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Ciel slept for the first time in years. His small form melted into the plush comforter and pillows soundly until the curtains of the bedroom window were pushed open. The morning sunlight nudged the small demon awake.

"Young Master, it's time to open your eyes." That familiar silky tone coaxed as the younger groaned awake. Never would he be a morning person. Those blue eyes flicked open slowly as he sat up, arching his back in a stretch. There he was. Sebastian walked around the bed in those same black coat tails as if he'd simply taken a day off. One 95 year break later, his butler was back to work without missing a beat.

"This morning I've prepared Jackson's Earl Grey. I'm sure it's been quite some time since you had that." He said, pouring the tea into a cup for his master. Ciel snorted and scooted to the edge of the bed, taking in a deep breath.

"That aroma..." Ciel sighed as if he'd relaxed for the first time. "It still smells good." He held his arms up as Sebastian pulled the t-shirt off his chest and kept them up as it was replaced with a new one that fit him much better. His butler must have gathered some of his own clothes from the apartment. He was perfectly capable of dressing himself now, but he wanted to see Sebastian do it. Perhaps it was silent punishment. The slap that was to come was not.

Sebastian blinked in surprise, but looked up at the younger, "Have I done it wrong, sir?"

"You told me you would remember last night." Ciel muttered, gripping the rustled sheets under him. "And if you do, then you had better act like you do."

The old crow nodded slowly in recognition and stood up, gently pushing the tea cart aside as he sat down next to him. There was a moment whe the two of them only stared at each other, knowing the other was deciding what to do next. Finally, Sebastian slid closer, moving his arms around Ciel's waist as he pulled him against his chest.

"I remember." He asssured softly as that gloved hand reached up to stroke through his har. Ciel closed his as he relaxed, melting into those arms.

"Is this you or Alexander hugging me?" The smaller asked, gripping the front of his coat as if afraid he would disappear once more.

"It's always been me, Ciel." The older told him.

"Why did you call me that?" Ciel snapped, frowning up at him.

"My apologies, young master. You had ordered me to the first day I worked at the coffee shop. " He pointed out.

Ciel just nodded, "I just want to know what you're feeling. I don't know if you're holding me because of the feelings you had as Alexander or if it's because you want to please me as your master. "

"Young master. I want to explain something to you." Sebastian's hand slid down to Ciel's chin to lift his head. "Back then, when you made me forget, I was only hoping to get an order like that because I was suffering very badly. It wasn't because I disliked serving you. It was because I was beginning to form feelings for you I knew would never be returned."

Ciel was quiet for a moment, just staring up at his butler. "You threw away everything because of me?" He asked, lifting an eyebrow. "Your whole past? You just... let it go?" He turned his head to nuzzle Sebastian's hand as he smirked. "Moron."

"Not even forgetting you can keep me from falling for you , it seems." The older sighed, unable to help the small smile at his lips. "May I ask now what you think of me?"

Ciel actually seemed ready for this question as he sat up, resting his hands on Sebastian's shoulders. "You made me very angry that day. We'd been fighting so much that I thought you were really starting to hate me. I always felt so stupid when I worried about losing you. Those first years, I was terrified and hurt. I was hurt because I wanted you too. "

"Do you still want me?" Sebastian asked. He was annoyingly confident as he took that moment to help him change out of his boxers. Instead of replacing them with a new pair, those silky gloves would gently slide up Ciel's soft thighs. The smaller demon watched the hands and did nothing to stop them as they moved under his t-shirt, aimed for that sensitive section.

"Yes." Was all Ciel could get out. Touching and being with Sebastian was easy enough, but the proper words were always so hard to say. His black nails dug into the bedspread when he felt a firm grope under his shirt. Like a trance, Ciel reached up for Sebastian's tie and tugged it loose before those small digits undid the buttons to his coat, waistcoat, and finally his shirt. He did it slowly as if it were a countdown to what they were about to do. Sebastian shrugged the garments off, slowly pulling each glove off with his teeth while Ciel continued down to unzip the older's pants.

"Then, young master, command me." Sebastian

"No." The boy demon said sharply. "Serve me as my butler, but love me as your companion. Act only when you decide to, not when I tell you." Ciel explained, reaching up to stroke through those black strands. "Even if it means not being able to be a perfect butler to the very end." Ciel added in a mocking tone with a teasing smirk as he leaned up to kiss his lips briefly.

Sebastian only seemed happy to oblige as he pushed his shirt up, bending to send a gentle trail of kisses down his stomach. Ciel arched up into them with a soft sigh, letting out a gasp of surprise when those lips traveled to his length as stray kisses covered his shaft. The demon lifted his head only once to speak before he would back down to a morning of pleasure.

"Yes, my love."