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~The Following Day~

DATE: February 27

Kahoko's alarm clock rang around 6:00 am in the morning, waking her up sleepily.

She finished her daily routine and went to school like just any normal day.

Apparently, this is not supposed to be a normal day to her. It was her birthday today and yet she really forgot about it. Even her friends in school were acting strange.

Dismissal time came and her friends were nowhere to be found, even her concours friends.

Before she could even reach the gate, a fancy black limousine stopped, blocking the gate.

She ignored it and tried to pass through it, but Azuma suddenly came out of the limo and dragged her inside it.

"Yunoki-senpai, what's the meaning of this?" but the lad kept silent. Staring at the window with his chin leaned on his hand.

She was clutching her skirt, feeling very uncomfortable, until she felt the limo stopped in front of Fuyuumi's mansion. The large gate opened slowly for the limousine to enter.

When they both got out, Nami was the first one to approach her.

"Hino-san!" Nami grabbed her wrist and started dragging her to the back door of the mansion.

"Amou-san, what's going on?"

Nami smirked. "You'll know soon."

She let Nami drag her into a large pink girlish room with a rose-like scent.

"Here, Hino-san. Wear this." Nami carefully pulled out dazzling beaded Lavender Halter ball gown. (A/N: I posted the link of her dress below, so just see it for yourself. I'm not good in describing.)

"W-why do I have to wear something like that?"

"Just wear it. I'll be back when you're finish." Kahoko took it from her hands, gently touching it, feeling its smooth texture.

After a long moment of hesitation, she wore it, wearing the same color of sandals.

"Hino-san, are you do— Wow, you look gorgeous!" Nami praised, making the girl in front of her to blush.

"I-I feel kind of uncomfortable…" it was well-ironed, showing the shape of her slim body, matching perfectly with her skin.

Nami pulled the chair in front of the make-up vanity table set, offering her to seat.

"Amou-san…" but she ignored Kahoko's call, brushing her soft red hair, then braid it up, letting a few strands to fall, and placed a tiny sparkling crown clip to support her hair. Put on light make-up to cover her slightly pale face.

After that, she went slowly in front of the large mirror in the room, looking at her entire body form from head to foot.

The door suddenly opened, revealing Aoi in his dashing white tuxedo. He extended his arm to her.

"Shall we go, milady?"

She looked at Nami who was currently nodding with a smile. Slowly, she approached him, taking his hand. He led her to the edge of the corridor.

"Kaji-kun, what's going on? No one hasn't told me what this is all about."

He just smiled as a respond then he started walking downstairs, supporting her of course.

She held her skirt to prevent herself from tripping from it.

They were just taking five steps when Kahoko saw what's below. An elegant party was being thrown. Her girl friends wearing knee-length skirt dresses with lovely colors while the boys were wearing different colors of tuxedos. They look at her, waiting.

Meanwhile, Nami as the party host, spoke loud in the microphone.

"Now, let us all welcome, our birthday girl, Ms. Hino Kahoko!"

"Birthday girl?" she thought for while then slapped her own forehead.

"Shoot! I forgot that today is my birthday!"

Clapping their hands caught her attention. They were smiling at her even… Len.

Once they reached down stairs, Ryoutarou took her hand and led her to sit in a fancy pink chair, like a princess throne.

Nami went near her. "Let's first hear a birthday speech from the birthday girl!" she handed the microphone decorated with pink laces to Kahoko.

"Uh… um first of all… I wanted to thank you all for doing this to me and… for your time preparing this. I… I don't know what to say… But there's something and I want to say it repeatedly to all of you…" she paused as tears formed in her eyes.

"Minna… Hontou ni Arigatou… You just made this 18th birthday of mine really special…" before tears could fall, Shouko approached her, handing a cute handkerchief.

"Don't cry, senpai… it'll ruin your make-up…" she smiled.

Kahoko nodded and smiled back. She quickly wiped the tears with Shouko's handkerchief, careful not to mess her make-up. "Here, Amou-san." She gave back the microphone to Nami.

"Well then… Let's move onto the gifts, shall we? Who wants to go first?"

Ryoutarou, in a black tuxedo, walked in front of her, holding a slightly big cage wrapped in red ribbon. He placed it down beside her.

"I give you that puppy… to guard you always from harm. Happy birthday, Hino." He said, if it was possible, he'd like to plant a small kiss in her cheek.

She smiled at him. "Thank you, Tsuchiura-kun…"

"You're we—"

"My turn!" Aoi shouted and walked in front of her, holding a white furry cat with a blue ribbon as its collar.

"Hino-san… this cat is to keep you company always."

"Awe… Thanks, Kaji-kun…" she held the cat in her arms, staring at its green eyes.

"You're very welcome. Happy birthday, Hino-san."

"Okay, so who's next?" Nami asked in the microphone.

"Me!" Kazuki, wearing a dark violet tuxedo with a purple polo shirt inside, rushed to her. "Kaho-chan! O'tanjoobi omedetou! Here's a rabbit! For you to cuddle and hug when you have problems."

She placed the cat aside and stared at the light brown rabbit that Kazuki is holding.

"So cute! Arigatou Gozaimasu, Hihara-senpai!"

Kahoko pinched its pink nose. "You're so cute, you know that?"

"Kaho-senpai…" Hihara got started when Keiichi suddenly spoke from behind.

Kazuki stepped aside to give way to Keiichi.

"Fish desu…" in his hands, was a fish bowl with a swimming gold fish. The bowl had a red ribbon around it.

"I picked this to entertain you when you're lonely, senpai… Happy birthday…"

"Thanks so much, Shimizu-kun! I really appreciate it." she took the fish bowl and gazed at the gold fish, swimming lively.

She tapped the bowl causing the fish to swim away.

"Kahoko…" she froze when she suddenly heard that voice. She put down the fish bowl first before facing him.

"Y-Yunoki-senpai…" It was Azuma in his gray tuxedo. she gulped, but since it was her birthday, she let everything pass and tried to smile at the lilac haired lad in front her.

"Happy Birthday, my Kahoko…" in his hand, showing a colorful parrot in a bird cage with a green ribbon on top.

"A parrot is to compliment you about all of your good things. And it is his use." He chuckled, making her think that it's just a joke though he really mean it. What he's saying is making her shiver.

"You're pretty." The parrot said to Kahoko.

She sent endless chuckles. "Arigatou, Yunoki-senpai."

The front door suddenly slammed open, gaining the attention of everyone as they turned their gazes to the cause.

"Hey, why did you start the party with me?" A maroon-haired guy wearing a black tux and red shirt entered, smirking.


He approached her. "Happy birthday to you, Kahoko. You want this hamster?" he asked, she nodded with a smile. It was a cute little hamster struggling to reach the top of the hamster ball.

"I bought this to play with you when you're upset."

"Thank you…" she turned her attention to the hamster that was busy rolling in his ball.

"Hey there, Hamsy…"

"It's that his name? Pfft." Etou teased. Kahoko glared at him.

"Just joking." He stuck out his tongue and chuckled.

After that, no one spoke a word. Instead, they turned all their gazes to Len who was keeping silent in a corner, crossed arms.

Len frowned when he noticed. "What?"

"It's your turn, Tsukimori-kun." Nami pointed out. Len wore a pure white tux, blue polo shirt and a red stripes tie.

"Fine." He walked towards her, holding a box wrapped in a pink wrapper.

"For you. Happy birthday." He simply said.

"What? It's not a pet?" Ryou complained.

"Ssh! Quiet down!"

Len pulled the ribbon and opened the box for her, revealing a… lizard.

"A L-l-l-lizard!" she stumbled on her seat, afraid that it might jump on her.

"Oi, Tsukimori, what do you think you're doing?"

"Giving her a gift, what else?"

"Tsukimori-kun, don't scare her."

But Len ignored all their protest. Seeing Kahoko really scared, he covered the box back and shoved it at the side.


"Y-yes?" her voice quivered.

"You don't need all of this annoying, disgusting and bothersome creatures." Len said which in turn received a glare from every guy who gave her those.

"W-why, Tsukimori-kun?"

Len sighed before continuing.

"You don't need a pet to guard you… You don't need a pet to entertain you… You don't need a pet to keep you company … You don't need a pet to compliment you… And you don't need a pet to make you happy because…" he took a deep breath. "I'm here… You don't need a pet. Because all you need… is me."

Her eyes widened, face blushing hard, heart thumping fast. Squeals from the girls were heard, and frown from the boys can be seen.

Kahoko just covered her gaping mouth, tears began to fall unintentionally.

"Kahoko… My gift may not be a pet or I may not be a pet, but I can give you all the things that a pet can do to make you happy."

"T-Tsukimori-kun, I-I don't know what to say..."

He knelt down and kissed her free hand.

"I know this is all of a sudden and I give you the right to say no. I love you, Hino Kahoko. Please be my girlfriend."

Since her other hand was held by Len, she used the other one to wipe her tears that's rapidly rushing down to her cheeks and chin, a sign that she acknowledges his feelings.

She nodded slowly in response, covering her gaping mouth, cheeks still covered with red hue.

"I want to hear it, Kahoko… Do you?"

She smiled sweetly at him. "Yes, Len… I-I do love you t-too…"

He smiled, stood up and pulled her into a tight hug. She hugged him back.

"Happy birthday, my Kahoko."

"Thank you, L-Len." She whispered into his ear and pulled away from each other's arms.

The music started to play, and it was Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.

"May I have this dance?" he asked, slightly blushing and she nodded.

He pulled her into the center and danced, not minding anyone around as the spotlight focused on them.

Amou kept on taking pictures, very amused to the new couple. The others were very happy for them except for Len's rivals.

They locked their eyes on each other, smiling, not even planning to stop.

"Hey, Len…"


"What about those pets?"

Len smiled. "I'll help you take care of them."


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