"Dude! Where are you going?" Yelled Morgan

Chuck turned around to see his best friend running towards him at full speed. Sighing, Chuck stopped moving and waited for his friend to catch up to him.

"I want to go work out for a while Morgan, why, do you want to come?" He asked.

"Are you kidding me, this is all grape soda, not an ounce of exercise in here." The short man responded. "I'll see you later Chuck." And with that, he ran back into the office building.

Chuck turned around and, putting his ear buds in his ear, started off on an all out sprint down the road, towards the beach and away from his job and his co-workers, who were driving him crazy. He also had to get away from work so he could think about his latest revelation. Just that morning he had received a letter from his high school, it said that his 10 year high school anniversary would be held in 2 days.

Chuck had not had the best of experiences while he attended high school, he remembered all the bad times, but also that had a lot of unfinished business, not the least of which were his friends left behind while he left after the incident.

Without realizing it, Chuck had run all the way to the beach, and was right outside of the gym he held a membership at. Chuck had been a customer at the gym for years, and had come to the gym almost every day that he had a membership there. The results were obvious, he was ripped. He was not over- the- top ripped, he was well built and knew it, if the reactions of most women the moment his shirt was off were any indication.

After his hour work out, Chuck jogged back to work and, with his heart set, entered his manager's office and requested a period of two weeks vacation time. Looking at Chuck, Manager John Casey could see that he was close to cracking, and so signed off on the request, effective the next day.

Chuck looked for Morgan, eventually finding him coming out of the janitor's closet with a dazed expression on his face and the top button of his shirt undone. 5 seconds later, Alex Casey, the manager's daughter, came out, struggling with the last buttons on her blouse.

Noticing that she had been caught, Alex blushed and hastily made an exit.

"Morgan, you do know that if Casey found out about this, him fifing you would be a blessing, right? He would more likely kill you and feed our body to the sharks he probably has at his house" commented Chuck.

"Hey man, I have been nothing but respectful to Alex, this was all her idea, we have been dating for a while now, and she, you know, likes a little adventure, so we tried it out at work, and man, I am crazy in love with her man." responded Morgan.

"Yeah, well, don't let Casey catch you, or he might just kill everyone here"

"Don't worry, he wont find out until I want him too, but hey, is there something that you wanted to say, you seem like there is."

"Yeah, was going to say that I am going away for two weeks, its my high school reunion and I decided that I would go to it, it could be fun."

"Good for you man, and maybe you can get with that girl you used to hang out with, you know, the brunette, you know who I/m talking about." Morgan teased. "Maybe you, me, Alex and her can go on a double date, get to know each other some more."

"Morgan, Hannah and I were only friends, and I don't want anything more than that between us, she is not the girl I can see myself with in a couple years." Chuck responded.

"Whatever man, I don't get you, every time you walk down the street, some girl tries to get in your pants, but you still have not said yes to any of them, what is wrong with you man?" Morgan looked intently at Chuck, and when it was apparent that there would be no answer forthcoming, he continued "Well man, I hope you have fun on your trip down memory lane." And with that he left.

Finishing up work, Chuck drove home in his old Chevy cavalier, the same car he had been driving since he had gotten it when he was 16. Upon getting home, he packed his clothes and some basic workout equipment, and went to bed, dreading the end of the day tomorrow.

The next day was like any other day, he worked three times as hard as any of the other employees, and then went home, grabbed his bags, and went to the airport where he caught his flight to Sarasota, Florida, home of his high school and all of his childhood troubles

Chuck had been in Sarasota for all of 8 hours, and already he realized how much he had missed while he was away. The mall he had hung out at was leveled, and a new one was erected in its place, easily three times as large as the old one. The library was now closed, and in its place as an Orange Orange, some sort of frozen yogurt store, which was doing surprisingly well for itself.

Going to his hotel room, Chuck changed into his running shorts and a t-shirt and went for an evening run, hoping to get 5 miles in before dinner, which he was hoping that the pizza place that he used to go to as a kid was still in business and would deliver to his hotel room.

When he got back, he called the pizza place and ordered his vegetarian pizza without olives and then called the high school to let them know that he would be attending the reunion. Sitting down to eat dinner, Chuck was attacked with memories from the past, some good, some bad. The last memory he had before he fell asleep was the day his parents left him and his sister, Ellie, who could not take the pain, and became mentally handicapped.