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Chapter Eight

Bright brown eyes widened as a loose strain of hair fell into his face and he bit back a cry of desperation. His beast clawed at his chest like a rabid beast wanting to claim the willing mate beneath him. But the beast was far more carnal than he could ever allow his mate to see. A deep feeling gripped his stomach but Brolly didn't know its name, was it fear?

Harry made a calming coo and lifted the Saiyan's face to look into his eyes, "Brolly, I trust you. I am yours by choice. Now show me all of you. I want ALL of you."

Brolly looked into his mate's eyes and saw nothing but truth and slowly he let his guard drop and the beast clawed its way to the surface. Deep brown eyes gained a tint of red as Brolly and his beast became one. Both looked down at the willing mate and both whispered the same word, "Mine."

Harry's eyes widened at a deep possessive growl rumbled from the Saiyan's chest as once sharp teeth seemed to elongate into razor sharp fangs and dull nails sharpened digging into the teen's skin drawing small crescent shaped marks of blood along his shoulders.

His small frame was slammed into the ground beneath him roughly sharp edges of the ground digging into his skin and back as his arms were pulled above his head and held there by one large hand. The glowing eyes smiled above him with a carnal glee and Harry's eyes widened in slight panic.

He cried out sharply as the sharp teeth dug into the flesh around his nipple blood sliding down his chest to pool on his stomach and belly button. A long thick tongue lapped at the mark and blood and the teen groaned as the mark seemed to have the same effect as the one on his neck but this one seemed to throb with constant pleasure even without contact.

He felt a presence brush against his mind and he gasped as he felt the beast and Brolly's emotions brush against his own mind. He could feel what Brolly felt at this very moment and it was simply over whelming. He could feel the love and carnal need rolling off the Saiyan's mind like a potent potion.

A sharp pain brought him out of his thought as he looked down to see Brolly's clawed hand brushing along his stomach as gently as he knew the beast could muster. He knew each mark would scar but for some reason he could care less because he knew this was his Brolly and his beast. This was his mate and he knew the love they shared.


Harry felt the completeness and sanity grip Brolly's mind and a soft smile spread across his lips as he pulled back blood smeared across his lips and cheeks as he was gently lowered back to the ground slowly pulling out of the smaller male and pulled him against his chest a deep possessive purr rumbling through his chest. Never had a Saiyan felt so complete as he did now.

-In the not so distant future-

Harry smiled and looked about the small cabin where he and Brolly lived. Even now he was sure his large mate was off hunting some poor random animal for their dinner. Somehow the two had situated into a comfortable home living. At first it had been difficult as Goku seemed to like to visit often and that would always set Brolly off even though the two had set aside most of their differences.

Even now he knew the Saiyan duo where becoming 'friends' in a sense. Smiling at the fond memories they had over the past few months he opened the window to let Hedwig into the small kitchen where he was watching dishes the muggle way. Drying off his hands he untied the letter and Daily Prophet from the owl's leg.

Patting his rounding belly he looked at the front page and smiled, The Elder Malfoy had made Minster of Magic and Voldemort now ran Hogwarts. Turns out the guy wasn't all that bad. Yes he had killed people and yes he was most certainly NOT a light wizard but then again what wizard was these days? The Dark Lord had stopped his mindless killings once Dumbledore had died and now he really did seek to fix the wizarding world.

He even stopped his vendetta against muggleborns and instead accepted them with certain 'restrictions' which allowed the parents to see their child but where placed on an unbreakable vow to never speak of the wizarding world. He had also removed all children from abusive homes and put them into homes that better cared for them. He was truly making things for the better.

Sighing heavily Harry sat down on one of the chairs rubbing gentle circles into his growing belly. Even now he could feel them kick and squirm. Looking at the letter he saw it was once again Voldemort contacting him, probably to bug him about teaching again. With a smile he tossed the unopened letter and paper on the table and closed his eyes. Just as Brolly walked through the door.

He felt the Saiyan run a clawed hand over his stomach before lifting him out of the chair and carrying him into their bedroom. He felt himself being laid down on the bed and a rough kiss made him moan as the covers where pulled up around him. This was his life now, and he couldn't want for more. His mate by his side and his twins on the way.

This was his life and he loved every chaotic moment of it.

The End!