The world of monsters.

Bailey's wired day.

Could my life get Anymore weirder then what it is now I though to myself, I'm bailey almost everything has happened since I left my family, ok I'm 16 but I had to leave I couldn't take it I was going crazy so I moved out and I live in this small flat but it was ok for me. It all started when I had a walk in the park and I walked past a wood and it was making funny noises and ever since then I've been seeing wired creatures and monsters, I was meeting my mates in the park next to the woods and we were talking about girl stuff and we were there for hours then they had to go as they left I could here this boy and man shouting that they needed to find it and weird stuff like that I though to myself when they have left I will go and see what is going on as I have nothing to do.

They left and I went to the woods and I hid behind a tree that was near the grave yard I could here loads of sounds there was this man shouting.

"Luke come on leave her because we are going to lose it" and the other voice said.

"Luke just come back home I don't like this job get another one for me please Luke" and I think the next voice was Luke I couldn't see who they were because I was hiding behind the tree trying not to get spotted.

"no Rose I like this job if you don't like it then leave me alone and I never want to see you again you have been causing to much trouble around here go"

"Fine then"

And then I looked around the tree and saw the a boy and a man standing by a grave stone I though it was there family who has died till it started to glow green and I was really amazed I had never seen this type of thing before and a couple of minutes there was a angel and it was making the area windy, very windy I was really amazed and I kept watching and then it turned into this really scary demand and I turned back around because I didn't want to find me because it will tell my dad were I am I just ran away with out them knowing and they are very angry with me the thing is about my family my real dad is a vampire my mum is a vampire and my step dad is a vampire/ bird creature, which makes me a vampir/ human but something has happened to me I was a bad guy but now I'm good something happened and now I'm out I'm not steeling things anymore.

They destroyed the demand and then I could here the man walking back with the boy so I ran to the other side so I don't get spotted and I hid behind another tree which was big but I think he herd me or saw me because I could here this boy shouting.

"hello who is here?"

I just ignored it and sat on the ground with my feet on the ground and my knee's by me face and I could here foot steps come towards me then he saw me I looked up and I saw this tall boy with brown hair flat chested, he had blue eyes and he put his had in fount of me I didn't know what it was as I was a bad guy no one does that to you so I just put my hand on his and he helped me get up but I didn't need it, he is the first good guy I have meet in ages, and he was being nice to me but I needed to get used to it as I'm in there world now.

He introduce himself to me. He seemed really nice boy.

"hey I'm luke who are you?" Luke said nicely with a smile.

"Hi I'm bailey" I said smiling back at him.

"Hi Bailey nice to meet you and how much did you see of all that stuff?"

"Ummm all of it why I thought it was amazing"

"Really let's get you home and you can tell me about yourself"

That's when I though to myself ow no what do I say so I made up a story.

"I'm 16 years old (that weren't a lie), I like on my own in a flat I ran away from my family because I was…."


"getting abused by my prance so I ran away" I new that was a lie but then I felt something in my stomach, I always lie but something about this boy I cant lie to him or I feel really guilty, maybe because, just maybe I love him, I cant I'm bad he is good ow well I'm good now so I wanted to know about him aswell.

"So what about yourself?"

"Ow I'm Luke as you know (trying to make me laugh) I'm 18 and my dad died in a car crash and I live with my mum at the moment and I'm single I dumped my girlfriend just 5 minutes ago, are you single?"

I wondered why he asked me but I told him anyway.

"Yh I'm single I had a boyfriend but he kept getting in the way of things and our relation ship got complicated"


We got to the flats and he walked up the stairs because the lift was 'to crowded' but it weren't there was a couple of people that's it but never mind we got to the 2nd floor and luke looked around as in he new were he was.

"I live on this floor no. 3 you live near me then cool."

"Really I didn't know that" trying to sound surprised but it didn't work

We got to the last floor were I live I got to my flat no. 9, I got my key's out of my pocket and put it in the key hole and turned the key and the door opened and I turned around a I saw luke standing at the door I couldn't just let him just go after he brought me home.

"Luke would you like to come in for a little while for a cup of tea before you go and thanks for bringing me home"

"ow no thanks Bailey I should head home any way nice to meet you hopefully I will see you again and there is this club that's on every night so I go every Monday, Friday and Saturday, I though maybe you would like to come with me."

"Ow please just a couple of minutes as a thanks and yh I would love to so see you tomorrow night then."

Ok then Bailey see you tomorrow at 7 I will knock for you and ow yh I almost forgot here is my mobile number for when ever you want me"

"Ok then what is it?"

I typed in on my contacts his number for just in case I wanted to chat to him and I gave him mine so I guessed we were friends and I think we are. He walked away and I shut the door and I went into the kitchen and made myself a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallow's and it was really nice I sat on the sofa and put on a film called Vampire Diary's it is really good near the and of the film I was getting tired so when it came to the end I turned the film off and turned the TV off and shut all the curtains and turned the lights off except my room I put 2 lamp's on and the turned off the light and it was a dark room with patches of yellow light scattered around the room it looked really awesome and also romantic but the lights are not bright but there great for just walking round. I brushed my teeth and walked out the on sweet as I turned the light off I shut the door and I got dressed for bed I had a pink short dress PJ's, it has a really thin straps and low cut with furry bits on the top and it comes just above my knee.

Ive had it ages I sat on my queen sized bed thinking about today I didn't know what that creature was I was going to ask luke but it looked like he didn't want me to know. Luke seemed a really nice guy and I don't know why he asked me to come with him to a night club but it was nice of him know one has every been nice to me maybe my new live is going to be great after all, I felt the guilt coming back to me, I couldn't stand it anymore I needed to tell luke the truth or if my dad came for me he will know who he is and who I am.

I turned out the light's and got under the cover's and fell asleep I have a busy day tomorrow, shopping for new outfits for the night club I will be going to and to find out the truth about who I really am even if it mean's getting myself killed and I need to go with out anyone seeing me differently not luke and his gang or they will kill me because I'm not human, I'm a vampire. Then I put my head on the pillow and I fell asleep. I didn't dream of anything I don't know why though, I got woken up half way through the night, I herd a crash, I herd the back door open I think who ever it was had picked the lock, I was getting scared only one person who could do something like that my family I didn't want to see my mum, dad or step dad because if they found me they will kill me or something I got up very quickly the clock said the time was 11:49pm. I got my dressing gowned on and went to see who it was.

I went to the living room I could see a shadow I looked round the wall, (I had hid behind the wall so they couldn't see me), and I saw a man that looked like a human but a bird face.

"Ow no it can't be I'm in trouble he found me" I said quietly.

it was my dad he had found me I turned back around and ran back into my room think he must of herd me I shut the door and hit in the bathroom, I got my phone and called luke because he fight's monsters like him, the phone rang and luke answered but sounded tied.

"Hello Amy what do you want it's the middle of the night?"

"Sorry but I really need to talk to you" I sounded frightened.

"Whats the matter you sound frightened?" he herd the door open and my dad saying

"Bailey were are you"

"Luke helps me help me please I'm trapped and something is coming for me and I'm really scared and it had trapped me in the on sweet in my room help Luke…" I stopped talking and Luke said ok I will be on him was and I lowered the phone, he had opened the bathroom door.

"He's found me" I said as I was trapped in between the corner of the wall sitting down as a ball I was frightened of my dad he picked up the phone and he said to Luke.

"Don't bother saving her because you will be out of your depth so just go back to sleep hahahahahaha..."

"BAILEY I'M…" and my dad cut it off.

"Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, little Bailey why did you run away from me you know that makes me very angry and you don't like me angry do you, come home and I will forget about it"

"What happens if I don't want to go back?" I said in a frightened voice.

"Well you will have to find out and how low can you get, making friends with Luke the enemy, what are you expecting to get from him, or is it a plan to get the Vanhelsing family dead as there the people killing our kind."

Luke came in he unlocked the door with a pin, he herd most of it defiantly the bit about destroying him and his family he just stood at the door and listened.

"So Bailey whats the plan why did you run away from you family?"

"I didn't want to be with you anymore I'm fed up with it"

"what you cant be fed up of who you are come back home now, anyway luke is a simple human being and your not a human so why go that low to hang around with luke a is it to get into there hide out and destroy the Vanhelsing's because if you are I'm willing in joining you."

"NO I'm not ok I don't want to kill him I want to have it my way I'm fed up with it your way and maybe I might like luke but you wont know will you."

"Well I will just have to punish you."

"Let me go"

He grabbed me and through me against the wall and I was really hurt he hit my spine and I was in pain I was frightened of my dad I shouldn't of said that and he was about to hit me but he stopped I herd Luke shout.

"Leave her alone right no bird brain"

"no I told you to leave her alone" he grabbed me and picked me up and pushed me against the wall and I had marks on my face and a cut on my hip where he trough me into the wall and I cut myself.

"You leave now and leave my girl alone and I won't hurt her ok Luke"

"No I will save her and she ain't yours you haven't got your name on her" he said to him.

"Yer but you don't know who I am properly"

"You're my enemy and I want to destroy you and you can force people to destroy me because you cant you haven't got the power." I looked at Luke as if you say sorry I had a really sad face.

"Sorry luke you don't know who I am either"

"But you told me about yourself this morning?" he said confusingly

"I lied to you so I'm sorry I'm not who I said I was and I didn't what you to be afraid of me either." And my dad tightened his grip and luke was confused and I though he would just turn around and let me suffer but he didn't he came up to me and hit my dad and pushed him outside and they were fighting I just stood there watching them luke angry and so was dad and luke got my dad pinned up to the edge of the wall and my dad was trying to fight back but luke managed to push him off the wall and he fell 3 storeys high I was really amazed that he done that but I didn't cear much I hated my dad.

Luke came in a shut the door and locked it and I went back to my bed well just to sit on it I sat on the edge of the bed and Luke came and sat next to me and looked at me.

"What did you mean you lied to me who are you we could start our friendship again if you want and this time tell me the truth"

"Ok then well I am 16 that's the truth and I ran away from family because I couldn't stand it anymore, do you want to know who my mum and dad and step dad are?"

"Yer go on"

"Ok then my mum is called Victoria, my dad is called James and my step dad is... who you just went against he is mad because I left and now he knows were I live now he wont stop till he gets what he wants is me back for 1 I don't know what the others are yet and I'm not human I'm a vampire but I wont hurt you though because I cant but I don't know why yet"

"wow all that that's amazing and why didn't you tell me this from the start I don't mind you're my friend as long as you tell me the truth then I don't mind who you are and don't worry I will protect you and if he comes again call me, I will come to save you"

"Ok the luke and thanks"

He put his hand on mine and said "that's ok" back to me and I smiled.

"So about yourself I'm guessing your not telling me the truth either so tell me I told you and I wont mind and I wont tell anyone as long as you keep mine a secret"

"Ok then and you promise because I'm not ment to tell anyone but I think I can trust you enough"

"I promise"

"ok then I work for a secret organisation I cone remember what its called and that true, and I fight demons, vampires stuff like that and there is this secret base which has loads of guns and armour and stuff we need to stop and destroy the monster."

"So you're calling me a monster" I pulled my hand away and put my head down.

"No I don't mean it like that your not but all the others are" he put his hand back on mine.

"Ow ok then I'm going to get some sleep for later I would say tomorrow but its 1:30am"

"Ok then see you tonight Bailey and don't worry I will show myself out you need to rest" and he put my on the bed and put my head on the pillow I though it was wired.

He walked out and turned out the light I put the cover over me and I herd the door shut so I took my dressing gowned off and went to sleep but then luke came back in to make sure I went to sleep I though it was funny and then he left and went back home and we both went to sleep.