I decided to take a shot at ChAOtiC ReApEr's Joined Souls challenge. This will not take priority over The Boy Who Destroyed the World. But the idea was interesting so here we go.

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Dumbles and Weasels Bashing.

The Dawn of a Golden Age


I Am Atrocity

Chapter I: Once Upon Atrocity

Pain, blinding pain. He felt another blow land accompanied by his Uncle's angry voice. "You little shit!" Another blow landed on his ribs followed by a gasp from the helpless boy as he felt his bones snap. What had he done to deserve this? All he had done was ask if he could have some of Dudley's birthday cake. They had given him a small slice to keep up appearences in front of their guest but as soon as the last one had left his uncle had struck him hard across his face. Ten minutes later he was now laying bloodied and beaten in his cupboard.

He couldn't breathe very well, and whenever he coughed from the dryness of his throat each hack was accompanied by blood. He could feel what little strength he had fading. He was dying.

"Weak, pathetic, useless, filth." a voice spoke in his head. What? Who's there? Harry was scared, he had never heard this voice before. Why was it there now? "You are weak. You are pathetic. This must change, you must be strong! I will help you, to save our life. I will not allow myself to die!" As these words were spoken Harry felt a cold energy surge through his veins. He nearly screamed out in pain as he felt his body give a shudder, aggravating his many wounds. What is happening? Harry asked the foreign presence in his mind. "I am saving our life, sleep now." Before Harry could protest his mind slipped into slumber.


He dreamed. Flashes of memories not his own passed before his eyes like a film. He saw a boy, perhaps a few years older than him, being bullied. He saw this same boy speaking to an old man with a long beard. He saw a young man kill another boy while chanting something under his breathe. He saw a man dressed in a long black cloak torturing a man in a skull mask with some kind of stick while he laughed. Flashes of green. Screams of hundreds. Until finally the last scene passed. The man was walking up a garden path, he lifted his hand and pointed the stick, no not a stick, a wand, at the door and blast it off of its hinges.

A bespectacled man stood before him with his own wand drawn. They dueled for a moment before a sickly green light, Avada Kadavra, struck the other man in his chest. The man fell lifeless to the floor, a look of surprise still adorning his features. The cloaked figure then moved up the stairs and into a room which appeared to be a nursery. He watched as a woman tried to beg for her child's life. He felt a strange mixture of sorrow and glee when she fell to the floor dead. Soon he was standing before the crib with his wand pointed at the infant. There was another green flash and everything went black.


Harry awoke feeling better than he had in a long time. He looked at his body, he could find no trace of his previous injuries. The voice in his head was now silent. Harry pushed himself out of his small bed and out of the cupboard. He was hungry so he went to the kitchen. He had just tucked into his breakfast of toast and cereal when his aunt entered the kitchen. When she caught sight of him eating without permission she made to strike him. Before her hand was even all the way up she found herself slamming rather painfully into the wall with a loud crash.

"Now now, auntie. What would warrant such a response? Perhaps you should be taught a lesson in civility." he asked in a mockingly cold voice that was not his own. He was taken aback by the cruelty in his tone but before he could speculate on it further his uncle Vernon came running, or waddling quickly, into the kitchen. What he saw made his blood boil. His freak of a nephew was standing over his wife who was on the floor in pain. He charged at the boy. He didn't get two steps before he was on the floor next to his wife writhing in pain.

"Tut tut, we can't have that now can we?" Harry was once again struck by how cruel he sounded, even to his own ears. He watched his uncle release silent screams. "Yes,yes, feel what I have felt. Suffer as I have suffered! Hahahaha" Harry held Vernon there until the pain caused him to lose consciousness. He looked at the still aware Petunia. "Where is that son of yours?" she didn't answer. "Up in his room sleeping?" she still didn't answer. "Hmm, let's let him rest a while longer. Shall we?" She just nodded dumbly.

Harry moved toward the front door. As he passed the cupboard he called over his shoulder, "Do not try to run, do not try to escape or tell anyone what has just occurred here. If you disobey me, there will be hell to pay."

"Now to Knockturn Alley!"


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Joined Souls Challenge

Okay so there is two ways to write this story, one is having Harry becoming evil and the other having Harry staying good.

Requirements for both story's

It should start with Vernon almost killing a young Harry which results in both his and Voldemort's souls joining to save his life.

Harry must gain all of Voldemort's knowledge of the dark arts and of the wizarding world

You can have him being super powerful or you can just have him with all the knowledge and intelligence

Must be a Harry\Hermione ship

Story must start before he goes to Hogwarts (age 6-10)

Dumbledore must be a manipulator so he must be bashed

Snape can be good or bad

Has to have major Weasley bashing

It can be a bond fic if you want

Also if you get Sirius out of prison early you should have them stay near Hermione's house

Genres should be romance and whatever you choose

Rating can be whatever you want

Requirements for evil Harry

Harry must use the Dursley's as test subjects for his new dark powers

With his knowledge of all the Death Eaters , he can use it to force them to join him (although this should only happen when he is older)

His animagus should be a Dementor, a Nudu and whatever else you want

He should not be in Gryffindor

Also you should have Harry listen to some heavy metal band like Deicide or Cradle of Filth (Awesome bands), it's your call

Requirements for good Harry

His animagus should be basilisk and whatever else you want

Do not make him remorseful like Dumbledore; he should want to take down the Death Eaters

He should not go to Gryffindor