Author's note : The legend of the one Man who found the Straight Way, after the World became round, and perished in sight of Valinor. In fact, he doesn't exist, I just made the story up.

Disclaimer : I own nothing of that which  belongs to Tolkien.

Dreams of West

By Le Chat Noir

I've been to lands afar and seen marvellous things,

Skimmed the Sun with my hand and beheld many springs

Many fallen winters, many hidden heavens,

Dragon caves, dwarfish halls, elven homes and havens.

At the highest window of the tallest tower

I've turned my gaze Westwards across the Sea silver

The Ocean forbidden by Lords of Valinor

Another age, another time, another lore.

Of Them we've never heard but a distant rumor

We've never seen but the reflection, and no more,

Of their glory, sleeping in brilliant eyes elven

Of those who had once lived under Their reign golden.

Their voices made me dream, their beauty so radiant

What were the Masters like if they were but servants?

But West unreachable laid far beyond our sight,

And for us the mortals, there was no way for flight.

But the ships' high sails days after days called me

To brave the Doom of Men from yonder shore and see

If the legend was true, if the wind from the night

Didn't lie; if the scent it bore was from the light.

But one day, the wind changed, it came blowing from East,

And so on the moment, into the heavy mist

I sailed away, with some others rebels of Doom,

Light of heart, gay of song, we went and cried the moon.

Then came the storm wrathful, the mad winds of the West,

So we fought for our lives with the roaring seas, lest

We should fall, lest we drown, lest shattered to pieces,

Our ship of broken mast should lead us down the Seas.

In the middle of naught of silence and howling

Suddenly was a light, straight forwards, how shining!

A lone star in the night, piercing the foul darkness

Of its brilliant rays of gold; the Ocean fought back.

How could we have triumphed of the Lords the ire?

We could as well have been condemned to the pyre

But I can rest in peace, for I've seen the fire

Of the first Blessed Kingdom before I expire.

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