Authors note – I normally don't like OCs, but this is based on a dream I had a few months ago that really stuck with me. The dream changed the events of the film version of Prince Caspian, so not everything makes complete sense. Thank you for reading :) Chantelle.

I brushed a strand of hair out of my face as the wind tussled my hair and clothes. It was a long fall, but I was ready. The events of the last few weeks had pushed me to the point that I was willing to give my life to forget.

My best friend had died of cancer. My father was dead and me and my mother didn't get on. My Granddad had a heart attack and was dying. Everything was crumbling around me and I couldn't take it any more.

Society called suicidal people selfish. But they were desperate. To get to the point that your life is so painful, so awful that you want to die.. that's desperation.

I had kept that fact in mind as I climbed the steps of the bridge. It crossed a motorway, and it was rather high. Instant satisfaction. It would take less than 2 seconds to end it. So I had crossed the bridge, positioned myself quickly and climbed over the railings. I stayed there for a few minutes, enjoying the peacefulness and the quiet. The stars were shining brightly overhead, twinkling in encouragement. I took in a deep breath and loosened my grip ever so slightly. A car below honked as it passed. I smiled as I let go of the railing.

I slipped as my body lurched forward. My feet stayed on the small ledge. I slid downwards, unable to grab the railing. My head flew backwards – then there was pain, and darkness. And movement.