Yo kittens, sorry about this. I'm not sure if it makes sense but I wanted to add this as a plot twist to help bring Gaara and Uzu together. I'll explain the rest as the story goes.


Kankuro spat his coffee across the room the second Gaara told him that he had finally figured out who the woman staying with him was.

Earning a dark look from his younger brother who first looked at the possible stain his older brother had created then sank down in his seat until all that was visible was his eyes and the top of his head as he asked with an annoyed growl. "Why is it that everytime I tell you something of relevance you spit all over my office?"

"S-Sorry little bro-" Kankuro said as he quickly dropped down to his knees and set his mug aside and rubbed at the stain with his shirt sleeve. Behind the desk, Gaara rolled his eyes and sighed. All Kankuro was doing was making the stain set in his nice clean carpet- Damn him.

Face palming, Gaara decided to try a different tactic. "Kankuro-" His brother paused and looked at him, his eyes wide as he waited for him to speak. Gaara sighed again and hung his head a little bit in defeat. "Nevermind."

"Oh, okay." Kankuro said as he finished up what he was doing and finally stood, bringing his mug with him as he did so. "There's something that puzzles me. If that woman really is Uzumaki, then why didn't she just come out and say so?"

" Well-" Gaara said as he sat up in his seat and rested his elbows on his desk and folded his fingers. "in the beginning I believe that it had to do with the toxins messing with her mind. I mean let's face it, that stuff had to be unusually potent to take a juggernaut like her down. But then we cannot dismiss the fact that she must have been undercover on a mission. Those are the only reasons I can think of for her not to say anything."

"And now that you know who she is?"

"I would imagine now that her mission is over. She'll go back to the leaf village."

"I see." Kankuro said softly as he took another drink of coffee then checked his watch and muttered, "Damn. I need to head out and meet Temari and her team."

"Take several Anbu with you. We've had raiders in the area recently."

"Okay. I'll stop by your place later today with Temari and all of us will have dinner with Uzu and catch up on things."

Gaara nodded and used his sand to snatch his brother's coffee from him earning a disgruntled look from him before he checked his watch again then waved bye and dashed out of Gaara's office like his pants were on fire.


Uzu stepped out of the shower in her room and snagged a towel from the peg hanging on the wall and wrapped it around her as she made her way over to the fogged up mirror, and wiped at it with her hand so that she could check her appearance in the glass. After waking up a little while ago and deeming it useless to continue with her current mission, she had decided to cut and then dye her hair back to her natrual color.

"Now all I have to do is wait for a reply from Tsunade then to move on to my next mission..." The fusion of two countries through marriage. Rock was out. So was Mist and Water which left-

Only Sand and her childhood friend.

She closed her eyes and lowered her head a little bit and tried to supress the nearly overwhelming urge to cry.

She didn't like the idea of marrying Gaara just so that her village could use him and his military forces. She wasn't a conquer. But she knew that the group that she had spent the past while undercover with were planning to annihilate both the Leaf and Sand villages.

It was part of the reason she had gotten pregnant and given birth to the leader's child. She was hoping to stall him with the knowledge of the child while she came up with a plan to stop the all out war that was heading steadily closer and closer to her home and the home of her friend.

Looking at herself in the mirror again she noticed that her eyes were red rimmed as they flashed crimson and she said to herself, "How much farther must I sink into the abyss before everything finally ends?"