P.M.H asks how to post a story on this site and it is a great question, it took me some time when I first started to find good steps on how to do that.


Set up an account on . Read the terms and conditions and note the author conduct rules.

Go the Documents section on your user page. Enter a label for your story and choose a story format from the drop-down menu. Upload the file from your computer and click on "Submit Document."

Click on the Stories section and click on "New Story." Read and agree to the Writer's Guidelines if you're asked to do so.

Select a category for your story. Choose the medium and choose the specific TV show, movie, book or other fictional entity to which your story is related.

Enter a summary for your story. This is what readers will see when browsing stories to read. Include information in this summary that you think will interest fans, such as the characters involved and the popular dynamics addressed.

Choose that appropriate options from the pull-down menus. Choose the rating that is most age-appropriate for your audience. That status should reflect if the story is complete or if it is a story that you will add more to later.

Edit your story if needed. You can also add chapters to your story in the edit mode to make it an ongoing saga.

Read more: How to Post a Story on | .com/how_2124239_#ixzz1MtptHdpq

How to add a chapter


Go to publish, then my stories. Click on the story you want to add a chapter to. Then click on Content/Chapters and then add your chapter.