Part one : The name of the Rose.

"I was part of Ohgi's Resistance cell in Shinjuku, back then we pulled a heist of a poison capsule and naturally the Brittannian's where keen to have it back, we got into Shinjuku and as the fighting was reaching that of attrition we could hear the following words over our radio."

To all resistance fighter I am speaking to you as someone who can deliver you to victory from this situation, you have two choices in the matter, you can accept my command and live, reject it and die in this ghetto, join me and we will see victory over the Empire.

"Unknown to us that was the first time we encountered the man who would become our leader, the first time we encountered Zero"

From the diary of General Inoue Yamaguchi.

(Shinjuku Ghetto, Tokyo)

"You saved me!" Kallen said to herself before turning to where the Knightmare she thought her mysterious ally was in was. The Glasgow had disappeared. "What? Where did he…?"

"Kallen!" she looked down to see Ohgi, Tamaki and a number of others from their group running towards her. "What the hell was that radio message earlier?"

"What he contacted you too?"

"Yeah! And Yoshida's group should be here soon." Ohgi said before his radio came back on.

"Are you the one in charge?" the voice said.

"Huh…Yeah" Ohgi said.

"I present to you the cargo in that train over there. They are tools for your victory. If you want to use them to win then follow my orders"

Kallen used here Glasgow to open the first car she gasped when she saw brand new Sutherlands inside of it.

"There's more in here" she heard a distant voice yell. "Here too!" Tamaki responded. "Amazing! Maybe we should give this guy a chance!" someone else said.

"All this?...But how?..." Kallen breathed.

"Woman in the Glasgow!" the voice said again.


"Stay where you are. Your unit is going to run decoy. You got that?"


"Energy filler status?"Kallen looked at the energy gauge "About fifteen minutes worth."

"Then recharge it. In about ten minutes I'll contact you with your next instructions"


"The terrorists are mixed among the Elevens populace and are mounting a minor resistance against us but they pose little threat to the army units we have." Bartley said.

"We know that moving on…" Clovis said a little impatiently.

"Understood your highness, the gas capsule will be…"

"What the public thinks." Clovis finished for him.

"Yes. And we'll keep searching for the girl." Bartley reassured him.

"Either way I want her captured dead or alive. And I want Lelouch's body to be brought back here after this mess is over so we can give him a proper burial I own him that much." Clovis said softly 'Lelouch why did you have to go and meddle in this?' he thought regretfully.


Ohgi sat in one of the Sutherlands that the mysterious voice on the radio had given them when he turned one of the screens on and saw Tamaki standing in front of him.

"Hey are you sure about this? They've all had their I.F.F.'s removed. What if this if a trap?"

Ohgi turned on his intercom "The other side has total advantage in this war. They don't need to set any traps. Alright people let's move get to your assigned points." The radio came on again.

"P-1 can you move? It operates basically the same as what you're used to."

"Can't you tell us who you are? At least your name."

"I can't do that. What if these signals are being intercepted? Anyway if Q-1 is on schedule, enemy Glasgows will reach you in twenty-three seconds. Shoot them through the wall."

"He's out of his mind!" Tamaki yelled.

"Everyone double check your weapons" Ohgi ordered.

"What? Are you serious?"


"Enemies spotted at point F-31" one of Clovis' officers said over the radio

"A feint hmm? How pedestrian" he mumbled.

"Have Lazlo squad proceed straight in!" Bartley barked "Have Eugen and Valarie strike from the rear!"


"Three…two…one…Fire!" Ohgi said giving his comrades the signal to blast the enemy Glasgows into oblivion.


"Sir Eugen and Sir Valarie lost" an officer called out after having watched it on the screen.

"An ambush?" Clovis asked.


"P-1, P-4, P-7 move a hundred meters to the right and fire your slash hearkens toward three o'clock"

"You heard him!" Ohgi said "Do what the voice says!"

"Dammit what else does he want us to do?" Tamaki said grudgingly as he got into a Sutherland.

"P-5 Ready?" the voice cut in

"Quit calling me that!"


"The enemies moving toward G-28!"

"Send in Lazlo Squad…I mean Glaube squad!" Bartley cried.

"This means the terrorists have our military weaponry?...Sutherlands?" Clovis realized

"Sir Glaube ejected his units been lost!"

"Change the code's their intercepting our transitions!" Bartley yelled.

"We already have sir four times!"

"Do it again!"

Clovis shot up from his throne "This failure is unacceptable!" he cried.

"Forgive me!" Bartley graveled.


"R-2 fire anchor. B-7 use U.N. ordinance. N-group continue your advance."

With a mighty cry the terrorist Sutherlands drove back the Britannian Glasgows nearly obliterating them.


"We just lost Lazlo squad!"

Clovis Stood next to Bartley "Now! Bring up Quincy Squad!" Clovis ordered.

"But my lord! That will break the encirclement!" Bartley protested.

"Reinforce the breech with some of the units guarding me. All we know for certain is that enemy forces are here."


"My lord they ordered them to break formation" Jeremiah said.

"That's a more stupid move then I expected."


"Q-1 do you have an area map?"

"Yes I have a map of the old town but it's got no land marks on it" Kallen answered.

"It'll do"


"Alright send in Bertz and the others in as well!" Clovis said. "Concentrate our forces there surround them! "The enemy's main force is that center dot!" he stated keeping his eyes locked on the screen. "Finish every one of them off!" not two seconds after he gave the order the dot on the screen disappeared. "What where's the enemy?"

What he didn't know was that the terrorists had gone underground and used their slash hearkens to take the street right out from underneath them taking out all of the Glasgows Clovis had left.

Clovis backed away from the screen 'Who?...who in the hell am I up against?' he thought 'he's even better then Todoh…"


Kallen was amazed at just how smoothly things had been going for their side, this mysterious voice appeared on the Radio and had provided them with knightmares and tactics which were decimating the Empire's forces.

"This is K-1 to all forces abandon your knightmares and mix with the civilian population" the voice came over the speakers.

"Abandon them, why the hell would I want to do that?" Tamaki asked him annoyed.

"Because the Knight of Autumn Cross, the Champion of the Rose Prince is being deployed for battle, so unless you want to face him and that monster of a Lancelot I suggest you do as I say" the voice replied and they complied, the Reputation of Autumn Cross was well know among them.

(Lancelots trailer position)

"The enemy has abandoned the knightmares and have disappeared into the Ghetto? That's rather odd considering they were winning" Cecile said to Suzaku over the radio.

"They must have gotten word that the famous Autumn Cross would be joining the fray…Congratulations Suzaku you've become such a feared man from your South American Campaign with his highness that no one wants to face you" Lloyd said meaning it as a complement, but it wasn't interpreted as so by Cecile who gladly delivered punishing blows upon Lloyd.

"Attention all forces Cease fire at once!" Prince Clovis' voice came on all their radios and intercoms "I Clovis third Prince of Britannia and Royal viceroy of Area Eleven hear by command you all forces are to cease fire at once! You will also cease destruction of all property all casualties Eleven or Britannian are to be treated without prejudice! In the name of Clovis La Britannia I command you cease fire immediately! I shall allow no further fighting!" Clovis voice was heard over the speakers bringing the battle to an end.

(Clovis command center)

"There you have it, I've done what you wanted, what do you want now, a song, a dance, perhaps some chess?" Clovis said to the cloaked and masked man who was holding a gun at him.

This had been a horrible day for Clovis, first C.C capsule had been stolen, then his strike team was all killed, now this one sided massacre of his forces and now this vigilante who was apparently the ring leader was holding him at gun point.

"Chess…..that brings back memories, but I am afraid I am not here for such pleasantries, I am here to enact justice to this world." Zero replied as he cocked his gun and prepared to fire at Clovis.

"W-wait, I can give you money , more money than you could ever have gathered in one life time" Clovis said begging for his life.

"Would you denounce you country and join in me in rebelling against the Empire?" Zero asked.

"Y-yes, of course" Clovis replied thinking he was going to live.

"You know up until know I always believed that anyone deserved a second change, and I could have given you that second change despite the fact that you ordered you troops just recently to massacre the ghetto, and if it wasn't for me they would have, but what you said know has shown me that you do not deserve a second chance" Zero said to him.

"What do you mean?" Clovis asked now sweating bullets.

"You denounce your country and father so easily, and not because you are opposed to him, but because you are the type of person ho would do or say anything to anyone, a person with no pride, no morality, no integrity, a person like you does not belong in the new world I am building…..but before you die I will let you see the face of the one who sent you to your grave" Zero replied and he took his mask off.

"Y-you, ….but that's impossible,…. I just got off the phone with you, you're supposed to be in Buenos Aires ….*Bang*….." Clovis tried to finish his sentenced but could not do it because Clovis was executed by him.

(Buenos Aires, Capital of Underland)

Lelouch was playing a game of chess with one of the Empire's high noble he was waiting for Euphie, Cornelia and Schneizell to come and visit him and Nunnally, the three above mentioned siblings are where late from their duties in the Empire, or so they claimed.

"And this is check mate" Lelouch said to the noble as he ended the game.

"That's puts our fifth game today to an end, and it brings your debt to me to about 450 million pounds, I will expect the money by tomorrow, and each day you delay the interest is 20%" Lelouch said to him as he collected the red box from the table he had placed it upon as his wager for the games.

"But you highness that's outrages!" the noble said to him.

"It's not outrages at all, what was outrages was that after the first game your refuse to accept that you cannot beat me, for your stupid pride you now wagered and lost most of your fortune, that is outrages, if you want someone to blame, to through daggers at then I suggest you use that ship can you call a brain" Lelouch said and he loved the tormented look on the nobleman's face which said I hate t o admit it but he is right.

"He won't be able to pay, he will have to sell some of his lands and stocks, I can then buy them from his using my various pseudonyms and I can take control of it and the best part of it won't cost me a dime" Lelouch thought to himself as the nobleman left the room, delighted that the nobles power once again decreased and his own money and power increased.

Just then Jeremiah who was his knight came into the room.

"My lord I am afraid there is a situation in Japan which requires your attention" Jeremiah said to him as Lelouch detected a grave tone in his voice.

"What has happened, you look like you seen a ghost?" Lelouch said to him.

"My lord….Prince Clovis has died…..he has been assassinated by someone call Zero" Jeremiah replied .

At this Lelouch got up from his chair and walked towards the window, he was slightly shaken and saddened by the loss, but he had the talent of keeping his grief in check until he was by himself, it was a necessity in his world.

"So someone finally had the brains to take him out, can't say that I am surprised though, they deplorable conditions in Japan are a breeding ground for terrorism, and after I even sent Suzaku to help him" Lelouch thought to himself.

"What off Suzaku?" Lelouch asked.

"Kururugi is blaming himself for his death, but from the battle report it seems that Clovis ordered him into combat and he's just blaming himself for nothing" Jeremiah replied.

"Pack mine and Nunnally's things for Japan, also contact Schneizell and Cornelia and tell them I am going to Japan, also do we know who the rebel leader is?" Lelouch replied.

"Yes sir, he released a video footage of himself" Jeremiah said and he played on Lelouch's VCR the recording of Zero's message.

"Here me Brittannia, I am Zero, for generations you have abused and enslaved countless people, well no more, starting today, your punishment and your destruction begins, Prince Clovis is the first who has felt the sword of justice smite him for his tiranic rule of Japan and tomorrow so will all those who oppress the weak…."

Lelouch watched the message and he himself agreed with the fact that the Empire was evil and needed to be completely destroyed and rebuilt, but in order for him to do that he had to gain even more rank and power, the only way to do that was to vanquish foes of the Empire.

"Why are those who agree with me never on the same side of the barricade" Lelouch thought to himself as he positioned his body in a way that it made it look like h was playing a chess game against Zero.

"You've made your opening move and now it's my turn "Lelouch said as he picked up the Black King chess piece and placed it to face Zero.

Unknown to Lelouch and to the world one of the greatest rivalries was born that day, the world would n ever be the same.

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