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Taming The Golden Monkey

By: Emerald Falcon

"GOKU! I will kill you!" A buff blonde roared blasting off into the air looking around for any sign of his rival. "I will destroy everything in my path till I find you!"

The blonde looked around at the ground below him scanning the area like a hawk. He watched as his father screamed out his name and with a high pitched cackle he sent a single ball of energy flying towards the man before blasting off towards the west leaving a golden trail behind him. He travelled for two hours destroying whole cities along the way laughing at the death and carnage below him.

He twisted his body to where he was flying on his back looking behind him at the latest burning city letting loose a cackle of joy before colliding with a figure behind him. Looking back and down his eyes locked with the greenest eyes he had ever seen and with lightening speed he caught the small pale hand in his much larger muscled one staring down at the young teen dangling hundreds of feet in the air from where he held him.

Harry stared up at the large muscled man floating in mid air and who now held him still floating perfectly still with ease. What the hell; how he to be floating like this? His eyes widened further when the person lifted him with ease only to catch the teen's legs on his other arm and move to hold the arm that caught him against Harry's back holding him bridal style. The man had to be at least three times the size of Harry. Even the blonde male's arms seemed large and bulky with heavy muscle. The young wizard felt like a child in his arms. As he stared up at the bright green eyes of the male that held him; eyes that seemed almost feral to that of a normal person. Who the hell was this and what the hell was he?

"Who are you?" the golden haired man's voice sounded gruff and almost strained.

"I'm Harry; and you are?"

Pupiless green eyes narrowed suspiciously, "Brolly, little human."

The smaller male leaned back a little laughing nervously, "N...nice to meet you. Can you put me…on the ground…please?"

Brolly growled darkly his arms tightening almost harshly around the thin pale figure, "No."

Wincing the Gryffindor put a hand on the large well muscled chest, "that hurts!"

The Saiyan shook his head as if fighting something off before speaking, "Brolly."

Harry nodded, "Yes I know you're Brolly."

Brolly nodded, "Yes Brolly, weapon… no Brolly."

The wizard frowned and looked up at the man and watched with fascination as the bright golden hair leaked into an inky black falling into soft waves down to the buff mans shoulders. Large muscled seemed to relax into smaller less complex ones as the bright green pupiless eyes darkened to an almost blackened shade.

Harry's eyes widened as the now calmer Brolly looked down at him his tight grip loosening to an almost lazy hold. It was then that they slowly began to descend towards the ground at a slow peaceful descent that seemed completely controlled by the being that held him so… desperately.

As they landed the now dark headed male put Harry down on the ground leaning his back against a tree. Studying the smaller human as he sat across from him placing a hand on the smaller male's ankle as if to keep him where he was.

Harry looked the male in front of him his eyes travelling along the muscled detail and down to the long brown monkey tail. Wait… Monkey tail?

"Y...you have a tail?"

Brolly growled deep in his throat as his dark eyes trained in on the bright green ones, "Of course I have a tail you silly human. I am a Saiyan."

Harry nods pretending to know what that is. Silence fell over the two till a very large rumbling was heard and two sets of eyes fell upon the very bare and muscular stomach of one Brolly.

Laughing the brunette wizard stood and pointed off to the distance, "The castle isn't far from here. It should be dinner time soon if you wish to join me. I'm sure Dumbledore wouldn't mind."

Brolly looked at the small teen before shrugging and standing towering over the other as he nodded, "Lead, now" his words short and to the point.

Frowning, the wizard looked up at the tall form, "You don't talk much do you?"

The tall brute like male looked down, "Now."

Harry raised his hands in forfeit, "Ok I'm leading, I'm leading; Just let me summon my broom please. You know the one you knocked me off of."

A grunt was all he received in return.

Raising a brow the young wizard brought out his wand and quickly summoned his Firebolt back to him efficiently. Watching as the Saiyan's eyes caught every movement he made. Hiking out of the forest and true to his words they immediately were greeted by the sight of an enormous castle with tall towers and bright lights within it.

Harry smiled, "Welcome to Hogwarts Brolly. Come on lets go meet Dumbledore!"

The Saiyan followed behind the young human cautiously watching everything around him even as they entered the massive castle Brolly was careful inspecting the moving images and bright flickering fires. His eyes kept widening at each new thing. The moving staircases the ghosts that just seemed to drift the halls as if unaffected. All eyes they passed seemed to train on him as if he was some miracle or strange being. Had these people never seen a Saiyan before? Surely everyone on this blue planet had heard of Goku"

Pausing at the gargoyle Harry hummed thoughtfully, "Jelly beans? Starburst? Skittles? Twix? Twizzlers? Jolly Ranchers?" The Gryffindor smiled as the gargoyle jumped out of the way revealing the spiraling staircase to the two males.

The two individuals jogged up the steps and into the office where Dumbledore sat behind his desk casually looking up that bright twinkle in his eye. Brolly took a step back from the individual who seemed to be the same as his father. His father he had to obey his father! No! No! He was his own man obey no one! Tightening his fists the Saiyan fought against the control of the jeweled necklace that sat seemingly innocently upon his chest it wasn't till he heard the young man Harry call out his name did he look down catching sight of the bright green eyes and the tension seemed to fade from his body as the urge to submit to the necklace and beast subsided and he was able to think clearly. Nodding down to the smaller male he turned to look up at Dumbledore crossing his arms and leaning back against the wall allowing the boy Harry to speak.

"Dumbledore, can he stay here please? He doesn't have anywhere else to go!"

"Harry I do not think it wise. He could be a spy for Voldemort! He could hurt a student!"

"Oh come on Headmaster! Hogwarts wouldn't let someone enter knowing they were going to harm someone!"

Dumbledore sighed deeply, "Fine he may have the guest rooms near the Gryffindor tower. Harry your responsible for him do you understand!"

The teen smiled and took the piece of paper from Dumbledore's hands, "This Harry is the password. The room is hidden behind the picture of the full moon directly across from Gryffindor tower, do you understand."

"Yes professor, thank you! Come on Brolly let's get you set up!"

Grabbing the muscled arm the young wizard somehow managed to not only touch one of the most dangerous killers of the galaxy but drag him off like some lost child.

-Else Where On The Planet-

A gruff Saiyan sat upon a small pile of downed trees looking at a white and green monitor in his hands. "Brolly You may have escaped me for now but I will find you my little weapon. My son, My Monstrous Son." Laughing cruelly he looked at the new collar that sat next to him bright and sitting innocently upon a white pillow. His new precious item to control his son. Next time he wouldn't escape!

-With Goku-

The carefree Saiyan sat at a table with his two best friends Krillin and Picolo

Krillin frowned, "I don't get it Brolly just seems to have dropped off the planet I can't even sense him anymore."

Piccolo nodded gruffly, "I agree, I can't seem to pinpoint his location anywhere."

Goku shook his head, "No. He is here on the planet I can feel it. Just barely like its being masked by some unknown presence. It's strange though one minute he was there then all I could feel from his energy was like dark cloudy nothing."

The three fell silent as they all allowed the information to process. All three looking up as Vegeta landed not far from him, "Kakarott that stupid monkey will show his face again. I suggest we train till he does. I'm going to the chamber don't bother me!"