Hello my dear, dear friend

I have come to frolic again

For what purpose do I come you say.

To spread chaos from eternity to today.

John Milton, Devils ballad.

Chapter X: Flowers that spread, flowers that come

(Lelouch's room, Government Facility)

Lelouch was in his room and was resting on his bed; he had a date with Shirley this evening which more or less ended up in passionate kissing and groping on both their parts, he felt than sooner they would consummate their relationship, but he had other issues on his mind, tomorrow he and his Murmilo regiment had a special mission to undertake, one that would either bring them great rewards or total destruction, and that was why he was merely lying on his bed and not sleeping, he had his plan figured out, every detail was put in place every factor checked, but even the best plans don't go as you'd like….

(Mustafa's room)

Mustafa was on his knees and he was praying to Allah, as it was customary for muslins to do this three times a day.

Allah oh great creator your humble servant Mustafa has come here to give you his praise and piety for you, I thank you for giving me the gift of live, for giving me a prosperous family to be born into, for strength to be a holy warrior, for giving me strength to overcome my addiction to drugs and alcohol, and know that I will face without fear whatever challenge you may give me.

Mustafa thought to himself as he looked at what his uniform for the mission was….it was a silk dress

Even when your challenges can make even Hercules doubt he is man enough to fulfill them.

(E.U Ministry of interior, Internal Security Division MI8)

Janos Algren the director of the Pacific sector for counter intelligence was going over the latest report from his field agents.

"So in all we have managed to determine that The Empire had bribed eight small officials, three medium tank members of the Foreign relations sector, we estimate there are 14 field agents infiltrated within this area and have eliminated 6 of them, and we have in all 38 report upon the internal affairs of the Royal family " one of the field operatives said to him.

Janos Algren was a man in his late twenties and his high ranking position in the Internal Security at such a young age proved that he knew what he was doing, to and ordinary person nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but to him there was something that was bothering him in a particular report.

"You said that there was an order for expensive silk and perfume from Lelouch the current Governor of Underland?" Janos said to them.

"Yes sir"

"That's all for now, you may go" Janos replied and they left.

He then took the report and then sat on the floor with his legs crossed, this was his meditation position.

"Silk and perfume is what you usually give to a woman, if he as a mistress or lover he wouldn't bother so much to keep it a secret?"

Janos thought to himself and he then put his mind into it.

"I am Lelouch, I am the Rose Prince…my realm is constantly harassed by inside opposition…my new land Japan is on the verge of rebellion…..i have China to the West and Europe to the North….I have Zero in my backyard, enemy on my shores, nobles at my back…I have a house of cards….i need victories… great victories, one against the E.U, one against Zero and another against the nobility…I need three…..what are these three"

Janos then sat there crossed legged and in meditation, he went through all potential victories he could achieve and tried to tie them to the silk and perfume, and so day turned into night and he got up from his eight hour seating position and started to go home.

As he walked past the main office he stole a glance at the map of the world and he immediately froze in his tracks, there he saw his answer.

"T-that's it! , the E.U, Zero, the nobility, the unholy Trinity for the Rose Prince all into one! But how does this fit with the silk….AAAAAAAAA! OF Course! he thought to himself as he quickly ran to the nearest phone.

"Get me the MI8 head department tell them it's urgent!"

(Cornelia's eight army submarine command ship)

"Although I have to say this plan seems to have a great deal of success, I do not think it is necessary for you to participate in the field mission Lelouch" Cornelia said to him as he was changing into one of the dresses.

"Although you may be against it, I think my participation would be mandatory " Lelouch said as he exited the dress room in gown.

"Well what do you guys think?" he asked them.

Those present were all rendered speechless by what they saw, Shirley who was with them since she was on Lelouch's personal guard had the following thought.

"Lelouch was always were attractive and a lot of girls look at him, but with this….does it mean that the male population will also be my rival?"

(Black Knights HQ meeting room.)

"Another ten victims from the Divine Wind Alliance?" Zero asked Diethard.

"Yes sir, it's seems that they are specifically targeting Black Knights along with Brittannian targets, it seems that while the more mild idealists are going to us, the extremists are gathering to them." Diethard replied.

The Divine Wind Alliance was a new organization which appeared just recently.

While the Black Knights have been branding themselves as allies of justice and have continued to fight against oppression, corruption, they are allies of justice, but the Divine Wind objectives is in their own saying total purification, almost everyone who is not up to their strict code of patriotism, nationalism and other criteria's is a potential target

"Before we can eliminate the enemies from outside we must first defeat the enemies from within." Ohgi replied with a melancholic voice.

"And here I thought all that crap went out with the Blood of the Samurai!" Tamaki said to them.

"In any society there will always be fanatics, extremists that always see an enemy" Zero said to them.

"Also this moth we have ambushed 10 brittannian military columns, recruited another 500 additional members and made public evidence against 23 businessmen, destroyed two crime cartels and our support has risen by 3% among the global population" Diethard added and this was very good news.

"Also we received an invitation from Kyoto for a meeting" Ohgi said with a smile which made everyone in the room gasp with surprise and cheer with happiness in their voice.

"Is there really such a need for this level of enthusiasm?" Zero asked them.

"Really a need? It's Kyoto! If we are accepted then it means sponsorship" Kallen said to him astounded at his lack of enthusiasm.

"With that our financial problems….." Ohgi said but he stopped himself after realizing he forgot to report this to Zero.

"It's not my fault! We are a big organization now, the money just disappears!" Tamaki defended himself as he was the one in charge of finances.

"Does taking the new recruits to a fancy place to show off part of our necessary expenses?" Kallen asked sarcastically.

"Hey now…."

"I know where you've been and how many times as well" Kallen said to him and enjoyed the sight of Tamaki squirming from being found out.

Tamaki then looked at Zero to gauge his reaction but he noticed that the guy was not reacting at all he was only looking at an empty corner of the room but he was not saying anything.

"Uhm Zero…I….I am really sorry…I won't try to" Tamaki said but Zero just kept staring at the ground, to those around him it looked as though Zero was so ashamed at his behavior that he couldn't look him in the eye.

An eerie silence followed as those around did not know how to react, then suddenly Zero got up which made everyone jump from this sudden action, he then started slowly pacing around the room with his hands behind his back.

It looked as though a judge was about to carry out a sentence and everyone now held their breath from the dreaded moment when he would pronounce it.

"Ohgi, has there been any response from Brittannia over our activities?" Zero asked him.

"N-no, nothing out of the ordinary" Ohgi replied.

"Just as I feared" Zero said and this confused those present.

"What do you mean?" Yoshida asked him.

"Our organization has done great damage to the Empire both militarily and politically and yet Lelouch does nothing, I can only assume his lack of inactivity is from pooling his resources into some grand operation which takes a great deal of time" Zero replied and everyone then understood his concern.

"For now we shall go and meet with Kyoto, when is the meeting?" Zero asked.

"In five hours time" Diethard replied.

"Then this meeting is adjourned, everyone go and rest and prepare for Kyoto, also Tamaki!" Zero said to Tamaki who froze from the icy tone used in his voice.

"If this was a legitimate army you would have been court-martialed for embezzlement of funds, if this was a yakuza organization you would have been beaten senselessly, and if this was a terrorist organization you would have been skinned alive, and for wasting resources when we have so few I'd say it would have been well disserved punishment" Zero said to him as he leaned down until he was face to face with him.

"But I am a man who believes in a second change, so I will overlook this, but if you waist our resources like that again I will not give you a third change, do I make myself clear?" Zero said to him and all Tamaki could do was nod in agreement.

"Also Ohgi you will now be in charge of our finances, does anyone have any objections?" Zero said while his mask was still inches away from Tamaki's face.

"N-no" Tamaki said to him.

"Meeting adjourned then"

(E.U Ministry of interior, Internal Security Division MI8)

"God damn fools!" Janos said out loud as he hung up the phone, headquarters had not taken his warning seriously and he had gotten the usual prewritten replies from them.

He immediately started redialing his phone with the personal numbers of the commander of the Pacific garrison.

"Hello is this the phone of commander Potiaski?" Janos asked in a haste.


"Am I speaking with the commander?"


"Do you know of the Rose Prince, the current governor of Japan?"


"Well this might seem silly but I believe his plan is to capture you and your officers by using courtesans or high class prostitutes to get you to surrender your command without a fight, I know it sounds silly but please will you believe me?" Janos said to him.


A wave of relief came over Janos and he relaxed, but after a few moments of silence he noticed that there was an edge in the commanders voice, and then a wave of fear overcame Janos and with dread he said the following.

"You believe me right?"


"You'd like to take precautions, but you can't, right?"


"It's because you've already had a party with those courtesans and you and your officers are already captured aren't you"


"He's right next to you isn't he?"

"Yes" Potiaski replied and after that Lelouch took the phone from him and spoke into it.

"Mister Janos if I am not mistaken I must say that I am impressed you managed to see through my plan" Lelouch said to him.

"I hope you understand your highness that I am not in the mood for pleasantries regarding our current situation" Janos replied as he tried to keep his calm.

"I understand quite perfectly mister Janos, but the this is not the end, this is just intermission, so sit back and enjoy part two" Lelouch said and he hanged up the phone.

(Kyoto meeting area)

The limousine which transported The Black Knights reached its destination, a warehouse within the sakuradite mining operation

"Hey! This is mount Fuji!" Kallen said amazed as she looked out the window.

"This is where the sakuradite mines are!" Oughi said

"The cursed treasure that brought about the war! Kyoto's really something if they have influences all the way here" Tamaki said.

"It's repulsive... Mt. Fuji, a sacred mountain once known for its clear water and quiet beauty, now it is bent to the empires will, a place of hideous violation, a reflection of what Japan has become, it pains me so." Taizo Kirihara said from behind his concealment.

"You are Zero, are you not, although I understand that you have your own reasons to conceal your face, but for me to trust you must reveal it to us" Kirihara said as three knightmares appeared from the shadows.

"Wait Zero's the one who brought us victory and defeated both Lelouch and Cornelia" Kallen said as she got in front of Zero and raised her arms around him in a protective manor, but was immediately stoped by Kirihara's voice who said to her:

"Be quiet woman, you to the right you are Ohgi are you not"

"Y-yes sir" Ohgi responded.

"Remove Zero's mask and show us his face" Kirihara ordered.

"F-forgive me Zero, I really want to believe in you so please" Ohgi said as he moved his hands to take of Zero's mask, but was stopped by a raise of the hand from Zero.

"What a very civilized was to do business, force someone at gunpoint to reveal his secrets to you, I dare say your methods put the yakuza to shame, mister Kirihara Taizo" Zero said out loud this surprised Kirihara and his two bodyguards which were with him.

"We cannot let anyone who knows the master's identity live!" One of the bodyguards said as they moved to take out their guns, but were stopped when the three knightmares all of a suddenly pointed their guns at the guards and at Kirihara.

"W-what's is going on!" Tamaki said out loud.

"Did you really think that I would attend this meeting without proper precautions, it was an easy task to find out the probable location of your rendezvous site and have my agents take out and replace yours, a pity thought , they were good soldiers although I cannot say the same about their leader, Kirihara Taizo, founder of Kirihara industries, responsible for the mining of sakuradite, you controlled the Kururugi government from the shadows and supported the war against the Empire, after that you changed sides and swore an oath of allegiance to Brittannia, only for you to then immediately start funding the various anti-government movements nationwide, Benedict times three I would say" Zero said to him as he approached Kirihara.

"You bastard, how dare you judge the chairman so!" one of the guards said but was silenced by Kirihara.

"You seem to very much want to conceal your identity so I guess the rumor from Kaguya that you are not Japanese was true then" Kirihara said to Zero.

"That's correct" Zero replied nonchalantly.

This caught Ohgi and the others by surprise.

"You can't be serious, no wonder he didn't show us his face!" Tamaki said to them.

"If you are not Japanese then what is your objective, what do you fight for?"

"The freedom of Japan is one step in my plan to liberate all those who are being oppressed by others" Zero replied.

"You're objective sounds too good to be true, but how can I trust you?" Kirihara asked.

At this Zero took another step forward and entered the small pagoda which Kirihara was sitting.

The other could not see or hear what they were doing.

He then took off one of his gloves and extended that hand to Kirihara, after a few moments of hesitation Kirihara took hold of it and a sudden surge of energy overcame him, he experienced sights and sounds which were too great to be explained, he saw the past, he saw the future, he saw the grand scale of things from the most grandiose event to the most insignificant detail, his eyes were for the briefest moments opened.

"B….beautiful, everything was so beautiful, and what we done, what we could have done instead…" he said to Zero in a voice which only the two of them could hear as tears streamed down his eyes.

"And you, you are really a d-"

"No I am not, I am just someone who wants to make things right, to make up for the past, the one who is to bring change, nothing more nothing less" Zero cut him off.

Kirihara was taken aback by this, but after giving it a thought he understood and gave a nod of approval.

"Very well then, we will sponsor you both with money and military knowledge, you have the full backing of Kyoto, may the Kamikaze blow in your favor Zero" Kirihara said as he wiped the tears from his eyes and gave a bow of the head.

"I am grateful for that lord Kirihara" Zero replied with a bow of the head and he exited the pagoda.

"One more thing, how did you manage to subdue my knightmare pilots?" Kirihara asked out of curiosity.

"You can all reveal yourselves now" Zero said and two of the three Knightmare hatches opened and revealed that Inoue and another female Black knight were there.

"I see…women really are the downfall of kings and heroes" Kirihara said with a chuckle which lightened the tense atmosphere.

"I said you could come out now" Zero said to the third knightmare since it pilot wasn't responding.

"C.C for gods sake's you can come out now!" Zero shouted to the knightmare.

"Don't want to" C.C replied with a bored tone in her voice.


"Why should I listen to you? After all you are a very bad partner, you never take me out, never buy me any nice things and you always take up to much of the bed, so why should I listen to you" C.C said in a teasing tone which did manage to get Zero's blood boiling.

"T-take up to much of the bed, hey does that mean C.C is his girl?" Tamaki asked Ohgi.

"Guess so, can't say that I blame him" Ohgi whispered back.

"C.C stop with this idiocy, you and I are professional partners, not romantic ones, so please stop trying to make my life miserable!" Zero replied.

"Why should I, that is what according to your male mentality what God put us on this earth for so why should I defy God, I'd rather much defy you" C.C said playfully.

Zero clenched his fists but after that he let out a sight of defeat and said: "Fine I'll meet whatever demands you want but can we please just go now?" Zero said to her, and she agreed and they left.

Kirihara after witnessing this scene nearly shook his head in sympathy, not even the Zero could handle or understand women, and to do that would require a miracle of miracles.

(Black knight HQ)

The meeting with Kyoto had been successful and Zero was looking forward to a night of relaxation, but that hopeful thought was dashed as soon as Yoshida ran to deliver them a message with great shock in his voice.

"He, he took it, he actually took it!"

"What are you talking about Yoshida?" Kallen asked him.

Yoshida immediately guided them to the tv.

We are here live from Toyohara were just moments ago the last of the E.U garrison had been captured by Her Highness Princess Cornelia's forces and Prince Lelouch, the Governor General of Underland and Japan is now approaching the stand in front of me to deliver a speech on the recent events.

"Everyone, from those who are with us in this campaign as soldiers to those who are viewing this at home, to every inhabitant of the empire and abroad I say to you on this day we Lelouch vi Brittannia, Cornelia di Brittannia together with our armed forces claim this land of Sakhalin in the name of peace in the Pacific, the E.U stole this island from the other four Nippon Islands years ago during the first pacific and it deported it's people to labor camps in Siberia, and replaced them with soldiers whose only objectives was to pirate the waters around it and terrorize its inhabitants"

"Today no more to the people who are living on the mainland I say to you the Pacific is now truly hours, and to the people who live just across this narrow strait of sea I say to you what was stolen from you has now been returned to you and we have won this victory without losing a single man!" a wave of cheers an applause came from the gathered soldiers.

"Now I understand that there are a great number of civilian's who are natives of the E.U currently reside here, if they so desire they may pass and go back to the mainland E.U, my reason for doing this is simple, the E.U will undoubtedly launch a united offensive to retake this island and while the E.U may have no qualms about getting innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, I do not and will always seek to protect the civilian be they Foreign or Imperial"

"And to the E.U leaders who think they are a match for Cornelia di Brittannia and myself I say if you try to come and take this island we will gladly welcome you with our steel and shot!" Lelouch finished and a roar of cheer came from the gathered crowd.


"Sakhalin it's….it's part of Japan again!" Sugiyama said out loud.

"The piece of land which was stolen from us so long ago, the one thing we tried for over a century to take back, he did it he actually did it!" Kallen added.

Diethard who was present in the room stared at Zero who displayed no emotions.

"He hasn't said anything since the news hit, ….. he said that he was expecting something big to happen this morning, then why is he so passive?... is he really that shocked or…Oh My GOD it makes no difference to him! He is passive because he has something even bigger planed along!" Diethard thought to himself as he felt his heard raced with sheer anticipation.

The sun and moon, the night and day.

Whether you are near my friend or that far away.

A time of delusion and confusion is what you will find.

Between my chaos sun and black hole of mine.

John Milton, Devils ballad.