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Superboy's mouth fell open at the other teen's suggestion. "The what!"

"The Tunnel of Love."


Kaldur's usually stoic face let loss a small smile. "Don't say anything, I'm just kidding. The tunnel is for lovers."

"Lovers?" Superboy asked confused. He had heard of the word, but he was taught it applied to married people. Usually a man and a woman, never two males. Even if he felt things about Kaldur, he didn't know if it was acceptable for two males to be together.

"Two people that love each other."

"I know, but they're married."

"Not all lovers are married, some are just friends."

"How do people become lovers?"

"It's complicated for me to explain, because there are many different customs that people follow."

"What do Atlanteans do?"

Kaldur sighed. "We show our undying devotion by performing a rare task. For example, to prove his love my King had the sirens of Greece perform a song about his undying love of Queen Mera. If you know anything about the sirens it was no easy task, sense they like to lure men to their deaths," he said.

"Okay, so for us to go on this ride we have to be lovers? Can two males even be together?"

"Yes, two males can be lovers, but no we're not going to become lovers just to get on the ride."

"But what if we were?" Superboy asked somewhat disappointed by Kaldur's rejection.

"But we're not."

"But I want to be," Superboy blurted out without thinking.

Kaldur in all respects wanted to be with the clone, but he knew that Superboy only said it out of desperation. "You're speaking irrationally. We're not becoming lovers just for you to ride a little boat through a dark tunnel. We'll find a more acceptable ride."

"But you're the one that brought it up."

"I am sorry; I only brought it up as a joke. I had no intention on actually getting on the ride."

Silent fury filled Superboy. "So by playing the joke, you're making fun of me?" he asked trying to control his temper.

"No and I would never do that. It was just a small joke not to be taken seriously. I apologize. I thought that I could make a small joke. I sometimes forget that you are still learning about social interactions and cues. Will you accept my apology?"

A mumbled yes answered his question.

Kaldur knew he didn't' mean it, but he didn't want to press the issue. "Thank you. There are many of other rides to get on. You will like the swings."


"Superboy, please I am truly sorry."

"I said it was okay," the clone said. He tried to walk off, but Kaldur stopped him by placing his hand on his shoulder. A warm feeling ran through him.

"No please talk to me. Tell me what I can do to regain your trust again."

"Nothing! Just drop it alright. I was being stupid."

"Do not say that about yourself. You were merely unaware of my joke."

"You don't know anything about me Kaldur. I am stupid. You think it, so does everyone else."

"You're not stupid, just inexperienced. Don't beat yourself up about this. You're just as intelligent as the rest of us and anyone that says different will never know the real you."

The anger Superboy was feeling dissipated into nothing as he looked into Kaldur's fog colored eyes. "You know the real me?" he whispered.

A smile came to Kaldur's face as he gently lifted his hand and placed in on the other's cheek. "Yes, I've been there for you since me and the other guys rescued you from Cadmus."

A slight blush crept to Superboy's cheeks. "You've taught me a lot about the outside world and I do trust you more than anyone else," he said.

"I'm glad. I feel we have a special connection."


He wanted to do it; it was the perfect opportunity to kiss the clone, just to take him in his arms, to make love bites and officially make him his. It was his dream to do this, even if homosexual relationships weren't really accepted in Atlantis. "Yes," he answered.

On the other end, Superboy was feeling the same way. He intensely watched Kaldur's lips wanting to taste them. "I really want…" Suddenly Superboy's stomach started to rumble loudly. Damn it stomach! I need to get this out.

With hunger the moment between them dissolved and Kaldur moved away a bit embarrassed about his inappropriate thoughts. Your stomach is speaking for you. I do feel famished myself, let's eat."

Damn it. "Okay," Superboy replied.

"What are you in the mood for?"

"I don't know."

"Well there is a food booth just a little bit from where we'll standing. We'll find something."

Superboy just shrugged as they walked to the booth. He tried to think of a way to say that he might like the other boy and not seem like a total idiot.

Once there, Kaldur stared at the menu above his head for a second. "I'll have two corndogs and a small lemonade please," he told the cashier.

"I'll have three chili cheese dogs, an order of chili cheese curly fries, nachos with extra jalapenos and a large coke," Superboy ordered. "Also a funnel cake please."

"You're going to get sick."

"I'll be fine," snapped Superboy. Damn, you are messing up your chance with him.

"It's your choice; I'm just trying to warn you."

A couple minutes later the two got their food and went to sit down to eat. Superboy wanting to prove that he made the right chose devoured all his food quickly and then got two sticks of cotton candy.
"What are we doing next?" Superboy asked.

Kaldur raised an eyebrow at the clone as he stuffed a large piece of cotton candy into his mouth. He almost felt disgusted. "Games."

"I still want to go on rides."

"You need time for your food to digest or you'll get sick."

"I won't get sick."

"I doubt that."

"I don't need to wait. I'm going on another ride."

Kaldur found no need to argue; he needed time away from the clone to reflect on his thoughts and actions since they have been at the carnival. "I'm not done eating, so you can go by yourself."

"But you have to come to."

"I don't want to. When you're done meet me at the games."

"Okay." Superboy walked away disappointed, he thought that he was driving away Kaldur for some reason. Stupid it's because of how you treated him earlier. He doesn't want to be near you anymore, he thought. A hint of sadness touched his face, as he stood in line for a small version of a roller coaster.

After his meal, Kaldur cleaned up and preceded onto the games; he was determined to win something to make it up to Superboy for his behavior earlier regarding the Tunnel of Love fiasco. Finding a game that involved shooting water into a clown's mouth; he took careful aim and won the game against four other people.

"Good shooting," said the game operator. "What do you want as a prize?"

Kaldur looked at the various stuffed animals; some were monkeys, a few snakes, some pink and white cats and one lone puppy wearing a blue superman shirt and a pair of combat boots. "Can I have the puppy please?"

"Sure kid, it's our last one."

"Thank you," Kaldur said taking the puppy. It doubted Superboy would want a stuff animal, but it was worth a shot and even if he didn't like it, Kaldur could just always give it to some child or Megan.

After winning two more games and getting a poster, a drawstring bag, he started to look for the clone. After about a minute of searching, he saw Superboy walking towards him looking like hell. "What happened?"

A green tint covered Superboy's face. "I don't feel so good." Holding his stomach, he vomited on the ground all over Kaldur's feet. "Sorry."

A look of disgust flashed across the other teen's face, but he couldn't dwell on that. "It's okay; c'mon we'll get you cleaned up."

Superboy followed him to the secluded area, where Kaldur used his water powers to clean his feet. He then got some napkins and a cup of water, so Superboy would wipe and rinse out his mouth. "I'm sorry; I should have listened to you," Superboy said.

"What did you ride?"

"Some ride called the Screaming Dragon. It went to fast."

"Did you vomit on the ride?"

"No after and then I went to find you. This is the worst pain I've ever felt."

"You'll be fine in a few minutes as long as we don't get on anymore rides." Once Superboy was clean, Kaldur found them a bench to sit on and rest. To make him feel better, he started to rub his back slowly.

"What's in the bag?" Superboy asked.

"Oh, I played some games while you were on the ride. Here I won this puppy for you."

He turned it over. The puppy was black with blue eyes; Kaldur told him that it was the last one. It's just like me, he thought.

"I understand if you don't like it."

"No I like it; it's the first present I ever got."

"You can keep the bag to, so you don't have to carry it around all day."

"What about the poster?"

"It's from the television show that Megan likes, so I'm giving it to her."

"You don't want anything for yourself?"

"Just being here with you is enough."

That sentence was enough to make Superboy finally admit to himself that he liked the other teen. That he really wanted to be his lover. "Kaldur?"


Before he could even confess a harsh gurgle came from his stomach. "I'm going to be sick again," Superboy said running off to vomit into a trashcan. You're such an idiot; he told you not to eat all that food. Now I'm paying for it. He'll never like me back.

Kaldur winced at the sound of retching as went and got another cup of water. Going back to Superboy, he patted his back, before he spoke again. "Here's some more water."

Superboy pulled his head out of the trashcan. "Thanks."

"Let's leave."


"But you're sick," Kaldur pointed out.

"I'll be fine.

"No you won't."

"Kaldur please I don't want to leave. Please can we stay for another couple of hours at least? Until I feel better enough to ride the Ferris wheel one more time."

Against his better judgment Kaldur agreed, "But only to ride the Ferris wheel." Superboy silently agreed, but before he could say anything another stomach surge caused him to vomit in the trashcan.