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a supernatural nightmare

On a cold thundery night kasha sat in the diner drinking her coffee that was the fuel to keep herself awake she was afraid to sleep because her dreams were the most terrifying thing she had to endure he always came after her in her sleep her mom took her to see doctors to help her but nothing worked the doctors prescribed her anti depressants and nobody believed her when she told them of her nightmares

They all taught it was just the stress of losing her two best friends that died within a two week period

As kasha was nearly finished her coffee she called the waitress that walked by her as the waitress continued to ignore her

Kasha got up from the booth and followed the waitress into the kitchen just as she got in the waitress disappeared from her sight

Suddenly kasha felt like she was being watched she spun around to find nothing there

Kasha kept walking towards the door that the waitress disappeared into as she walked through the door to find herself not in the diner anymore but standing outside a house that she recognized as her own

As she walked up to the door she was suddenly halted by the three girls that was skipping singing a tune

One two freddy coming for you

Three four better lock your door

Five six grab a crucifix

Seven eight better stay up late

Nine ten never sleep again

As kasha unlocked the door to her she walked in but something wasn't right as she turned and looked down the hall just to see her best friend who died only last week casey was standing there with blood dripping from her body walking towards her.

It only a dream kasha repeated it only a dream please wake up please wake up as she pinched her arm

Oh don't worry sweetheart it will only hurt a lot said the voice behind her

Kasha slowly turned around only to be faced with the same guy that has been trying to kill her .

His face and body was terribly burned he wore a brown hat and a green and red sweater on his right hand instead of hands all she saw was razor sharp blades

Just as he raised his hand across her stomach

Kasha woke up with a jolt and looked down her top was shredded

As kasha threw money on the table she rushed out of the diner to her car and got in she reached for the glove compartment and took out the bottle of provigil she needed to stay awake because the next time she might night be so lucky

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