Author's notes:

This is a complete rewrite of season 5. I will not be using the same episodes or the same dialog so this is all new. The name of the story is "I will kill for you." A new episode will be signified by the episode number, for example this is episode 5.01. Each episode will be about 20 to 25 pages long. Do not expect fast updates as in my usual stories. I plan on taking my time with this and pushing my ability to write emotion as far as I can. To do this, there will be many scenes that will pull at yours very hard. This story is based off the idea from show Spartacus made by Starz.


The sisters find themselves in the past and without their powers. Piper is only a few weeks pregnant and does not have the protection she has grown used to. Phoebe will find that her martial arts will either be the death of her or her savior. Paige will be brought to the point of destruction and unexpected acquaintance of many will turn their world upside down. While Leo and Cole find live without their lovers to be unbearable as they search for them.

"In the morning men are thrown to bears or lions, at midday to those who were previously watching them. The crowd cries for the killers to be paired with those who will kill them, and reserves the victor for yet another death. This is the only release the gladiators have. The whole business needs fire and steel to urge men on to fight. There was no escape for them. The slayer was kept fighting until he could be slain.

'Kill him! Flog him! Burn him alive!' (the spectators roared) 'Why is he such a coward? Why won't he rush on the steel? Why does he fall so meekly? Why won't he die willingly? "

Unhappy as I am, how have I deserved that I must look on such a scene as this? Do not, my Lucilius, attend the games, I pray you. Either you will be corrupted by the multitude, or, if you show disgust, be hated by them. So stay away."

By Lucius Seneca 65 AD

I Will Kill For You

Episode 5.01

Chapter 1

World Upside Down

The old red Victorian home kept its noises down for its inhabitants as the hour of 2 came upon it. Piper and her husband slept soundly while holding each other for warmth from the cool breeze that caused the dark red curtains to dance with the gentle wind. Piper opened her weary eyes that still stung from the activities earlier that night as the sound of scuffling wakes her. "Great what now," she thought and with a small, almost soundless sigh she gently moved Leo's arm off her side and left the warmth of the bed to seek the maker of the noise. With her hands at the ready she moved out the door and peeked into Phoebe's room and was greeted by a light snore. She then moved on to Paige's room to check on her baby sister, sleepless or awake, but found her well off in dream land as the scuffling from downstairs continued. She decided to investigate the noise alone, mostly because she was invincible because of the baby and found no reason to wake them if it was not needed. She descended the staircase as her mind made up reason for the odd sound, "Could just be a mouse or Kit." Her body tensed as she reached the bottom and her heart moved with purpose, "Who needs aerobics in this house," she thought trying to control her heart rate. Finally she made it to the kitchen where the sound was emanating from and with a flick of the switch and her other hand at the ready, the once light deprived room became eliminated as Cole was spraying a can of whip cream down his open mouth to the point of overflow. His attire was askew and he had a five o'clock shadow taking hold on his face. He staggered a bit trying to keep his balance as he continued to spray the whippy goodness into his mouth.

"COLE!" Piper said placing her hands on her hips.

The startled man staggered a little more but lowered the can so he could see who took him away from his actions. White cream foam was around his mouth and he did not bother to wipe it off.

"Oh hi Piper," he answered with a stutter.

"Are you drunk?" she asked and took the can out of his hands. She contemplated putting it back in the refrigerator but after giving him a look she decided the trash is where it should reside.

"Hey I, I wasn't done with that," he stuttered once more and stumbled into the counter where his body took rest as the room moved too fast for his liking.

"Get away from her!" Phoebe yelled by the kitchen door with Paige by her side and Leo behind them.

"No, it's fine, he just wanted some whip cream apparently," Piper cut in before her kitchen became a mess due to a misunderstanding.

"Oh that would explain the foam," Paige chimed in and went to the kitchen table to sit down as Leo came around Phoebe to get close to Piper, even though she was self healing he was more protective than usual.

"Yeah I thought you had rabies because god knows the kind of things you have been around these days," Phoebe said and sat next to Paige.

"I had a craving ok, sorry I woke everyone up," Cole replied as he shimmered out.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Leo asked as he helped Piper pick up some napkins that fell from the counter.

Phoebe placed her head into her hands and felt lost in the question "He is unstoppable and he won't move on with his life for starts," she thought but kept her answer to them much simpler. "He's insane."

The oldest sister touched Phoebe on the shoulder while leaving the room stretching her tired body in the process. The other sisters and Leo decided that Piper's decision was a good one and followed her out. All was silent again as they all fell asleep once more and let the night mysteriousness take hold of their bodies and minds.

"Stop it," a groggy voice struggled to say as she felt something poking her and turned away from whom could be trying to wake her from a sound sleep.


"Come on just a little more?" Phoebe replied out of habit not really caring what was said and pushed herself to the other side, still keeping her eyes closed.

"Excito nunc," a man said while poking her with a short stick.

The reluctant sister opened her blurring eyes to a vision of a man in his 40's who looked like he had a long hard life. "Hey, get out of my room!" Phoebe yelled and did not feel the soft comfort of her bed but instead a tiled floor, and when she tried to raise her fist she was stopped by shackles that kept her wrists low and tight to her waist. "Piper, Paige!" she yelled but when she looked around she saw both her sisters being lifted up from the floor and looked as confused as she did. "What's happening?" Phoebe asked, hoping this was a bad dream, but the sting of the short stick hitting her arm was not a pinch to prove it was not.

"Hey!" Piper yelled as she tried to get closer to the man that just hit her sister, but the two men that held her in place kept that feet from happening as Paige was put against the wall with five other women who were also chained and their heads lowered. But what their voices could not say their eyes told the story of defeat.

"Obtineo per vel laxus lingua," the man said to Phoebe who had no idea what he was saying as all three sisters were pushed hard to the wall still in their pajamas. He connected their chains to a plat on the ground to keep them in place from a piece of chain that came down from their waist. Thankfully because of the cold night they were wearing more than usual and definitely more than the other women who for the most part were nude. The jolt of being woken up and having no idea where they were was weighing heavily on their minds as Piper tried to use the movement the chains allowed to flick her wrist in an attempt to freeze the crowned of people and the man who was in front of them. "Come on, dammit, work," Piper said but nothing happened no matter how much she willed it. "I can't orb," Paige whispered into Phoebe's ear. "I can't levitate," Phoebe replied and now it was sinking in that they needed help. "LEO!" the baby sister yelled while looking up to the havens but a sharp blow to her stomach forced her head down along with her body and her breath lost its ability to execute at a normal pace. Both still standing sisters where now furious and unleashed their open thoughts on the man who hurt Phoebe. "You bastard you do that again and I will – " Piper tried to say but she too was silenced by a blow to the head by the back of his hand. Paige was about to finish Piper's sentence when she realized that keeping her mouth shut may be the better approach considering their situation. The other women said nothing as the sisters got their composure back and let the images fill their widened eyes. The man was dressed in a red and black linen tunic with a long piece of white linen sash going from his shoulder and wrapped around his waist. His feet were protected by leather sandals and a whip was hanging around his side, held there by a small rope that also went around his waist. His hair was dark brown and was brushed forward slightly with almost a feathery pattern to it as he moved away from them. He starting talking to a man who looked better dressed as stripes of purple cloth woven into his material of his tunic, one running from each shoulder to the bottom of the tunic in both back and front. Two men were behind him and just had linen around their waist with no other garments. Piper looked around and it did not take long for her to figure out that they were in the past or another world that resembled ancient Rome. They was a sign made of wood that said Ostia Antica and she felt sick to her stomach knowing that if she does not have her powers then neither does her baby. Phoebe turned her head in attempts to hear the two men as they pointed at them often and from noticing body language could tell they were negotiating.

"Phoebe we are in ancient Rome, this was the main harbor," Piper said in a whisper.

"So that means Latin, no wonder we can't understand them," she whispered back.

"What?" Paige asks as she was a little further away from the conversation but was shushed by both older sisters.

"Piper if we don't have our powers then – "

"I know," Piper said cutting her off and could feel the crippling panic that took her over just a few weeks ago before she knew she could self heal. All three sisters kept their mouths shut to avoid getting hit again as the two men kept talking.

(Now translated to English)

"Molateus old friend I see you are in the market," The merchant said and pointed to the women against the wall.

"Only because of your excessive messages, Lousestone," Molateus replied and walked over to the wall.

"One must be active when new business interests arise," Louestone answered.

"And these women are your attempts at that partaking?" the well dressed man asked as he walked from one woman to the next.

"There is a rumor that the new Emperor prefers woman gladiators just as much as men, not to mention the festival that is quickly coming upon us," Louestone said quietly and looked around to make sure many ears were not invading their space.

"Woman gladiators, it seems the new Emperor has many desires."

"You could be the first to offer such a match in the new Coliseum."

Molateus turned to face his old so called friend and raised an eyebrow at the thought and after a pause began to speak. "I would be disgraced, my ludi is to create champions of the Coliseum not women that from the looks of them could barely hold my cock," he answered and started to walk away.

"Molateus it would only take but little time to train them and this one could compete, look," Louestone said and took Phoebe's arm showing Molateus her developed muscle. The other man took hold as well and gave a squeeze but stopped when Phoebe pulled away from him. "What garments are these?" Molateus asks and looked hard at her when she protested his actions. "And what language does she speak?"

"I do not know for they were handed to me, I believe they are from a land not known to Rome as of yet."

Molateus snorts and looks over Piper and takes her arm. "This one would have lesser odds then my dog," he said and pushed her arm hard back down. He then took Paige's and was even more disappointed by the lack of strength. "What kind of shit are you trying to peddle me Louestone?"

"Look at this one, her skin is that of pure goats milk and would be a Goddess in any ludi, as for the other, well she could be trained, she has fire in her eyes," he answered while looking at Piper.

"No, I will take only one," Molateus said and pointed to Phoebe. The guard unattached the chain that held her to the wall and began to pull her away. "No, Piper!" she screamed as she was being pulled away from her family. Paige pulled at her restraints in attempt to free herself. "Phoebe!" she screamed back but she could not break the only thing that kept her locked. Piper's heart could have left her body for the amount of pounding it was emanating and she was not about to let them take her. "Phoebe!" she screamed out more in venom then fear as she too pulled at the chains but hers were not made of better quality than the others and even though the shackles were making a bloody inprint around her wrist, the pain of losing her sister was more painful. With all her might she yanked hard and the chain that kept her to the wall broke, leaving the plate attached to its end. This caused Molateus to turn just as Piper used it as a weapon to carve a three-inch cut into his forehead. Lousestone stood in shock but then is normal demeanor came back as he grabbed his whip from his side as Molateus looked into Piper's eyes and did see fire there that was directed at him. Lousestone raised his whip to strike her as two guards grabbed her hard. "Wait!" the now injured man said while he used a linen cloth to wipe his own blood. A few anxious moments went past and Paige was now more silent then she has ever been, hoping that Piper would not get hurt, because of the baby.

"My apologies Molateus, they are not – "

Molateus raised his hand to stop the mouth of the other man. "I will take this one and the pale one for no cost."

"Then my debt to you will be settled?" he asked with a smile.

"Yes, now the hour is late and my head is done with thoughts of negotiation and now needs the healing of wine," Molateus said and motioned his guards to take Piper and Paige.

The three sisters said nothing but did feel relieved that they were not separated as they were transported away from the harbor. The only reason Piper knew where they were was because of the honeymoon that she and Leo took to Europe and Rome was one of the stops. Although only a few things remained standing when she was there, now she was seeing it in its grandeur. Temples stood amongst houses, markets and stone statues that looked freshly carved as they passed them. If they had their powers or even knew they would be fine after this, she would have loved it. Rome in its high was truly a marvel but beauty is truly skin deep or in this case class deep. From what she could tell they were slaves or something else was going on that has not revealed itself to them.

"Is that the Coliseum?" Paige asked as they passed the huge structure that people were coming in and out of. The roars of the crowd signified that someone was going to die either by a man or beast.

"The games," Piper answered and turned around to face her sisters.

"Well it's ok, women didn't participate in those, right?" Paige asked nervously while biting her lower lip.

"Yes they did Paige, I mean it wasn't common and I think from what I remember about the tour, there were only four emperors that even liked it," Piper answered noticing Paige was going more pale then before.

"Piper, we are in serious trouble," Phoebe said, now grasping their predicament.

"I know Phoebe, and Leo is not answering us," Piper answered and was starting to hyperventilate.

"Sweetie it's ok, it's going to be ok," Phoebe's voice was calm and soothing as Piper rocked back and forth while holding her stomach. She wanted desperately to hold her but she was chained to a bench as they all were.

"Cole," Paige said through her teeth.

"Paige, not now," Phoebe said while looking hard at her older sister whom was still having issues with breathing.

"I'm ok, I'm ok," Piper said and lifted her head to face them as she closed her eyes and took control of her body once more. "She's right, it has to be Cole, he is the only one powerful enough to do this," she replied as she ran her hand through her hair.

Phoebe wanted to scream but also wanted to cry, she was terrified and it was hard to keep her body from shaking its self loose from her bones. "Listen, Leo is going to figure this out and save us like he does," she said, trying to reassure herself as well as Piper and Paige. They all would get lost in their own thoughts as they passed monument after monument not even giving a second look until finally coming to a stop after hours of traveling. They were in the country as grapevines adorned the rode and a large metal gate greeted them.

"Take them to the holding cell," Molateus ordered his men as he got down from the carriage.

A woman in her 30s came out to greet him as the sisters were off loaded. She was very well dressed and wore a pearl necklace with emerald rings. Her hair was red but from what they could tell it looked like a wig as she smiled but gave a surprised look as they exited one by one.

"Husband do you think our purse unable to empty," she said and put her hands out to give him a kiss a she laughed a little at his new purchases. But when he turned to face her she saw the injury that had been inflicted on him and her hands moved to it.

"What heathen did this?"

"No heathen," he answered, smiling while looking at Piper who was being taken into the house.

"That slave, you should have fed her to the dogs!" she cried, giving Piper an evil eye before she disappeared from sight.

"Sora, it is fine for not have I seen worse," he said while rubbing her arms.

Sora took a deep breath and let his touch calm her but the rage would sit in the pit of her stomach as she smiled at him. "We do not need them husband."

They both walked to the large house as night came in the form of the moon rising to its rightful place in the sky.

"They are not for house tasks Sora, they are for the games."

"What? Woman gladiators, what madness is this?"

"The madness of an Emperor, whom we will impress and bring much status to this house."

"The Emperor, he prefers woman gladiators?" she asked and stopped in the atrium.

"As Juniper loves his cock," he answered and they made their way into the main part of the house.

The three sisters would not find sleep easy as they were separated for the first time since this happened, in 5 by 5 cells with no bed or any other modern conveniences. Phoebe was close to Piper and could hear her calling for Leo through the night, quietly, as guards would walk past them on occasion. Her eyes would close as exhaustion won this round and the day would come fast enough for all of them.

To be continued.