,but for your own sake,you will take him back!Because your country can't be believed either!You must protect what you hold dear,and with calculation,don't be like the king of Raggs who create a hole to his own misery and don't be like the Emperor who using his own child for just a mere experiment,Ahh,the time move really fast!I should get going!Think about it Ayanami-kun or you will regret it!"

"Miroku-sama?"Ayanami said


"Do you have an affection on Teito?"

"I thought,he is also a human who have to deserved something which belong to him long time ago"

"I never thought you have a kind side too"Ayanami smirked

"However I'm also a human not a semi-shinigami,oh by the way a black lily give me an illumination,hohohoho"then he left while laughing merrily

"I see"Ayanami thought

"However,he is not wrong too,I must protect him!,not like the past,I fell to that 'trap' set by 'him'!"

Ayanami remembered the time when he saw Teito cried,he felt like something throbbing his chest,painful,hurtful,he do realized it but he pretend to ignored it all this time

"I'm such a fool,Teito,will you ever forgive me?"He stared at the infinite blue sky,wondered what he should do next


"We're sorry to interrupt, Ayanami-sama,but you can't postponed this matter any longer!"Konatsu said,followed by the other Hoburg members

"That's right Aya-tan!I missed hime-chama so much,and obviously you felt the same too!"

"Ayanami-sama,I missed okaa-chama,please don't hate him!"Kuroyuri cried,Haruse embraced him "Same with me Ayanami-sama"

"Ayanami-sama,I think Joo-sama isn't really 'hate' you,he is just wants to know the truth by go out from this so called safe zone in other words your side for a while"Katsuragi commented

Ayanami startled, a headache suddenly come up "I understand,stop crying Kuroyuri,I won't hate him"he urged to massage his temple

"So what you're planning for tomorrow Aya-tan?"

"Tommorow we will go to 7th district"

"7th district barsburg church?"Konatsu asked

"Yes to infiltrate it"Katsuragi answered with a huge smile

"And Kuroyuri?You tell him about this matter?"Ayanami spoke in cold tone

"Yes,Ayanami-sama,I'm apologized,but why do you know its me?"Kuroyuri raised his eyebrow

"He mention your name meanings"Ayanami said Kuroyuri gapped "Huh!"

"Go back and do your job,now!Especially you Hyuuga!"Ayanami ordered

"Hai,hai Aya-tan"

"Yes sir"

The day of the bishop examination

Teito with his partner Hakuren facing their first exam;answering 100 question about bible's examiners are the real monsters they gave them random riddle question,question on monster body and other drastic they reach their last question,it said:

"Defeat your partner,write your name and enter the gate of the winner"

"Hakuren write your name there and go to the winner's gate"Teito said

"Hell,i will,i don't want to abandon my own comrades,Teito you write!"

"No,you will!"


"Fine,then together"They grabbed the bascule and wrote "DAMN YOU!"

"Let's go!"the gate of loser opened up and they hurriedly go there

A ghost appeared inside "Why did you choose this path?"

"Because there is no loser they are just partners who tried their best together!"They shouts in the same time

'ZRAAK'Hakuren and Teito landed on something,a row of chairs?

"What do you think of my graduation's chair?"Bishop Lance popped from nowhere


"CONGRATULATIONS,you're both pass!"Said Bishop Lance,he performed a 360 degree spin

"Huh?"they said together

Bishop Lance's face turned serious "The purpose of this first test wasn't to decide for the stronger one or the weak one,but it's to judge someone if they really care abour other people more than their-self"

Teito and Hakuren lost their words "….."

"But it's not intresting,there was no ones who answered bluntly like that ever"Lance said to his fellow examiners

"There was,Frau-Castor pair back then,they wrote similar words like that"

"Oh,so they are the same type then?"he chuckled

A few minutes later

Kyle,Welder-Liam pair appeared

"What do you think of my graduation's chair?"Bishop Lance repeats his action again

"He did that to everyone?"Hakuren and Teito thought, sweat-dropped

"Okay,follow me now to your next test"

They walking at a long corridor and from the wall there are 07-Ghost's symbol

"What are those symbols?"Teito pointing at the certain symbols

"You don't know that!"Shout Hakuren and Kyle

"Those are the symbols of 07-Ghost;Zehel,Fest,Profe,Rilect,Ea,Randkalt and Vertrag"explained by Bishop Lance

"And do you know Teito-kun,why they each of them just have one ability?"

"To prevent the existence of the second Verloren to be born"Teito answered

"Yes, because of their duties is to guard the body Verloren their soul can't return to heaven,and the church is acting as their shrine,so be carefull so you don't accidently broke the church building,okay?"

'Ha..ha...ha' Teito laughed sarcastically

"So there are these many people left?"He said somewhat disappointed

"Then your next test is to enter the door infront of you,inside there is a 'bridge',the rule is simple cross the 'bridge' and go exit the other door,any question?"

There are several murmurs around and all suddenly silenced

"So no questions?Okay,good luck on your mission,bye-bye"

The candidates of the bishop examination open the door infront of them...

Teito opened the door and step forward to go inside,his surrounding formed to be a huge place which have many 'bridge' leading to a different doors,he realized there is someone standing at the center of the bridge,a high military rank clothed man with military embroidery cap on his head...