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Artemis sighed. She was a superhero! She could handle any kind of shit thrown at her, but when it came down to trying to pretend that she didn't like a guy, she was terrible at it. Ever since she saw the 'Wall-man' stumble in, she had been intrigued by him. She did have a crush on him, but she was sure it was one-sided, since he only wanted to blame her for driving Roy away.

Wally cursed himself. He was the ladies man, a smooth talker, known for getting the girl, but Artemis was immune to his skills. It seemed that the only time she ever gave him the time of day was when they were arguing with each other, the rest of the time, she just ignored him. He had to admit, she had driven Roy away, but she was turning out to be quite the replacement. Ever since he had seen her, she was just continuing to attract him, even if they were always arguing.

Wally decided that he had to go out on a date with Artemis, just to abate his curiosity. Maybe she also wanted to go out with him? Who was he kidding, the girl hated his guts! Well, he would try to discreetly ask her out.

Wally knocked on Artemis's door, growing more nervous by the second.

Artemis opened the door, and as soon as she saw Wally, she smirked. "What's up Wall-man? Have something else you want to blame on me?"

"Uh-no, I -erm, wanted some pointers." Wally asked, mentally slapping himself.

"Pointers? For what? How to sneak into a group, backstabbing someone's friend in the process?" Artemis scoffed, clearly not enjoying talking to him.

Wally decided to plow on. "No, on dating."

"On dating? Why don't you ask your dream girl, Megan for pointers? If you want to ask her out, what better way to do it than going straight to the source?" Artemis was confused, perplexed even.

"Because I want pointers from a human girl, not Martians" Wally continued, wondering if he was being too obvious.

"Newsflash Baywatch, I'm not a dating service!" Artemis stated.

"Come on! Just help me out once! I'll do anything!" Wally pleaded.

"Anything?" Artemis was grinning sadistically now.

"Well, almost anything." Wally wanted to make sure he wouldn't get penalized for this later on.

"Fine, you get 3 minutes. One second more, and you're getting it." Artemis growled. Wally meekly nodded, getting Artemis to step aside, letting him into her room.

Artemis's room was messy, not as messy as his was, but he could clearly tell chaos reigned here. "Ok, so if you had a choice, how would you like a guy to ask you out?"

"Random much Casanova? Anyway, I guess for me, it'd be that he doesn't tell me he's asking me out, you know? That way I'm not conscious that I have to look pretty, or impress him or anything. It just seems more natural. I would prefer ten times more that he just takes me somewhere, and then at the end he asks me, than the other way around." Artemis explained.

Wally nodded. "And flowers?"

"Flowers are cliché. Especially roses, they're just too cliché!" Artemis scoffed.

"But if you had to pick?" Wally egged on.

"As long as they're nice, I don't mind. Guys get me roses, and I walk." Artemis mused.

"Ok, good, and erm, how about gifts?"

"For a guy who claims he's pretty much a reincarnation of Casanova, you're pretty much giving me the third degree here." Artemis questioned.

"Well, I just want to make sure that I get a girl's take on this, 'cause, I really don't want to mess up with her." Wally grinned sheepishly.

"Aww, Wally's serious about this girl." Artemis sarcastically remarked. "So who is she?"

"No one you need to know." Wally evaded the question. "So, gifts?"

"Whatever Wall man. Anyway, I don't know, chocolates too cliché as well. It depends on the situation. But I guess something that never fails, would be a stuffed bear." Artemis blushed.

Wally was grinning from ear to ear. "So the great Artemis has a weakness, stuffed bears."

"You tell anyone Baywatch , and you'll wish you never even talked to me!" Artemis threatened.

"Alright! Fine! Anyway, how about cuddling?" Wally continued.

"Are you kidding me! You're trying to get something out of me aren't you! By the way, you have a half a minute left." Artemis exclaimed, looking at the clock.

"No! I'm not! Come on! Ok, fine, how about, as a thank you, I take you to the carnival!" Wally desperately said.

"Fine! But don't you dare ask me one more question, or you're getting it." Artemis replied, opening the door to leave.

They went to the main room, where the rest of the gang was. "Where are you guys going?" Megan enquired.

Artemis wasn't going to miss this opportunity. "Well, Casanova here-"

"-Wanted to thank Artemis for something so I'm taking her to the Carnival. See you guys!" Wally interrupted, grabbing Artemis's hand and, using his super speed, took them outside of the cave.

"Thanks, Wall man! You that embarrassed to let people know that even you need tips on dating?" Artemis cursed Wally.

"Not my fault ok! I just didn't want them to start making fun of me! I have a rep to uphold!" Wally posed, trying to look smooth.

Artemis snorted. "You? A rep? Please, if that's the case, then I must be the Queen of Gracefulness."

"You know what! How about we just go to the carnival!" Wally pouted. He then got an idea. Before Artemis could realize what he was doing, he picked her up, bridal style, and started running off to the carnival.

"West! You're so dead!" Artemis screeched as she was carried by her crush at almost light-speed.

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